206 Plus Feminism and Feminist Topics and Ideas for Papers

author By Mary Boies

You can bet that you will write many papers in college and university through your graduate studies. One of the areas that you will most likely write about is feminism. Academic essays and assignments about feminism are prevalent. And for these, you must come up with or select good feminist topics.

Feminism is a concept and phenomenon that society has reshaped and shaped. It refers to advocating women’s rights based on the sexes' social, economic, and political equality. It arose in response to western traditions/doctrines restricting women’s rights. It is an intellectual commitment and political movement that seeks justice for women and ends any form of sexism.

Writing an essay, term paper, or research paper about feminism is always thrilling. Millions of people, both women, and men, support the feminist movement, and many people are against feminism, expressing concerns about its scope, philosophy, and purpose.

Feminism has social, political, and historical roots or grounding. There are different waves of feminism addressing different societal challenges that women face, and we are discussing ideological, theoretical, and practical issues.

List of Good Feminism Topics for Essays

  1. Impacts of radical feminism on women’s freedom
  2. Effects of feminism on the gender gap
  3. The views and perspectives of feminist anarchists
  4. Does feminism promote a matriarchal society?
  5. Obliged susceptibilities and feminism
  6. Feminine accountability and feminism
  7. Why the feminist movement opposes patriarchy
  8. The advances of feminism to date
  9. Role of the internet in publicizing feminism
  10. The feminist movement and middle-class women
  11. The impact of the #Me Too movement
  12. The link between Black Lives Matter and Feminism
  13. Waves of feminism and their implications on society
  14. The disadvantages of modern feminism
  15. Impacts of masculinity on feminism
  16. Understanding the effects of black feminism
  17. The link between women’s activism and feminism
  18. Impact of feminism on politics
  19. Feminism and women’s rights
  20. Feminism and abortion laws
  21. Feminist movements and ideologies
  22. Feminism during the Ukraine-Russian War
  23. Role of feminists in political change
  24. Feminist pro-porn during sex wars
  25. Contributions of feminism to contemporary lifestyle
  26. Modern feminism and abandonment of men and boys
  27. The link between globalization and feminism
  28. Feminism in the Arab world
  29. Role of feminism during the Arab Spring
  30. Representation of feminism in the media
  31. Feminist position on pornography and prostitution
  32. Feminism and same-sex marriage
  33. The stance of feminism on discrimination against LGBTQ people
  34. Representation of feminism in literature
  35. Feminism and social justice in America
  36. Analysis of the liberal feminist movement
  37. Analysis of Feminism on Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler
  38. Feminist Theory and women empowerment
  39. Feminist analysis of Abu Ghraib
  40. Historical evolution of Black Feminist Theory
  41. Perceptions of online hookup app use among heterosexual women
  42. The link between feminism and sexual liberation
  43. Feminism and sexual openness
  44. Feminism in the military
  45. The connection between feminism and social justice
  46. Artificial intelligence and feminism
  47. The stance of feminism on the mechanics of sexism
  48. The impact of feminism on food choices
  49. The effects of Replacing men with Pets
  50. Impacts of single-parenting in women-led families on children’s character and qualities
  51. Accomplishments of feminism in China
  52. Factors affecting the thriving of feminism in Iraq
  53. Feminism and Blaming men
  54. Feminist theorizing of masculinity and men
  55. Participation of men in the contemporary feminist movement
  56. Men’s response to feminism
  57. Men’s role in feminism
  58. Feminism, men, and sexual behavior
  59. The feminist movement and gender egalitarianism
  60. Time’s Up movement and Feminism Ideologies
  61. Impacts of COVID on the feminist movement
  62. Effects of global recession and COVID-19 on women
  63. Gendered impact of the COVID-19 crisis
  64. Feminism and women’s suffrage
  65. Causes and consequences of Misogyny
  66. Does feminism fight for the rights of men too?
  67. The stance of feminism on workplace harassment of women

