Can buying essays land you into trouble?

author By Mary Boies

The online writing industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, a lot of students struggle to balance life, studies, and work. And while they do so, getting assignments done online becomes among the many options other than doing the essays by themselves. As we explore shortly, there are concerns of whether buying essays online is safe, legit, or ethical. We want to let you read and decide whether you will hire a ghostwriter to complete your assignment or you are on the fence about whether or not you will be caught getting essay help online.

The rules are always clear; you only get punished if you get caught. And this alone has resulted in many students fearing the aftermath. Although sometimes work becomes too much that you cannot squeeze in some time for that essay, submitting an essay you bought online can save you a grade. After all, you will only need to use it as a sample and write your first or at least edit it to fit your taste.

This guide provides some strategies that you can use to buy essays online and not get caught safely. If all you want is to find an essay helper website, we are the best place to safely and cheaply purchase essays online.

After the college admission scandal that topped the news, it emerged that at least seven out of ten students had used online essay services. As a result, most of our clients are always concerned about whether it is safe to buy essays from our website and if seeking essay help can get them into trouble.

The authorities also have put up measures to discourage any form of contract cheating through online essay writing platforms, but there is always a freaking way to get around them. So we want to take you through the correct process of buying essays online the right way without the fear of getting caught.

Why buy essays online in the first place?

There are many reasons why students resort to buying essays online.

More reasons make students buy essays. We are not sure what your reason is. However, you can be sure that we will help you achieve your objective. Now, let us focus on the primary intention of this article: the safety of buying essays online.

Is buying essays online safe as claimed?

Yes, buying essays is safe, legal, ethical, and sound to purchase essays online only if they are written by an expert in your field from scratch based on your instructions. In this case, your professional writer customizes the essay based on the essay prompt and rubric from class.

On matters of safety, it depends on whether you are purchasing a pre-written essay submitted to another institution and how you use the purchased essay. For example, if you buy an essay from an expert academic ghostwriter, it is safe to use it as a sample to complete your own. Nevertheless, when you purchase a paper from the paper markets that are accessible by other people, which mostly sell pre-written papers, the chances are that you will be caught due to plagiarism, which is an immediate sellout that you used an essay writing service.

To be on the safe side, avoid outsourcing your essays to companies that sell pre-written papers. In most cases, these answers are accessible by many students and can be the reason why you get punished for plagiarism.

Therefore, although buying essays written from scratch costs more than pre-written papers, they are safe and customized to your instructions. Pssst! You can submit them upon editing. Pre-written essays are always copied from online sources to make quick money. They are similar to AI-generated essays. Note that a human researcher will write a paper based on scholarly sources, expertise in your field, and experience writing papers in APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard styles. So do not be that student caught buying essays, at least not after these tips that we have shared.

The Dos and Don'ts when Buying Essays online

As we advise you on how to proceed with caution, there are some things you need to do and some to avoid when purchasing essays online.

The Dos when buying essays from a website

DO not do these things when buying an essay online

How to Safely Buy Essays Online from any website and not get caught

We can tell you many things about people who bought essays online and ended up being caught. Since we have been in the industry for a while now, we understand its efforts to pay for an essay. The essay pay websites will do their part, but are you going to do your part to ensure that you are safe when buying essays online? Here are some valuable tips:

1. DO NOT Share on social media

In the age where we seek approval from every stranger we meet online, regardless of who is watching, it is likely that you might be tempted to share your achievements and tricks online. So when the temptation comes, please don't.

That tweet, Facebook page, Instagram post, or status could land you into trouble. So instead, when you purchase and use an essay, let it be your little secret. Unless, of course, you are referring a friend who needs a legit writing website, keeps it to yourself.

2. DO NOT Reveal your Institution

As per our policy, we advise clients not to disclose their schools. While the admin and support teams can take the necessary precautions, we cannot promise much with the writers if you reveal too much. It is the sole reason we insist that you remove any personal details from the papers or contact the support for help. Do not mention your name, courses, or class to your writer. Likewise, avoid sharing with your writer your personal email or phone numbers; these might come back to haunt your future.

As for our website has an automatic system that conceals all the personal details and will only allow the writers to see the general information. So technically, you are safe with us, but remove the personal details unless it is an online class, which we coordinate from within for privacy.

