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We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.

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You are probably here because you’ve heard of how online custom-writing services help students write essays. Maybe you are wondering if this is the right place to pay someone to write your paper from scratch. Alternatively, you could be tired of millions of services claiming to offer quality work, and now you are after a legit writing service to help with the essay backlog. Tell you what, you are at the right place. From when you searched on Google to when you clicked that link and got here, it means we are an authority essay writing website. See, your problems are already half-solved!

EssayManiacs is a leading custom writing service that understands the expectations of students across the world. Having started by scholars in various fields as admins, we understand how painful it can be to write academic essay papers that score great grades. We also understand the pain of re-taking an essay, case study, or any form of academic task.

Most of our clients are students who work part-time to catch up with the fast-paced world. Both international students and native students trust our writing service because we help them navigate through college life. Our plagiarism-free papers are sometimes the only cure for chronic stress, procrastination, and failure; you get that affordably.

It does not matter what motivates you to look for someone you can pay to do your essay; we have expert writers who are passionate enough to see you succeed through college. And then, there is more we can offer still.

It is Ethical and Right to pay someone to do your Essay

There has been questioning as to whether paying for essay writing is cheating. We hold that paying someone to write your essay is not cheating.

Instead, like in philosophy or literature, every reader has independent thoughts and interpretations over matters. Personal principles also guide our decisions, and we have the power to act with autonomy. If that is the case, paying for essays sits on the edge between good and bad.

Depending on your viewpoint, we consider using everything word-for-word written by a professional essay writer as cheating. However, as we reflect in our policies and disclaimer, using the essay you pay someone to write as a sample to understand the acts as outlined below is not plagiarism or cheating:

  1. Formatting an essay;
  2. How to write an essay hook, introduction, or thesis statement;
  3. How to structure an essay;
  4. How to use transitions in an essay; and
  5. how to conclude an essay?

When you seek someone to do your essay online, always be sure you are dealing with a professional essay writer. Nobody can write a perfect essay for you even when you pay them millions. It takes a special breed of academic writers to execute research and write the best essays.

When our writers craft your papers, you will earn yourself a template you can forever use when writing your essays. For instance, you learn how to format an essay in APA or MLA and set your works cited or references page and even the title page.

The bottom line is that paying for essay writing is legitimate. However, it should not shadow your personal philosophy and principle. In the entire dilemma where others call names like essay mills, how you use the sample essay, you acquire really matters. You can hire our homework writers and get higher grades from our non-plagiarized essays.

Pay a Pro Writer to Write an Essay on Any Subject

When you hire our essay writer, they get everything for you in these subject areas:

  • Literature. If you find reading endless literature material or writing a book review or literature and poetry essay boring, our custom writers can help you.
  • Business. As a good business student, you will write essays on communication, organizational studies, and anything related to the field. Pay our business essay writers to write you a great business essay, case study, or research paper. We have expert paper writers waiting.
  • Social Sciences. Whether it is a research paper, case study, term paper, or essay in sociology, criminology, criminal justice, anthropology, or archeology, our expert essay paper writers are ready. Ask for help from our website.
  • Psychology. Even though psychology is regarded as easy by default, not everyone gets excited reading psychological theories. Our writers can cover developmental, educational, criminal, medical, and general psychology assignments. We make it easy to score all the grades, and we understand the APA essay writing format better!
  • Nursing. Combining group work, study, and work as a nursing student is exhausting. If so, our expert nursing essay writers can help you with any academic nursing assignments. From literature reviews, critical essays, and soap notes to reflection essays, our writers are ready. Place your order today.
  • Law. We know, and you know, that crafting the best law essay isn’t just about reading cases and responding. It takes in-depth research, reasoning, and decision-making to write the best. We have writers who understand the law, pay them to complete your law essays today.
  • Health Sciences. Writing an evidence-based paper can be tough. We can write your medical school essays on your request and guide. We have people who can creatively write case studies, research papers, and literature reviews based on peer-reviewed sources, and that is a great deal for a sample medicine and health paper. Look no further; let us to your essay.

You can bet on our research paper writers to handle your papers safely, reliably, and affordably.

A Pro Writer can do your Essay, Cheaply and Faster!

A common worry, again, is how much it costs to have someone write your essay. The average price for custom essays depends on the deadline, academic level, and subject. A website that charges around $19-40 a page is fair on average. No website will ever write your essays for free. And the beauty of paying someone to write your college essay is that you hold them accountable. In this sense, they have to write your essay from scratch, submit it plagiarism-free, and respond to your concerns, which is pretty much what writers at EssayManiacs do.

