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How does EssayManiacs Work?

You can place an order for any writing services in three simple steps.

Step 1: Fill the requirements in the order form accessible by pressing any order button. Ensure that the details you provide are credible, authentic, and relevant.

Step 2: Pay for your order securely through our payment processing getaways.

Step 3: We assign your order to either your preferred writer, or we nominate a writer with the skills that match your requirements. You can communicate with the writer from there henceforth.

Step 4: Receive your complete order in your email or download it through your dashboard. Be sure to rate our services and the writer.

Can I get a discount on the order?

Yes, every new writer has access to a 15% discount on the total amount for their order. You can access any "Get Discount Now" button and input your email to get the one-time discount code. Alternatively, you can chat with the support team to create a unique discount code. We are ever online and ready to help with placing an order.

How do I submit extra files to the writer?

If you have extra files, you should log in to your personal account/portal and upload the files manually. If you are facing any trouble, you can as well contact our support team via Live Chat or Email and get help in submitting the extra files.

What if my order requires a unique source?

Our writers have access to databases for books, journal articles, and other relevant material. You can communicate with the writer to see whether they can get your source. However, if they have no access, we can negotiate a way out and see how we can mutually cooperate.

Can I track the progress of my order?

If you wish to get an update, you can select the “progressive order delivery” button and pay extra to get frequent drafts. Alternatively, you can ask for drafts from your writer to know what they are doing, the direction they have taken, and critique their writing.


What happens if I am not satisfied with the paper?

Our QAD team crosschecks every order to ensure it meets the instructions and is plagiarism-free. We have invested in plagiarism detection software that scans the papers before they are finally sent to you. However, if you have issues with the quality of writing format, you are allowed to request free revisions. Check our Terms and Conditions for the revisions policy.

Can the writer make the last changes to my paper?

Yes, we always try as much as possible to get a hold of the writers to make corrections 24/7. Even with the time differences, we have a strict revision policy for writers that makes them make them on call. Contact us through Live Chat, WhatsApp, or Email for a swift response.

How soon can I receive my paper?

When placing an order, we encourage you to order your paper earlier than the actual deadline. It helps you avoid the last minute and rash written papers. We only submit the papers within or before the specified deadlines. Being submitted before is a special gesture from our able writers that you have time with the paper. Any change of deadline might attract additional costs.

How do I get my paper?

Upon completion, you will get your paper under your personal account area. You can also get the attachment of the complete paper through your email.

Can I request for editing and proofreading services?

Yes, we have proofreading and editing services that can be handy if you have a draft and want it to be professionally checked, rated, or graded. We will upgrade your paper to the best academic standards by improving the grammatical correctness, paragraph and sentences, and formatting. If we are changing 25 - 30% of the content, we will charge you for the same.

Is it ethical to buy essays, assignments, or papers online?

Our company offers model academic papers that are legally used by students to:

  • Develop their understanding of subjects and topics
  • Create great arguments or ideas for their research
  • Direct citations and facilitate the learning process
  • Acquaint yourself with the academic writing process
  • Choose the best topics and thesis statements

You should be sure to check with your university/college's/high school's policies. Mainly, be keen on the paraphrasing and plagiarism policies before soliciting our service. The decisions you make on your education are personal and vital, and we value them. We do not condone the breaking of Honor Codes; the products are models. It is safe and ethical to get help with assignments, as long as it is not direct.

Do you sell pre-written papers or homework answers?

No, in line with our privacy statement, we do not sell the papers in our repository, and neither can our writers. We are on-demand writing service. When you pay for writing services, our writers conduct research and type the papers from scratch based on your instructions. Order safely, secretly, and confidently.


Who writes my order?

All the academic writers on our platform are carefully vetted and handpicked. They are degreed (undergraduate, masters, and PhDs), understand academic writing formats and styles, and specialize in various fields of interest. We have both ESL and ENL writers to cater to our international clients and native students. If you want a paper written by an ESL or ENL writer, be sure to state when placing an order.

Can I contact the writer?

Yes, but only through our system/website. DO NOT share personal details with the writer. We monitor the communication, and such cannot be tolerated. If you happen to have engagements with a writer outside this platform, we will not be held to account.


Is the Payment method safe?

Yes, we process the amounts you pay through a safe and secure payment getaway. Once you make a payment, you can be sure that no other amount will be deducted. Also, we never expose your credit or debit card details to anyone.

Do you have a money-back guarantee policy?

We have a very fair 100% money-back guarantee policy that fairly resolves all the disputed and questionable cases. You will undoubtedly get your money back if there were any violations from our side. Check our Terms and Conditions.

Is the service confidential?

Yes, we are very safe, secure, private, and confidential. We never post your papers or questions online for marketing purposes. We cannot divulge any information about you, unless through legal means as stipulated in our Terms and Conditions.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can delete your account any time you wish. If you choose to do so, you will never access our services. The customer support team can never help you to restore your account too. If you change your mind, the only resort is to create a new account. You will most likely lose your referral credits and exclusive discounts for long-term clients.

What happens if the order payment is charged back?

If there is a chargeback, the order in progress is put on hold and canceled if you do not respond to the support team in 24 hours. You have to contact the support team immediately if there are issues with your payment for any order.

Can I earn when I refer?

Yes, you can earn some credit when you refer to another client. The more you refer, the more your credit grows and you will get essays even for free.

Can I get writing services for free?

Feel free to contact our support teams if you need free essays. However, we have marketing costs, writer's fee, and the support team fee to pay; we encourage you to appreciate our cheap writing service. As for a good discount instead.

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