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We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.

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There is no doubt that millions of students find assignments bothering their peace. Truthfully, assignments are like dead weight, especially if you are not that much into writing stuff. If this is the case, getting experts to do your assignments can save you a lot of pressure. Clients using our website to access online assignment writing services have confessed how much we have helped them. You are next; let us take the burden of assignments off your chest.

Once you are decided to let someone else do your assignment, you can choose a skilled writer and get high-quality papers done before the deadlines. EssayManiacs has expert assignment helpers whose passion is devouring assignments.

From quality papers to unlimited free revisions and full confidentiality, you can be sure you will get the best once you order your assignments online. In a world of endless competition, students pay for assignments to beat deadlines, avoid poor grades, and understand concepts by buying sample assignments online.

Our assignment writing service is at the forefront of making your dreams come true. No matter the subject, we have experts in almost any testable academic field. Trust us with your assignments today!

You can Pay Someone to write your Assignment Here

In your academic journey, there comes a time when assignment pressure is too much to bear. If it is assignment after assignment, you get bored researching and writing the papers. Furthermore, writing perfect assignments takes time and is never easy. Consequently, most students search, "Whom can I pay to do my assignment online?"

Sometimes it is too much that some walk away from the university. While quitting is an option, it is never the best. Not when you have a website where you can say, "Do my assignment," and our EssayManiacs will descend on it with the expertise it deserves.

We not only devour essays but also shred the insides of term papers, research papers, dissertation and thesis proposals, theses and dissertations, annotated bibliographies, article reviews, argumentative essays, and coursework. You are also lucky enough because we handle accounting and finance problems, calculus, algebra, aviation, biology, geography, physics, admission essays, tourism, speech or presentations, case studies, and other assignments. You need it written; we write assignments for money.

When you want someone to write your paper, please place an order in three simple steps, and leave the rest to us. EssayManiacs specializes in academic writing services, which entails doing different assignments for students in various fields.

Enough Reasons to Let our Experts Do your Assignment

We are everything good that any other academic writing website isn't. While most people dread ordering academic papers online, we have reasons to make you trust us. Here are some reasons to pay someone on our website for your assignments.

Top-Rated Writers

If you want a well-written and original college assignment, you should order from EssayManiacs. We have experienced assignment writers who specialize in writing custom assignments from scratch based on your instructions. Even though you buy cheap assignments online, we write the assignments based on your instructions. We are successful in online assignment writing due to the commitment of our top-rated writers. You can never go wrong on high-quality assignments when we do your assignments. With over 450 writers working on homework, you can be sure your paper will be done on time.

Plagiarism-Free Papers

All the assignment papers on our website are pre and counterchecked by the QAD team and the editing/proofreading team. EssayManiacs has invested in high-level plagiarism and grammar checkers that only let you have a sample assignment that passes plagiarism checkers used by your institution. In short, you are in for an original academic assignment when you pay us to do your assignments.

Timely Delivery

Our urgent assignment help services can save you from worries and pressure if you have a strict deadline. Missing a submission can be disastrous. We guarantee you a high-quality paper within the chosen deadline. Depending on the length of the papers, we can handle 2 hours to 24-hour-deadline urgent papers.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Our writers, support staff, and developers have signed a binding NDA that preserves every information we get. Your private data is only used to facilitate the assignment writing process and nothing more. Our multi-level security systems do not allow third parties to access any of your data; neither do we sell personal data.

Client-Writer Communication

Our website has a functional messaging feature that allows you to access the writer selected to write your assignments. You can organize drafts, structure, and coordinate revisions and corrections at any given time. Access to your writer also makes it possible to ask many questions and clarifications about your assignments. Not so many websites offer such an excellent service.

We have completed over 50,000 assignments in 5 years. 534+ writers have worked on these assignments, and our overall rating has remained at 4.87, which is excellent for such a huge sample. If you wonder what you get with your assignment, you get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Hire our course helpers today and forget about the average grades.

Who Writes My Assignments?

While you are debating about whether to pay someone else to write your assignments, do you know that your peers already got an edge? Well, 90% of your classmates are most likely getting the advantage of paying for assignments, making the competition stiff.

