How to Buy Dissertation Online without Getting Caught

author By Mary Boies

A typical dissertation is between 100 and 300 pages long. Therefore, it requires plenty of time, effort, and discipline to successfully complete.

Unfortunately, most graduate students have to juggle work, family, and study. Many are doing their postgraduate studies to get a promotion, undertake different roles, or change industries.

This makes it extremely difficult for them to find any time or effort to complete their dissertations. And it is why most of them often take a very long time to graduate.

If, like most graduate students, you do not have adequate time or energy to complete your dissertation as fast as you would like, you should buy one online. Yes, buying a dissertation online can be risky because you can get caught by your supervisor and worse with the assessment committee.

However, the chances of getting caught are incredibly minimal when you purchase a dissertation online from a professional academic writing company like ours are zero. We do it meticulously as we’ve done it for ages, and let you enjoy the results. Do you want to know why and how? Read this post to the end!

In this post, we will share with you tips to help you buy a dissertation without getting caught.

Let’s begin.

How Professors Can Tell a Dissertation Was Bought Online

There are several ways that professors can tell a dissertation was purchased or ordered online. Therefore, it is important for you to know them and work around them to avoid getting caught when you buy or order a dissertation online.

The number one way a professor can tell that a dissertation was bought online is the failure by the student to provide a robust oral defense. After completing your dissertation, you are supposed to provide an oral defense of your dissertation before a committee of scholars. Failure to provide a robust dissertation defense will make the committee suspect that the dissertation is not your original creation. This could lead to an investigation that could reveal that the dissertation was bought online. To ensure the committee does not suspect your dissertation was bought online during your dissertation defense, you should take your time to read the dissertation you bought a good number of times. This will help you to provide a robust oral defense.

The second way a professor can tell that a dissertation or a thesis was bought online is poorly written work. When you buy a dissertation or a thesis from a third-rate assignment help company, you will end up with a poorly written dissertation/thesis. The sentences and the paragraphs will most likely look like they have been written by a non-native English speaker (and they usually are). When your professor is reading the work, they will clearly see it doesn’t look like it was written by a native speaker. Therefore, they will immediately suspect it was bought. To prevent your professor from suspecting your dissertation was bought because of poor English, you should order it from a reputable academic writing company like ours, where writers are native speakers.

The third way a professor can tell that a dissertation was brought online is when the work does not include a specific format, structure, element, or point they asked for. If your professor asks you to include something in your dissertation or thesis and they do not see it, they will suspect something is wrong. Further scrutiny of your paper could reveal to them more clues that you bought your dissertation online. So when you order a dissertation online, you need to ensure it is precisely what your professor expects. This way it won’t raise any suspicion or need for investigations.

Lastly, a professor can tell that a thesis or dissertation was bought online when it has plenty of plagiarism in it. Many students buy essays, dissertations, and thesis paper online from non-professional assignment help companies. While such companies are usually cheap, they often do not deliver plagiarism-free academic papers. Thus, many students often end up getting into a lot of trouble when they submit them. To ensure your dissertation has no plagiarism, all you need to do is to get it from a reputable assignment writing service like ours that will ensure your paper is 100% plagiarism free to make sure you are not caught.

As you can see above, there are several ways a professor can tell that a dissertation or a thesis has been ordered or bought online. The good news is that for every single way a professor can tell a dissertation was bought, there is something you can do to work around it and avoid suspicion.

Reasons People Buy Dissertations and why you probably should

In this section, you will discover why many students opt to buy a dissertation and why you should strongly consider doing the same.

1. Lack of time

Lack of time is usually the number one reason why people buy dissertations online. Most graduate students typically have to juggle work, family, and studies.

Mostly, they often do not have much time to do other things, such as dedicate a lot of hours every week toward completing their dissertation research and actually writing it. Thus, they take the more convenient way out of outsourcing part or 100% of their dissertation work.

Therefore, if you feel that you don’t have the time now or won’t have time in the future to complete your dissertation, do not hesitate to outsource the work to a competent academic writing company like ours.

2. Lack of skills

Lack of skills and knowledge is the second most popular reason people buy dissertations online. Most students, especially at the graduate level, have plenty of experience writing essays. However, none usually has any experience writing a dissertation.

This is because a dissertation is something you only write once at a certain level of education. Because of lack of experience in writing dissertations, a good number of students usually outsource their dissertation writing to tutors who have more experience and will help them successfully complete their work.

If you also feel it will be challenging to write a good dissertation, you should send it to a professional writing company to get it written by professionals.

3. Laziness

Many students who buy dissertations online do it because they are just too busy to do the work themselves.

There is no shame in not having the energy to do boring, tedious work for hours every week for many months on end. Where is the joy in that? Because of this, they simply just pay someone else to do the work for them.

It is a win-win situation because the person doing the boring, tedious work does it to get paid. Thus, at the end of the day, both the student and the writer get something out of the transaction. So do not feel any shame in buying your dissertation online if you feel a bit lazy to do it yourself.

4. Perform better

If you want to perform well in your dissertation, you need to ensure it is excellently written. Many students know from the on-start that no matter what they do, they can never write an excellent dissertation; hence they simply order one online.

If you also feel the same, simply take the same action and get your dissertation online. If you order it from a reputable college assignment company like ours, it is almost guaranteed that you will have an excellent dissertation within the shortest time possible.