3. Never use the school Network/Computers/Internet

You always leave a digital footprint or trail whenever you use a computer on the internet. If anyone is determined to know your ways, they can track your engagements with essay writing websites and land you in trouble. Lately, the authorities are on the heels of essay cheats, and they are desperately doing everything they can. Therefore, avoid this by using personal networks, VPNs to mask your IP address, or only using your phone or PC at home.

4. DO NOT use the School Emails

A common trend students use is using their school/institutional emails when setting up accounts to manage their orders. This is a mistake that can make you get caught. To be on the safer side, avoid using emails. Instead, create new emails to buy essays or get assignment help online. The institutional emails are sometimes monitored, and when they suspect you of cheating, you will have no way to escape.

5. Be Anonymous

When setting up your account, use pseudo names. As for the phone numbers and emails, our website makes it possible for only allowed parties to access the details. So the writers will only see a client code and sometimes pseudo names.

All the same, ensure that any identifying information is removed from the instructions, your previous work, or any material you present to the writer.

Can you pay for essays and get original essays? Does it work?

Have you heard of bespoke essay writing or custom essay writing services? Well, you probably have heard of essay mills too. To keep up, students have always used essay websites to improve their grades. Some get it right, but some constantly make the mistake of buying pre-written essays and lamenting later.

Paying someone to write your essays works like a charm. We have credible evidence that even people within higher education authorities have used our services. Professors, doctors, scientists, people in business, lawyers, and you name them; a good percentage of these people are beneficiaries. But, of course, no one would come out to tell you that they used the service.

Now, essay writing services work; they've been working and will continue to work. However, they only work well for those who are cautious enough to use the products prudently. With the rising cost of tuition, you never want to fail and repeat a class : total waste of money. And with assignments bombarding your academic journey, you can get essay help to salvage the situation. And as you work after classes, we can always take care of your assignments.

At least 85% of the students benefit from using essay services. And with the percentage rising, keeping up with the lot means joining them. Paying someone to write your essay from scratch can help you master writing essays, research, and organizing facts. With editing, paraphrasing, and rephrasing, essays bought online are a game-changer. After all, they are written as per the essay standards required in higher education.

Red flags for websites that are unsafe to buy essays from

Not all websites are safe to purchase essays from. Online essay writing services that safely write essays, there are websites that scam, frustrate, and abuse clients.

For starters, you can trust our essay writing website. So, when you are making a decision, know that we are among the legit pay-for-essay services. We have Ph.D. and master's level writers who can write papers in almost every academic subject.

Most paper writing services you see online are at least safe, reliable, and trustworthy, although some are not. Here are some red flags to look for when buying essays to avoid getting scammed.

1. NO credible website and content

Never trust a website that has shoddy content to deliver quality work. You will either be scammed or charged extra for pieces of essays that cannot score the best grade. In addition, some freelancers approach clients from social media (Twitter or Facebook); the moment you order from them, know that your papers are at risk. Since they have no control over the platform, the chances are that Twitter can be compelled to share who bought essays from them. On the contrary, our website has control over what is accessible by third parties.

2. Lack of terms of use that reflects the seriousness

Other paper writing websites sell pre-written papers. It is unethical to sell a digital product that was written for a previous customer. If you are writing a common essay whose sample is available online and you need to pay to access it, abort the mission. Let us write your paper from a scholarly perspective with fresh ideas, sources, and scholarly organization.

3. Unavailable and Poor Customer Support

Some websites that write essays have not invested in polished customer care agents. If a customer care agent shows you disrespect, the service is not worth your money. If there is no response in time, shell your ambitions of letting them write your essay. after all, if the support services are poor, they reflect the type of poor paper you'll get.

4.? ?  Providing customer samples

There is no way a website will provide you a previous customer sample and promise to keep yours private. When the samples are availed to you, try to ask if they are from clients or an internal contest. Never buy essays from a website that publishes your work later for money. Once you get the essay, it should be your sole property.

5. Poor English

If the website has grammatical errors, the chances are that your essays will also be of poor quality. There is nothing like a below-average paper. Once you pay for an essay, you should only get a top-quality paper. Again, let no one promise you a grade; grades are the sole discretion of the instructor. If they do, the chances are that they want to get your money faster.

6. Hidden Charges

Some websites will hide some charges from you. If you notice that there are hidden charges, that's a red flag that you will not get the best services off the website. Any legitimate, transparent, and reliable website has all the costs outlined. However, you must opt-in if you need extra services such as plagiarism reports, specific writers, or unique sources.

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