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We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.

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High school, college, and university days are not all about parties; they are about homework from instructors and professors. Homework is assigned almost every day, and completing each defines whether you take home a better grade or get poor grades. Completing these assignments on time may be easier during the first few days. However, as time elapses, you get bogged by assignments from every corner. That's where we come in. 

EssayManiacs is ranked as the number one online homework help website trusted by thousands of college and university students.

Do you feel like you need someone to do your homework for you online? Are you looking for someone you can pay to do your homework fast? If so, you are safer and protected using our homework help service. We guarantee you homework help from experts in your field.

Our pride is in being the best website to get help with homework and assignments. So, let our writers take over and work on them instead of spending hours and hours staring at a blank page.

Students who have outsourced homework writing tasks to our website have always scored the best grades. Our online writing service ensures that you get

Fast, Reliable, and Legit Homework Help Answers

Is it nursing, biology, statistics, chemistry, physics, or whatever subject it is? What if we told you that EssayManiacs has your back with all your homework assistance needs? Yes, you can get help from our website at an affordable fee. All you have to do is post your homework assignment from class and get access to qualified tutors for answers.

With our wide selection of homework experts, you can be sure to find a qualified person to pay to do homework for you. As a result, you are rest assured that you can reduce your workload in school to get your homework done within the deadline.

Our fast homework help service has a talented pool of homework doers. These homework helpers understand their craft. Once you place an order for homework help, they will read through the instructions, develop outlines, share insights with you, and write a paper that answers the homework questions.

If you are doing a take-home exam, for instance, they can help you answer the questions to score a higher grade. Besides, since they are fast enough, you can trust them for 1-hour and 2-hour exam deadline short essays. We confidently state this because it is what we live to do.

If you have to pay someone for homework help, let it be an expert from our website. We are a reliable homework helper service with advanced tools, technologies, and approaches. Our writers understand how to frame homework answers, format papers, and write papers that answer to the Rubric.

Who will do my homework for me?

A quick answer to the question: our vetted writers will!

As a leading homework website, we only work with the best. Therefore, all our homework helpers are expert writers. They can handle essays, coursework, assignments, research papers, term papers, and many other assignments. We hire homework tutors based on merit. The process is so rigorous that we are sure that whoever makes it to the cut is the best.

All our writers have professional degrees from different universities in Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, and other native English-speaking countries. We stress having qualified homework experts because we understand that your life (future) is on the line here.

For us to hire a homework writer on our website, they have first to submit identification and academic documents, which our HR department must verify. The writer is then subjected to a series of exams and tests that are meant to test their writing prowess. We also test writers on aspects that help us determine their IQ, EQ, and SQ. in the end, we only have all-rounded writers ready to work.

When you place an order, the details, you provide help zone out writers who are not qualified for your field. For example, if you select nursing as a specialty, only nursing homework helpers will see and work on your request. The same applies to statistics, computer science, programming, mathematics, tourism, biology, you name it.

Our clients' feedback speaks of experienced, polished, and competent writers. So, if your task is too complex, which is rarely the case, we always advise before it is too late. And because we trust the abilities of these writers, we are confident that you will get the help you need.

In short, only professional homework helpers with degrees from reputable schools and experience in writing papers in your chosen field will do your homework.

Should I get Homework Assistance from here?

Most people would mock you if you came out clean to ask for help with your homework. Luckily, at EssayManiacs, we do not judge you. We understand that writing assignments can be tough, time-consuming, and challenging. There are many reasons that can compel someone to seek homework helping companies online.

  1. You have been assigned homework, and you have other errands and plans. Certainly, you can only compromise on the homework. If this is the case, we can come in and help.
  2. The homework task assigned to you is challenging or tricky to understand, even after getting an explanation from the professor. Therefore, our writers will help you understand the assignment through writing model homework answers that you can use to address the homework questions.
  3. An assignment was given, but you forgot about it until the last minute. You now need someone you can pay to have the assignment done on time.
  4. When stuck with too much work to complete, you have other stuff to deal with. Assignments can come from almost three classes you are pursuing at the same time. If not well-managed, you can sacrifice grades from one class for the other.
  5. You just need to get an assignment done and over with. Getting an online homework tutor works well because you get to save time.

These are just a few reasonable grounds to get help with completing homework. Homework can be a source of stress. Saving yourself the hassle of a few dollars counts more than spending too much on healthcare. Let our able writers handle your homework orders and deliver them on time. Even if you want us to take over the entire class, we have writers who will carefully manage it. We can also do your discussion posts and responses remotely so that you don't miss deadlines. Talk to us; we are online 24/7 to ensure you get homework help all around 24 hours!

How to pay Someone to Do homework from our Writing Website

Let's focus on how our homework help service works.