Getting online homework help guarantees you that the paper you will write will have some professional touch. Thousands of students trust EssayManiacs with their academic tasks. We offer high-level college homework assistance, and it is because of our hiring practices.

Our assignment geeks are carefully vetted, handpicked, poached, and trained to meet the demands of our diverse client base. We know that students want professional assignment help, so we carefully scrutinize every writer's resume, test performance, aptitude, and trial assignment scores.

Once absorbed, the writers undergo mandatory orientation and training. Doing so has maintained our position as the best college assignment help website. Use our "do my homework" service and ace your assignments faster, safer, and cheaply.

Even when your school tasks seem like chores to you, the writers do it as though it is a test that will give them more life. Our internal writer review and rating systems keep the writers on their toes – they only give their best or their best, period.

We do not offer cheap assignment writing help because these experts must be paid. However, our affordable assignment help factors your status as a student in the pricing. Our services are student-friendly, and we help you grow your academic knowledge and research.

Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Writing Assistance

When you say, "I need fast and Reliable Assignment Help. Can I get it?" we can almost shout that our assignment writing service will meet your needs. 

Our expert assignment writers have attained degrees in various fields of study. We handpick the best and leave the rest for the market because we pay them well to ensure quality services.

In terms of reliable homework assistance, we are known to offer high-quality within deadlines.

Working with master's and Ph.D. candidates have taught our writers to research and write faster. When you say, "do my assignment online" by filling out the order form, our assignment helps geeks get down to what they do best.

A 2-page paper can be written in one or two hours, and a three page for two hours. We have seen writers do 10-15 pages in under 24 hours, and that is a plus on your side – you get sample assignments that can guide your research. You also get to ask questions as they are.

Once you let us know how your college assignment needs to be done, we will take over the wheels and drive you safely to the best grades.

Even with the smallest deadlines, quality is never compromised at EssayManiacs. We live, breathe, and bathe quality papers. We can help you boost your grades through our excellent assignment helpers.

I need help with my assignment; what can I do?

Apart from our services, we are also a strong academic assignment service because of our systems. Here is how to pay for an assignment.

  • Begin by pressing the "order now" button on our website
  • Fill in the details of your assignment in the order form and estimate the price of your assignment
  • Please pay for the assignment securely and safely through our Merchants from your credit card or mobile wallet
  • Complete the ordering process by submitting your assignment to us
  • We assign your assignment to the best-rated writer in your field, or you can choose based on the ratings
  • Please sit back and relax as our experts handle your paper.

We have made it easy to know how much you would pay for an assignment before placing an order. The pricing is based on factors such as deadlines, academic level, subject, number of pages, and spaces used in the paper. At a minimum, your assignment will cost you about 13.99 dollars a page (275 words). If you have assignments with longer deadlines, asking for assignment help early enough might save you some money. In short, the shorter the deadline, the higher the cost, and the converse is true.

That is the only simple way of ordering assignments from this website. You either select your homework assignment writer, or we do it for you. After all, we know our staff better than you do.

Here is how to get the most out of our Service

Here is how our service can be of benefit:

  • When revising for an exam or a quiz and you need a summary
  • When reading for a thesis and you need an annotated bibliography that summarizes various viable sources
  • If you are pressed for time and have assignments with strict deadlines
  • When you have writer's block or when looking for a subject matter expert online to write your papers
  • If you do not know how to approach a topic for your paper
  • When you need high-quality, well-researched, and plagiarism-free paper
  • If you are looking for a reliable assignment writing service to trust with your assignments
  • If you need a writer to craft a sample assignment paper to inspire your writing and approach to research
  • If you want someone to proofread and edit your paper
  • If you want someone to format your papers in APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or other formatting styles

In short, we offer the best-written assignment samples within the quickest turnaround time. We match you with a certified writer faster than you can ever think.

Now that you know us, it is time to get that Help!

We have helped many students pave their way to success with our legit assignment writing service. Our assignment service allows you to revise different topics discussed in class in preparation for exams. We offer help with writing assignments at college, high school, and master's and Ph.D. levels. We have worked with those pursuing BSN, ASN, MSN, and DNP levels for nurses by producing high-quality nursing assignments. Equally, we have worked with education students the way we have with tourism, health and medicine, biology, linguistics, business, management, leadership, social work, sociology, psychology, and counseling students' assignments.

Choosing our service has never been a bad choice as far as we can recall. Many clients are now returning clients, thanks to our excellent services. We can do your math assignments and make you love math.

Place your order sooner for the best price range than ordering urgent assignment help. When you tell our live chat, "please do my assignment for me," they will help you place the order, and that is it. Once you have your account, no one can access it.

Bring personal statements, article or chapter summaries, research papers, college application essays, blog posts, or poem analysis essays; our writers can write anything literary. We write in standard UK-English, Australian –, Canadian, and U.S. English, making us versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do my assignment for me?

Relatives, friends, classmates, or roommates can do your assignments, but none will have your interest at heart, as do our writers. When you hire our writers to complete your online assignments, they dig deeper into the scholarly databases, format appropriately, and cover every prompt aspect. Professionals know what the markers are looking for, which is a great place to start.

Can I get a discount if I order more assignments?

We are generous enough to give discounts to clients who stick around longer. We give you a lifetime discount code if you order many assignments and refer friends. Besides, we also provide discounts for every first client requesting an assignment on our website. You will end up getting cheap assignment help but higher quality.

Can my professor know that I used your service for assignments?

We guarantee you that everything, including the questions, is kept confidential. Confidentiality and privacy should be the least of your worries when using our service. Our website has the best-kept secrets as we deal with high-profile clients, some even within higher learning institutions. Besides, we never sell any of your data to third parties. We have advanced data encryption algorithms, a password-protected chat system, a secure order database and payment systems, and automatic detectors if you upload personal details to the writers. Use our products as templates or samples to get ideas on how to work on your original papers.

Which types of custom writing assignments do you do?

We are a website that specializes in all forms of assignments. You can trust us with your dissertation writing tasks. When you request dissertation writing services, we find an eligible writer with a Ph.D. in your chosen field to write the best paper for you.

Our writers also offer editing and proofreading services if you have written your assignments and need someone to check if they meet the threshold set in the rubric. Our professional academic editors will perfect all of your papers.

You can also order English essay writing services, a common assignment service for international students such as Chinese students living in the U.S. and U.K. If English is your second language, order a well-written college essay, or buy essays online to boost your grades.

We also specialize in research writing services. Research papers and term paper assignments require in-depth reading and research. Our experts have mastered the art of writing such assignments, making you relax and have your best.

When you do my writing homework, can it be published online?

Never. Our firm confidentiality policy secures every material written or submitted to us. You will never find a question you sent us online in our blog or anywhere. Besides, we have a system that only allows writers to read the content and not copy it. The support managers, teams, and writers also sign an NDA prohibiting copying and using your data or material.

There are many websites, why should I choose EssayManiacs?

When you search for assignment help services, the query will elicit a list of many websites. Well, there are good websites that can do your assignments just as EssayManiacs, but we are the best because:

  • We are the fastest service in the market – we never bring excuses for not completing assignments on time. If you hate a class or an assignment, we do it on time so you can read and fall in love with it.
  • Your safety comes first – Once you give us details and files, we only use them to complete your assignments and nothing more.
  • We do not tolerate plagiarism – EssayManiacs has invested in a high-tech plagiarism checker that ensures we produce original papers that pass Turnitin, SafeAssign, and other plagiarism checkers.
  • Top-talented writers – Reviews by clients about our writers are great. With the lowest score being 4.5/5, you can be sure an expert will be working on your assignment.
  • We meet and beat deadlines – every paper ordered from our website is written before the deadline. Do not get us wrong; we do not sell pre-written assignments. Everything is written from scratch with the accuracy and precision it deserves.
  • We are devils with details – trust any paper written by our assignment helpers as one that bears the scholarly depth required for your academic level. We have written papers that are used as models in class.
  • We can pick or let you choose a writer – Our system ranks writers based on their performance and rating. If you can select the best, you are free to do so. However, we can also assign your assignment to a top writer.

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