5. Emergencies

Emergencies are also a popular reason why many doctoral candidates order their dissertations online. Imagine wanting to write your dissertation so much, but something unavoidable comes up and makes it impossible for you to find any time to research or complete your dissertation.

What could you do? Well, many doctoral students turn to essay writing companies for help. You should do it if you have an emergency preventing you from writing your dissertation on your own.

Steps for Hiring Someone to Write Your Thesis or Dissertation

If you are interested in hiring someone to write your dissertation, follow the steps below to do it safely and correctly.

1. Search online for dissertation writing companies

There are many dissertation writing companies across the globe. You can find them by searching for them online.

Do not just choose any random one to give the task of writing your assignment. Choose the one that looks most credible. Read the terms and conditions, some will not have, let them be!

2. Identify a credible writing company

This is usually easy to do. Simply check the quality of the website you want to buy your dissertation from. If the quality is not good, do not trust it. Look for another one.

A good quality website is often an indicator of a good quality assignment help company.

3. Provide full instructions

Once you identify a credible writing company, provide full instructions on its order page and set a suitable deadline for your dissertation to be delivered.

The company will show the instructions to its pool of writers, and one of them will be chosen to work on it. Alternatively, writers will bid to work on your paper, and you will select the one you like.

4. Contact the writer

Once a writer is chosen to write your dissertation or you award the writing contract to one writer, you should contact them via the messages function.

Ask the writer about their writing experience and how they plan to approach the work. If you are satisfied with their response, let them proceed with the work. If you are not, go for another writer or request one.

5. Follow up on the progress

Every few days during the writing process, you should ask the writer to send you a draft of the work. This will give you peace of mind that your work is being done.

It will also help you to see if the writer is on the right track or if they need to change direction. Of course, if you feel they need to change the direction of the paper, you should tell them to do so.

6. Get your dissertation

Once the writer is done, they will send you your dissertation. All you have to do is to download it, and voila! You now have a dissertation that you can simply edit if need be and then submit.

Reasons to Buy Dissertations at EssayManiacs

If you are interested in buying a dissertation online, you should know that we are one of the leading dissertation writing companies in the US.

You should buy your dissertation from us, and you will not be disappointed. Our advantages include:

1. A qualified team of professionals

Our company is made of a qualified team of professionals. Every member of the writing team is a highly-educated and experienced writer capable of writing quality dissertations for graduate students.

Therefore, when you order your dissertation from us, you are guaranteed that what you will receive will be an excellent paper.

2. Original content

As mentioned above, our company is staffed with high-educated and experienced writers. All our writers are serious about their work, and they hate shortcuts. Therefore, you will never find non-original content in a dissertation written by us.

You will never ever get any significant plagiarism in a paper written by us. So if that is what you fear about buying a dissertation online, you should know that if you order your dissertation from us, it will be fully original.

3. Standard formatted dissertation

If you buy your dissertation from us, you can confidently expect it to be well-written, properly structured, and properly formatted.

You will particularly love the formatting of your paper. When writing any type of academic paper, we usually put a lot of emphasis on proper formatting to ensure our clients do not lose any marks for poor formatting.

Thus, if you are looking for a dissertation writing company that will ensure your paper is properly formatted, you should work with us.

4. Timely delivery

About 99% of the time, we deliver work on time. We serve dozens of clients every month, and we ensure that each client gets exactly what they want on time. Therefore, if you are pressed for time, you should order your dissertation from us.

If it can be done within the deadline you want it done, we will do it. This is a guarantee we give our clients every time, and we deliver on it virtually every time. It is very rare for any of our writers to miss a deadline.

5. Direct contact with your writer

Some assignment help websites or academic writing companies do not allow you to talk directly with the writer.

This sometimes results in communication problems or the writer not exactly understanding what the client wants.

In our case, we allow our clients and writers to chat directly. Therefore, if you want to share something about the work one of our writers is doing for you, you can easily send them a message via the message function on our website.

6. Easy to navigate website

Our website is perhaps the easiest academic writing website to navigate. We specifically made it in such a way that every important part of our website is easy to access.

Our reason for making our website extremely user-friendly was to ensure that our clients can easily get what they want on our website. We don’t want you wasting your time on our website because we know you are busy.

7. Free revisions

If you do not like any part of the work we deliver, we will revise it for you for free if it is within the scope of your original instructions.

We do this to ensure our customers are fully satisfied when they receive the final copy of the work we do for them.

Final Words!

Buying a dissertation if you have no time to write one can be a lifesaver but you have to do it the right way and from the right place. As you pay someone to work on your dissertation chapters, we advise that you go through the output so that you are familiar with what they have written.

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You should ask questions and be engaged in the entire writing process. Let the writer know your preferences and give them insights that you would wish to see in the paper.

The aim of communicating is to help the writer customize the dissertation to your taste. If you have a proposal the better because the writer will read it and understand the subsequent steps and what is to feature in the dissertation paragraphs.

Just don’t buy pre-written dissertation papers because those will only land you into bigger trouble.

If you are looking for someone you can pay to write your dissertation, place an order on our website. We never disappoint but deliver top-quality, well-researched, polished, and 100% original dissertations on any topic. Whether you have taken the qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods research routes, we will deliver to your expectations and even surpass them!

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