Tips to Help You Do Better in ALEKS (A Guide)

author By Mary Boies

In this blog post, we share tips on finishing ALEKS topics faster and succeeding at them.

As an online tutoring platform, ALEKS allows you to study for main courses: Mathematics, Statistics, Business, and Chemistry. It is a perfect platform where you know what you are doing or are focused on succeeding, but it can be intimidating and challenging when you do not know how to maneuver it. Luckily, we have experts that can help you. And in the meantime, they put together these valuable insights to help you complete ALEKS topics faster and maintain high scores. But first, let us begin by exploring what ALEKS is.

What Is ALEKS? And How Does It Work?

ALEKS is one of the leading online learning programs in the United States. The program is owned by the McGraw Hill education company – one of the biggest higher education publishers in the Western World.

The program is web-based and AI-powered. Students can enroll in various course products on the program depending on their level of education. The program's most popular course products include math, statistics, business, and chemistry.

The best thing about it is its adaptive learning design. When you enroll in an ALEKS course product, the program will continually assess your progress and adapt your learning plan to help you learn better. Because of this, the program helps improve subject mastery 90 percent of the time. You must take mandatory 25-30 questions about knowledge check, which are selected based on your answers to the previous questions. When you complete the compulsory knowledge check, the ALEKS platform generates a pie chart demonstrating mastery of the course concepts. The pie is decorated with the details of the topics you've mastered and those you haven't. It is also used to determine the topic you will study, and once you are done, the chart automatically updates, your progress is assessed, and the cycle continues.

While many students like it because it improves subject mastery, some do not because they find it challenging. If you are among those who find it difficult, you are in the right place.

Top 9 Practical Tips for Success When Using ALEKS

To master the ALEKS topics and succeed, you must study to learn, research, and master each concept. You are allowed to filter out topics you are ready to learn, which comes in handy if you plan to focus on specific course content or want to review topics you had previously completed learning about. Tackling the problems and doing exercises can also help you master ALEKS topics faster. You must do so without help for better progress results so that you can evaluate your mastery of the respective concepts. Using the timeline view, you can determine your weekly progress and time management and plan when the next knowledge check will occur by clicking the Knowledge Icon. Although you can delay the test for 24 hours, if you use the tips below, that won't be necessary. Completing a topic in ALEKS should cost you at least 40 hours and 100 hours on the higher side, depending on your mastery of the concepts and your initial knowledge or learning speed. Below are some tips to help you complete the ALEKS assessment fast and efficiently, with guaranteed good progress.

1. Take It Seriously

The number one thing you need to do for success when using the ALEKS program is to take it seriously. If you take the program seriously and use it as it is supposed to be used, you will get good grades in your courses. Using the program as it is supposed to be used means creating a study timetable to help you to master the course products you have enrolled in. You will not fail to progress in your ALEKS courses if you make a study timetable for them and stick to it.

If you do not take the program seriously and do not use it as it is supposed to be used, you will get poor grades in your courses. Not using the program as it is supposed to be used means not creating time to study and revise the topics you have covered. Doing this will make it difficult to master your covered topics and pass your subsequent tests.

So take the ALEKS program seriously and use it correctly to get good grades and complete your courses successfully.

2. Read The ALEKS Material for Each Course

Ensure you read and revise the ALEKS material for every course product on the platform. The material for each course product is supposed to help you master it. It is also believed to help you answer the platform's quizzes and exams in the manner it expects.

If you do not read the ALEKS material for each course, you will most likely be unable to master the courses you are taking. You also won't be able to answer the program's quizzes and exams in the manner it expects.

So for every course you take, you should read and revise it using the accompanying material made by ALEKS. This will help you to master ALEKS topics and answer tests the way the program expects, leading to excellent grades.  

3. Work Hard and Smart

The amount of work you put in when using ALEKS will reflect in the grades you get. If you put in little work, you will get poor grades. If you put in plenty of work, you will get good grades. Therefore, if you want excellent grades when using ALEKS, you should put in plenty of work.

The best way to put in plenty of work when using the learning platform is to create a reasonable timetable to help you study. A good study timetable should help you to read/revise your courses daily. Creating and strictly following such a timetable will involve plenty of work and effort on your part. However, your efforts will be rewarded with excellent grades because reading and revising will help you to improve your mastery of different topics.

If you do not work hard or put in plenty of work when using ALEKS, your lack of effort will be rewarded with poor grades. Thus, ensure you work hard if you want good grades in ALEKS.

4. Find A Good Workspace

Hard work plus a good workspace will almost always guarantee success with ALEKS. You already know how hard work can help you get good/excellent grades. It is time to learn how coupling with a good workspace will virtually guarantee success with ALEKS.

A good workspace for the program must have a high-speed internet connection and be quiet. It must have a high-speed internet connection to enable you to download materials and listen to discussions and online classes. It must be silent to ensure you can fully concentrate, especially when listening to lessons, reading, revising, and taking tests.

Therefore, find a suitable workspace for taking the program. It may be challenging to do so, especially if you live in a college dorm. However, it is possible. Try your college's libraries and close-by co-working spaces. Once you find a good study workspace, combine it with hard work, and good grades will come naturally.