Interesting Topics on Feminism

  1. Feminism in sports
  2. Feminism and violence against elderly women
  3. Representation of feminism in Canadian Literature
  4. Feminism in children’s books
  5. Feminism fallacy
  6. Impacts of feminism on New Zealand
  7. Feminism and women’s equality
  8. Representation of women as objects and possessions for men to protect in Frankenstein
  9. Feminist theory and family therapy
  10. Idealized gender roles in Frankenstein
  11. Feminism in Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel
  12. The feminist perspectives of Elena Poniatowska
  13. The role of feminist archeologists in understanding the history of feminism
  14. Feminism and gender roles in A Raisin in the Sun
  15. Feminism in You’re Ugly, Too by Lorrie Moore
  16. Feminism in Latin America
  17. Feminism in The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
  18. Feminism and the mass incarceration of black women
  19. The contraception movement and feminism
  20. Do most women misunderstand feminism?
  21. Modern feminist movement
  22. Feminist research methods
  23. Feminist theory and women’s health
  24. Femininity in the media
  25. Gender roles in sports
  26. Feminism and contemporary pop music
  27. Feminism and contemporary art
  28. The impacts of patriarchy on feminism
  29. The concept of feminist ethics
  30. The theme of feminism in The Great Gatsby
  31. Feminism representation in the movie Metropolis’ Women
  32. The factors leading to the rise of the feminist movement
  33. The stance of feminism on single parenting
  34. Feminism and co-parenting
  35. Feminism in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House
  36. Feminism in The Yellow Wallpaper
  37. Representation of feminism in the media
  38. Representation of feminism in poetry
  39. The reception of the feminist movement in Canada
  40. Feminism in conservative societies
  41. Feminism in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  42. Feminism in Objects of Desire by Clare Sestanovich
  43. Feminist perspectives in Badly Behaved Women by Anna-Marrie Crowhurst
  44. Feminist ideas in A Woman’s Story by Francie Rodriguez
  45. The feminist ideologies in The Office of Historical Connections by Danielle Evans
  46. Feminism in The Rock Eaters by Brenda Peynado
  47. The representation of feminism in Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado
  48. Feminism in Life and Other Shortcomings by Corie Adjimi
  49. The representation of feminist ideologies in The Soul of a Woman by Isabel Allende
  50. Is feminism a dead idea?
  51. Feminism works towards equality and not female superiority
  52. Women have rights
  53. Feminism stance on the challenges refugee women and children face
  54. Role of women’s body in feminist aesthetics
  55. Feminism and objectification of women
  56. Feminism and women entrepreneurship
  57. The laws defining feminism in the USA
  58. Feminism in Japan compared to the UK
  59. Feminism stance on gender-targeted advertising
  60. Is racism a feminist issue?
  61. Impacts of feminism on science
  62. Feminism in Australia
  63. Sex, Power, and Anger: A feminist’s perspective of Australia
  64. The causes and consequences of feminist protests in Australia
  65. Feminism and indigenous women’s rights in Australia
  66. Conservative feminism in Australia
  67. Australian Feminist Influencers
  68. Australia’s more feminist foreign policy
  69. Strategies to strengthen feminist movements in Australia
  70. History of Feminism in Australia
  71. Australian Feminism and the British Militant Suffragettes
  72. Feminism vs. Misogyny
  73. Feminism vs. Misandry
  74. The view of feminism on catcalling
  75. The stance of feminism on ‘femvertising.’

Informative Essay Topics on Feminism

  1. Liberal vs. radical feminism
  2. Black feminist theory
  3. Feminism and intersectionality
  4. Feminism and religion-based bigotry
  5. Feminism and homophobia
  6. The stance of feminism on sexism, class oppression, and racism
  7. The perspectives of postcolonialism feminists
  8. Importance of ecofeminism on society
  9. Influence of feminism on culture
  10. The four main waves of feminism
  11. The link between feminism and socialism
  12. Feminism and capitalism
  13. Is the future of feminism anti-capitalistic?
  14. Did feminism become the handmaiden of capitalism?
  15. Impacts of oppression of women by capitalism
  16. Reasons capitalism and feminism cannot exist
  17. Should feminism embrace capitalism
  18. Views of feminists on trans rights
  19. Effects of radical feminism on society
  20. Impacts of the civil rights movement on feminism
  21. Understanding feminism standpoint theory
  22. Critique of feminism epistemology
  23. The link between feminism and empowerment theory
  24. Application of feminist theory in gender issues
  25. Feminist perspectives on women’s empowerment in coding
  26. Marxism and Social feminism theory
  27. Postculturalist/postmodern theory of feminism
  28. Implications of multiracial feminism in multicultural societies like Canada
  29. Impacts of flexible working arrangements on women
  30. Feminism in Hidden Figures
  31. Is feminism just a women’s issue?
  32. Are women fairly represented in senior leadership roles?
  33. Manifestation of the French Feminism Theory
  34. The Marxist feminist theory
  35. The impacts of feminism on Russia
  36. Feminism during the war in Russia
  37. Feminism influencers who are in the military
  38. Understanding Eurocentric feminism
  39. Feminism in That Boy from Georgia
  40. Feminism in Jamaica vs. Haiti
  41. The rise of Lesbian feminism in social media
  42. Social issues facing feminism
  43. The rise of anti-feminism in the USA black communities

Argumentative Topics on Feminism

  1. Is modern feminism a threat to masculinity?
  2. Do feminist critics have a role today?
  3. Do mixed-gender schools promote feminism?
  4. Is feminism a myth or reality in society?
  5. Are gendered jobs and job titles relevant in today’s workplace?
  6. Do only wealthy white women promote corporate feminism?
  7. Media has a role in promoting corporate feminism
  8. Toxic feminism is a byproduct of insecurity and fear
  9. Feminism promotes female superiority other than equality
  10. Everybody benefits from feminism
  11. When feminism thrives, society thrives
  12. Are honor crimes justifiable?
  13. Is domestic violence a male-gendered crime?
  14. Education is a pillar of black feminism
  15. Women and men have similar intelligence
  16. Feminist musicians use their influence as agents of change
  17. Historical art objectifies women
  18. Are feminism and gender equality the same?
  19. Women promote infidelity in the workplace
  20. The gender pay gap affects more women than men
  21. Dress code in the workplace promotes feminism

What next after Choosing a Topic?

You can use these feminist topics and ideas for your essay, research paper, term paper, or dissertation. A quick search over the internet will yield multiple essay examples on feminism that can guide your perspective as you write. You can also find inspiration from past feminism papers done by cohorts that came before you. For this, you can consult with your instructor or professor. We have given you a list of popular, controversial, and interesting feminist research topics. We hope you write a good essay or research paper. We have writing guides that can also come in handy for you.

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