If you are looking for a professional college homework helper, you can trust our website. With our simple order form, you can place an order within a few clicks. Here is the process to get started:

  1. Go to the Quick Calculator located on this page, fill in the details as prompted, and click on Order Now/Check Price. You will be redirected to the homepage with a comprehensive order form.
  2. Populate the order form with the details of your homework, including deadline, academic level, topic, and instructions, and upload the attachments.
  3. Estimate the Price for your Order a second time, but this time input the discount code if you have one. Again, you can contact customer support if you need one.
  4. Pay for your homework help services securely through our safe payment processors. The name that appears on your bank statement is displayed to avoid confusion. Again, what you see is what you pay; we never pile hidden charges or make multiple charges on your card. Your details are also safe and secure.
  5. The Order will be set as posted. Once a writer picks, it is set in progress, and you can communicate with the specific writer.
  6. The writer does and completes your Order. You will receive an email notification and can download the paper through the link. You can also download the paper by going to the files section. The paper you receive has undergone checks by our QAD for basic requirements. Your paper is re-edited, proofread a second time, and assessed against the submission requirements if you pay premium.
  7. Once you receive the paper, review, revise, and rate your writer. We have a provision to allow you to tip a writer if you are impressed.

See! It is simple and secure and ensures that all your assignment details are captured. Now, why would you trust our website for homework help? Let's find out.

Why we are a leading the Homework Help Websites Online

Everyone says their website is the best, but we are confident to say that we are the best place to order homework answers online. Although we don't offer free homework help services, we have mouth-watering discounts for first-time and loyal clients. For example, you can get up to 15% discount on your First Order and a lifetime discount of 10-20%. That's just a little of what should make you trust us with your homework; there's even more.

1. Timely Deliveries

All the papers we write are completed on time. Our writers are very religious in keeping deadlines unless otherwise unavoidable. The professional writers who handle your homework understand how to plan and execute assignments. They also have the necessary tools.

When you order essay homework from us, we ensure that you get it before the deadline so that you can edit, revise, and customize it further. As a matter of principle, the writers see 60-70% of the deadline, which allows us to avoid disappointments. Furthermore, with 98% customer satisfaction on our delivery timelines, we are confident that yours can be done on time.

2. Freebies

Unlike other companies that will charge you for things like reference pages, title pages, and citations, we do this for free. You only pay for content pages and nothing other than that. The extra charges you pay for sources used are incurred if you want copies of the references sent to you in PDF or image format. You can also incur further costs if you want a plagiarism report and when you want a top-ten premium writer. Formatting and proofreading are free as they are part of what you pay for when paying for homework help. Our website offers homework help that is affordable and accessible to everyone and anyone who needs it.

3. Reliable writers

When we assign your homework to a writer, they have the mandate to deliver, and they certainly deliver. You don't have to worry about being abandoned with your assignment halfway. The writers are professional; they understand when to say no – they can only do so by not picking an order. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to get prompt communication, response, and insights from your writer.

4. Plagiarism-Free Papers

When you outsource your homework to the writers on our website, you are guaranteed it will be 100% original. We do not tolerate plagiarism, and every paper is checked for plagiarism using advanced plagiarism checkers and trackers. A paper written on our website will pass Turnitin, SafeAssign, UniCheck, and other institutional plagiarism checkers. 

5. Urgent Help

If you need urgent homework assistance, we can always help you. We offer fast and reliable homework help services online. We are talking of short assignments due in 2, 3, 6, 8, 12, or 15 hours. You can trust our fast homework writers to handle your requests and deliver top-quality answers and papers. Even PowerPoint presentations, posters, and other assignments are all original.

6. Free Revisions

Although rare, you can always get free revisions if a paper does not meet your requirements, you feel it is overdone/underdone, or you feel like something is amiss. The writer responsible will revise the paper and deliver an error-free paper.

7. Confidential and Private Help

Our writing service honors your privacy, confidentiality, and well-being. Every detail about your assignment is never posted online as other platforms do. In addition, we don't re-sell your papers; they remain your personal property.

Get help by placing an order today. Your paper is safe in the hands of our college homework helpers. They are not near you but and with you every step of the way. Say goodbye to above-average grades and score grades that will shape your tomorrow!

FAQs about Homework Writing Services

Can you do my homework with tight deadlines?

Yes, we have homework slayers, geeks, acers, and helpers who are pros at writing homework answers. Whether it is a quick answer, an essay, or a research paper, we can do your homework faster and ensure it is 100% original.

Can I communicate with the homework expert?

Absolutely, we get the details of your assignments; we are sure you are ready to get help with your homework. The papers are assigned to a competent writer in your subject area. From then, you can utilize our internal messaging feature to collaborate and communicate with your writer. You can check the progress, make changes, and exchange ideas. 

Can you take my entire class?

Yes, we can take your entire class and complete the assignments and homework. We will do your discussion posts and responses, quizzes, essays, research papers, term papers, capstone, and other assignments. The Price can be calculated as a whole or depending on every assignment.

Can you provide me with sample homework answers?

Each paper is different, and even the samples would be different. Since we keep our client's papers confidential, we can't share them. We, instead, write every paper from scratch based on the instructions you provide. Our writers write everything based on your instructions, and the answers cannot be shared on any other platform unless by yourself. Of course, you can always get a top homework helper to write your plagiarism-free papers.

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