So, “Who will do my essay for cheap?” it is definitely, EssayManiacs. We have a team of handpicked writers with master's and doctorate degrees. Our professional academic writers can do your essay in less than 6 hours. Whether it is a book review, book report, reflective essay, critical essay, or a long essay as a thesis or dissertation, we have writers experienced enough to write it.

When you pay us to write your essay faster, we honor your time and assign it to fast essay types. These writers have worked long with us and gained our trust as people who can do an essay fast. In short, we never fail to deliver.

We are the only paper writing service that prioritizes your academic integrity. We make sure that we have none of your phone numbers. Everything is coordinated through the account and email communication. If it is urgent, you can always reach out to us through the Chat system available on our website.

If you are loyal enough, you can earn as you refer clients, which makes it even cheaper. At some point, it can be like getting someone to write your essay for free. And that there is what makes us a premium essay writing website. Trust us; even your professor gets the sample essays here!

Pay for Any Essay Paper and Get it done 

EssayManiacs has everything figured out, so we have made ordering an essay from our website easy. When ordering, you will notice that we have many choices of the types of papers we write for clients. Our expert academic writers can write anything that is writable.

  • Custom Essays

Once we acquire the rubric and the essay prompt, we make arrangements where the writer begins researching, planning, and writing your essay from scratch. Our writers understand the steps to write great essays with original content. Let us compose your essays according to the requirements.

  • Creative Writing Tasks

By now, you would have noticed that we deal with academic tasks. We have writers who can craft the best composition, poems, short stories, scripts, and essays about yourself. We help you develop interesting pieces that convince your audience.

  • Letters

The days of writing letters are gone, but they remain significant in the business world. It could be a letter of demand, love letter, letter of recommendation, letter of invitation, transfer letter, or letter of resignation; we have expert letter writers to help you.

  • Speech

Surprised? Yes, we have the best writers who can craft convincing speeches for you. Is it a graduation speech, a wedding speech, a farewell speech, an informative speech, a persuasive speech, or you name it? Our speech writers are something else. Pay for someone to write your speech and convince the audience you are afraid to approach.

  • College Application Documents

We can get you literary at any college on earth. We have convinced over 2k college admission committees to admit students; why not yourself? We have the best writers you can pay to write your admission essays, statement of purpose, transfer essays, and appeal letters. has your back, always, until you get there!

  • PowerPoint Presentations

If you lack time to design an impressive presentation either as a group or as an individual, paying for a PPT presentation on our website can be why you get those praises and grades. Let us create interactive PPTs with speaker notes, transition slides, and anything you need.

Hire an Essay Writing Company for a Cheap

Let us be truthful for a moment. Soon as you enter college and work starts piling up, you will most likely seek help from essay writers. Questions like “where can I pay someone to write my essay?” or even the worry of how to pay someone to write an essay are likely to arise. In the midst of your tough essay and procrastination journey, you might google for “write my essay” services. Surprisingly, your search might yield many essay typing services where students and individuals writing services for money. is among the top writing services where you can confidently pay an expert for your master's or Ph.D. essay. That notwithstanding, you can also pay for college and high school essays from our website.

So, when you have a pile of homework, assignments, and reading, we can get some tasks off your chest. Apart from essays, our writing experts can help with case studies, dissertations, research proposals, thesis proposals, research papers, term papers, presentations, and speeches.

Once the writer has your order, they will begin communicating with you, and you can do the same. We believe that the collaborative approach to online essay paper help ends with either party being satisfied. You have a budget and a deadline; we have the cheapest essay paper writing services and the best essay writers.

If you finally decide to hire an essay writer, only focus on hiring an essay writing company of status. Go for legitimacy, confidentiality, and credibility, which defines our custom essay writing service.

Who Will I pay to Write Essay for Me?

Academic or scholarly writing is no child’s play. There has to be some level of consistency and prowess on display. To ensure that is a reputable writing website, we have a strict recruitment policy for all our writers. We, again, have levels of the writers, which we determine using rigorous measures. When you ask, “who is my essay writer?” we respond by saying they are:

  • Postgraduate and graduate writers with a master's or Ph.D. in respective fields.
  • Possess excellent research and writing skills and can type an essay faster.
  • Professional essay writers who understand various formatting styles, parts of an essay, grammar, and the general English Language. In short, we employ professors to write essays; they have earned the title over the years.
  • Understand how to access academic and peer-reviewed databases such as EBSCO, Google Scholar, ProQuest, JSTOR, etc.
  • Can craft plagiarism-free essays and write essays that pass Turnitin, SafeAssign, or any other plagiarism software.
  • