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We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.

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Are you pursuing a business diploma or degree? Do you need business essay assignment help every now and then? If your answer is yes to both questions, we’ve got something for you.

Our company, Essay Maniacs, provides affordable business essay help to business students across the world. All they need to do is to get our assistance is to “order” their essay on our homepage and our expert writers will do the rest.

Ours writers are some of the most experienced business essay writers on the market. They know exactly what they need to do to produce excellent quality papers; papers that help our clients to consistently get top grades.

So if you are looking for business essay assistance that will help you to get a top grade, you should try us. Work with us today and you will love our services so much that you will never have to search for business assignment help online, ever again.

What you will love the most about

There are so many things to love about working with us. The ones you will most likely love the most are: our expert writers and our affordable price per page.

Expert Writers

Our business writers are not run-of-the-mill general writers who simply Google business questions and rewrite the content they find. They are business degree graduates from top Western universities. When they take on business assignments, they know how to research, plan, and write superior quality essays. They don’t just rely on Google.

Because our writers are business graduates and they know what they are doing, they almost always help our clients to get top grades. Hence if you are looking to get excellent grades in your business essay assignments, our expert writers can help you to do just that.

Affordable Business Essay Help

Our price per page is very affordable. Most essay help websites charge a lot of money per page to provide business essay help assistance. In our opinion, they just want to make us much money as possible from students.

In our case, we know not all students can afford expensive essay help services. Therefore, we have set a very low and student-friendly charge per page to ensure as many business students as possible can afford our services.

So if you are looking for business essay help that is as affordable as possible, you should work with us. You will enjoy perhaps the most affordable business assignment help services in the country.

The Business Essay Writing Services We Offer

We can write any type of business paper. The two most common types of papers we write are – business essays and business dissertations. We have writers who can research, outline, and complete business essays within 24 hours. We also have MBA writers who can write incredibly well-research and organized business dissertations within weeks.

Here is a list of all the business essay writing services we offer:

  • Business assignment help service
  • Business essay help service
  • Business dissertation help service
  • Business report writing help service
  • Business speech writing service
  • Business plan writing service
  • Business term paper writing help
  • Business administration essay help
  • Business case study assignment help
  • Business annotated bibliography writing help
  • Business law assignment help
  • Business ethics assignment help
  • Business management essay help
  • Business statistics assignment help

Why Order your Business Essay and Papers from EssayManiacs

There are a million and one reasons why you should let us handle your business essay assignment. The following are the top ten.

  1. To save time. The number one reason why you should let handle your business essay assignment is to save time. If you are a busy person and you frequently don’t have a lot of free time to write assignments, you should send your assignments our way. We will do the research, the planning, the writing, and the polishing for you. This means you will not have to spend countless hours/days every semester to do assignments. You could use these hours to do other things e.g. study or prepare for tests.
  2. To avoid plagiarism. You should work with us to avoid plagiarism. There are many business assignment help companies out there. Unfortunately, many of them are not serious about plagiarism. They send papers with high-similarity scores to clients. This often results in clients getting in trouble. In our company, we are very serious about plagiarism. Our writers know this and do not take any shortcuts when writing business essays. Furthermore, all the papers our writers produce are checked using a powerful plagiarism checker before submission.
  3. Expertise. The vast majority of business essay writers in the industry are not business graduates or experts. This usually results in poor or average business papers. In our company things are very different. All our business writers are business graduates from some of the top colleges in the west including the University of Chicago and UCLA. This means our writers have what is required to provide top-notch business assignment help. They will never frustrate you or disappoint you.
  4. Top grades. Since our business writers are business graduates from top schools, they know exactly what to do to help you get excellent grades in your business assignments. Thus, you should work with us if you want to get excellent grades in your business essays. Our writers will make sure you get them. They will do this by conducting thorough research, planning your work meticulously, writing diligently, and polishing the first draft severally until it becomes perfect.
  5. To meet deadlines. You should work with us to meet deadlines. College life is always so busy and hectic. This can result in not having enough time to complete your multiple assignments on time. And this is where we come in. We have multiple business writers in our employment. This means whatever number of assignments you have can be handled quickly and concurrently to meet fast-approaching deadlines. So if you ever need to meet deadlines, you now know exactly what to do to avoid late delivery of assignments.
  6. 24/7 availability. If you have worked with an essay help company before and you were frustrated by their lack of 24/7 availability, you should work with us. We are available every hour every day of the week. This means whenever you need any information or to provide any update on your assignment, someone is always available to take note of that.
  7. Affordability. You should work with us because our services are very affordable. You will never have to spend a lot of money to pay for an assignment on our platform. This is because we do not believe in client extortion/exploitation. Our business model is to provide our clients with quality yet affordable services so that they can keep bringing their business to us. We don’t want to make our clients go bankrupt.
  8. Privacy. We understand that not all clients are comfortable letting anyone know that they use assignment help services. Therefore, we have policies to ensure the identities of all our clients are protected. We never share client details with any third-party. We also never allow even our writers to see actual client names. We believe by doing these things we ensure our client details remain hidden and protected for good.
  9. Free limitless revisions. At Essay Maniacs, client satisfaction is our main goal. At the end of the day we want all our customers to be very happy with the service they receive so that they can come back again when they need the same or similar services. Therefore, we provide free limitless revisions. You can ask your writer for as many edits as you want until you are satisfied that what you have is really what you want.
  10. Proper formatting. You should work with us if you want your essay properly formatted. All our writers have formatting skills. They know how to format following all the major stylebooks including MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard. Therefore, if you want to receive a business essay assignment that is well-done and properly formatted, you should look no further than Essay Maniacs.

How To Buy Business Essays from Us

Follow the three steps below to buy a business essay from our assignment help homepage:

  1. Fill in the order form

To order an essay from us, you will first need to fill in the order form. The order form is available on the homepage. It is designed in such a way to make you share all the important details needed to write your business essays. These include the topic of your essay, the essay instructions, the formatting style, the number of pages, and so on.

When you provide these pieces of information on the order page, you make it easy for the writer who will take on your assignment to produce exactly what you want. When you fail to provide all the information that is relevant, you make it extremely difficult for the writer to produce an excellent essay for you.

So make sure you fill in the order form correctly and with all the relevant information.

  1. Provide your contact details

After filling in your essay instructions and related details, you will be prompted by the order form to provide your contact details and set up an account. The only contact detail you must provide is your email. You don’t need to give us your names or any other identifying details. Your email will help you to set up and run your client account on our site. And we don’t need identifying details to protect your identity/details.

You can provide your phone number on our order form if you like but it is not a must. If you provide your phone number, you will get text message notifications regarding the progress of your business essay. If you decide to provide your phone number, look out for the “order completed” message before your deadline. If you receive this text, check your account to download and review your business essay.

  1. Make payment

Based on your assignment details, your order total will be calculated automatically by our system. After entering your contact details in the step above, your order total will be presented to you plus the accepted payment methods. You should find the most convenient payment method for you among the payment methods presented.

You should then make your payment for your order based on the automatically calculated order total. Once you make the payment, your order will become active on our platform. This means our writers will see it and anyone who is interested in writing it will claim it and start writing. All you need to do after completing payment is to sit back, relax, and wait for your complete paper.

How Our Writers Complete Business Assignments

Our writers follow the following steps to produce quality business assignments:

  1. Prompt analysis. When our writers claim a business essay assignment on our platform, they first analyze the prompt. They know writing without fully analyzing and understanding the prompt can be costly. It can result in business essays that are off-topic or that do not take into account important information in the instructions.

They analyze the prompt by reading it severally to understand it, and then deciding how best to approach the essay to ensure what they produce is exactly what is expected.

  1. Research. After analyzing the prompt our writers proceed to research the topic. They know where and how to get reliable information on business topics. They also know how to skim through different sources, and to find important information for the essay they want to write.

It is during research that our writers sought of create a mental picture of how the essay is going to look like based on the information they find.

  1. Thesis statement development. After research, our writers usually proceed develop a powerful thesis statement. The purpose of doing this is to create a perfect foundation for the business essay they are about to write. The statement is essentially the main argument or theme of the essay. Therefore, when developed correctly, it makes it easy for writers to write relevant and on-point business essays.

All our writers have training on how to develop thesis statements correctly. They know that they need to be unambiguous and to base their statements on the research they’ve just done.

  1. Outline creation. After developing a thesis statement, our writers usually proceed to create an outline. The outline they create is often comprehensive to make it easy for them to write great essays.

All our writers are under strict instructions to develop outlines that detail both the opening and closing statement of each paragraph they intend to write. This helps to organize their work and to make the writing process easy.

  1. First draft preparation. The preparation of the first draft is the next step our business writers typically undertake after creating an outline. To ensure they write fast, we encourage our writers to just follow the outline and their research to create the first draft.

We remind them from time to time that they do not need a perfect first draft. They just need a simple first draft.

  1. Formatting. Our expert business writers typically proceed to format the first draft after preparing it. Some format the first draft while writing it and, therefore, skip formatting as an independent step.

Most format everything after preparing the first draft. Our writers understanding that essay formatting is a very important step of essay writing. They know that essays that are not properly formatted have very little chance of getting an excellent grade.

  1. Editing and polishing. After formatting the first draft, our writers typically proceed to edit and polish it until it is perfect. This is perhaps the most important step in business assignment writing for our writers. Because it is in this step that they turn ordinary papers into extra-ordinary papers.

The editing and polishing our writers do usually involves proofreading the first draft two to three times, and editing out errors in every round. Once they think the essay is perfect, they subject it to one more round of proofreading using a grammar checker like to catch and eliminate all the errors their eyes might have missed.

If you are impressed by the diligent steps our writers take to complete business assignments, you should work with us today. Go to the order form on our homepage and enter the details of your business assignment there. Proceed to pay to activate your order. Your active order will quickly be claimed by one of our writers who will proceed to complete it following the seven steps above.

Get Excellent Business Essay Writing Help

If you ever feel tired, lazy, or too overwhelmed to finish a business assignment, you should not panic or fret. Simply send it to us to get it done quickly and hassle-free. No need to stress about it or waste countless hours researching and then completing it.

We write virtually all types of business essays. Try us today with your business assignment, coursework, or project. You will not be disappointed.

Affordable Business Essay Help FAQs

We have tried to answer the key concerns that most of our clients have. Kindly read through to get a quick answer to your potential questions.

What is a business assignment?

A business assignment is any sort of business essay or task given to students to complete by a certain date. Business assignments usually focus on various topics from very basic stuff like business theories to the more complex stuff like PESTLE analysis. It is important to always complete your business assignments correctly to ensure you get good grades, and to improve your GPA. If you do not have time to complete your business assignments correctly, you should work an assignment help company like to get them completed successfully.

How much will my business essay cost?

Our pricing model is such that the price of each paper is decided by a series of parameters. Generally, the minimum amount you can pay for our business essay writing service begins from $15 per page. The final price of your essay will depend on the academic level, number of pages, spacing, deadline, and additional services. We can’t put a definite price to an order but you can use the live and accurate calculator on our website’s homepage. Our pricing policy ensures transparency and we have a 24/7-available customer support staff.

Who writes my business essay for me?

We are not only a cheap essay writing service but also reliable thanks to our writing experts. All the experts undergo a rigorous recruitment and selection process that only yields the best to work on your papers. The writers hold higher degrees in business (Master’s and PhD). They complete all the tasks including essays, reports, case studies, proposals, theses, and dissertation. At EssayManiacs, the experts are allowed to contact you through our messaging system. They uphold professionalism, expertise, and diligence. As a custom paper writing service, we only allow experienced writers to work on your business papers.

How do you write a business essay introduction?

The right way to write a business essay introduction is to first research the essay topic. Research the essay topic to know what it is all about. After doing this and deciding what you are going to write about, you should develop a powerful thesis statement. The statement will be the main argument of your essay and it must feature in the introduction. Once you know what you want to write about plus you have your thesis statement, you can proceed to write the introduction. It should start with an attention grabbing statement, followed by some background information on the relevant topic, and then thesis statement.

What do I need to do to write an excellent business essay?

An excellent business essay is a product of several things – your prompt analysis, your research, your thesis, your outline, your writing skills, and your proofreading/polishing skills. Your prompt analysis needs to be thorough and accurate for you to understand what is expected of you. Your research needs to be thorough and accurate for you to get the information you need to write a good essay. You also need to create a good thesis (main argument) and a good outline (a map) for your essay. Once you are done with the above, you need to use your writing skills to develop your essay and your proofreading skills to transform it from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

What is the most important tip to remember when writing a business essay?

You need to be very intentional and precise when writing a business essay. If you are not, you will end up with an essay that is average at best. This means you should only write a business essay if you really feel like it. If you don’t and you just write anything, you will not have a high-quality essay at the end of the day. If you don’t feel like writing a business essay, send it to us. Our writers are always motivated to write excellent essays because it is what gives them income.

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