5. Avoid Distractions When Studying

When distracted by chores, social media, friends, and TV, studying is very challenging. Therefore, to study effectively for your ALEKS courses, you must find a way to avoid distractions altogether.

The best way to do this is to set aside a daily time window for strictly focusing on your studies. During this time window, you should strictly focus on your ALEKS studies. You should do this by switching off your phone, the TV, the stereo, and everything else. You should also let your roommate know you are about to study if you have one. Let them know you will not appreciate any disturbance.

Avoiding distractions during your study time will enable you to concentrate. It will also allow you to understand topics better and take your tests and quizzes in a much better environment.

6. Actively Prepare for Tests

If you want to pass your ALEKS tests, you should actively prepare for them. Simply reading or revising topics you have learned during a course is insufficient. You need to do more to prepare for ALEKS tests. The best way to prepare for them is to do a mock test weekly to test your acquired knowledge. To do this, you must go online every week to find a test that evaluates topics in your course product. Then, after seeing it, create time to do it and check your answers when finished. Doing this will help you to identify your knowledge gaps and fill them. It will also make you sharper and prepare you for ALEKS tests.

On top of that, you must pay attention to the details and work intentionally. Ensure that you are pricy with the notation system that ALEKS uses. If you build good habits, you will find it easy to grasp concepts. Avoid rushing the assessments and take your time, so you don't make useless errors. That way, ALEKS will know you have mastered concepts and add the topics to your pie. ALEKS checks for common mistakes and gives you a chance to try again. However, making the errors repeatedly ends up back in your pie.

7. Do Not Procrastinate

Waiting until the "last minute" to focus on your ALEKS course products is not wise. It will make you lose precious time that you cannot recover. It will also raise your anxiety and panic levels when you finally decide to focus on your ALEKS courses.

So never procrastinate when you enroll for ALEKS courses. Instead of procrastinating, you should start working on your ALEKS courses as soon as you register. Ideally, this will give you plenty of time to master your courses and pass your ALEKS exams.

Procrastination coupled with general laziness will affect your ALEKS courses negatively. It will not enable you to do any serious work on your courses. And the result of this is almost always poor grades. So never procrastinate.

8. Treat Your ALEKS Courses Like Real Courses

Many students don't take online courses like fundamental courses. Therefore, they often do not give them 100%. This doesn't seem right. It is not good because it denies the students a chance to learn and realize their full potential.

If you want to pass ALEKS exams, you better treat them like real courses; give them 100%. Do this by taking notes and participating fully in the lessons.

Taking notes is especially important as it will allow you to highlight important information you have learned and to understand things better. Similarly, fully participating in lessons will help you understand concepts better.

So make sure you treat your ALEKS courses like real courses if you want to succeed with ALEKS.

9. Utilize The Review Function

Although optional, using the review function allows ALEKS to notice that you are reviewing specific topics, making it less likely to ask them during progress assessments. If you regularly review topics, you will also master concepts that you can use frequently and commit them to your long-term memory. Most of the concepts you will learn in your getaway classes are fundamental to succeeding in your higher-level coursework or lab internships. Therefore, mastering the concepts can come in handy in the future.

A Final Word on Passing ALEKS

The ALEKS program is compelling in assisting learners in improving subject mastery. The tips you have learned in this post give you the keys to unlocking your potential as a student. By following the tips as closely as possible, you should be able to start making good progress with the program. And soon enough, you will be able to complete your courses.

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1. Is ALEKS challenging to use?

No, it is not. ALEKS is an easy-to-use online learning platform. Some of its quizzes and exams might be challenging, but they help the program determine your level and plan your learning route better. Moreover, if you study hard and take practice tests, you will quickly adapt to the program and progress steadily.

2. How do you make progress through ALEKS course products?

You do it by putting in the work. You can only progress steadily through ALEKS course products by studying hard and doing regular practice tests. Studying hard means making a reading/revision timetable and sticking to it. And doing regular practice tests means finding and taking mock tests to assess your progress. Doing both of these things will help you to make continual progress through ALEKS courses.

3. What can tutors see on their side of ALEKS?

The ALEKS program allows tutors to see the topics students have mastered and those they have not mastered. This is the beauty of the program. By telling tutors what students have mastered and not mastered, they help them (the tutors) to plan learning routes better. The program can also alert tutors about the specific topics students are ready to learn.

4. Can you cheat on ALEKS courses?

Yes, you can, but only on non-proctored tests. It is difficult to cheat during proctored exams. This is because your screen will be monitored, and the tests will be timed. Instead of trying or planning to cheat during ALEKS exams, you should prepare adequately and do your best to pass the exams. If you think it is necessary, you should seek assistance from tutors to advance your ALEKS courses.

5. How do you complete ALEKS courses fast?

The fastest way to complete ALEKS courses fast is actually to study the courses. You can only make good progress in your ALEKS courses by studying them and taking the tests. If you are not disciplined enough to study your enrolled courses regularly, completing them quickly will be challenging.

6. How to be successful with ALEKS?

The best way to be successful with ALEKS is to take it seriously. If you take it seriously, you will consider the course products seriously. If you take it seriously, you will also study the course materials. Doing these things will help you to complete your ALEKS courses successfully and on time.

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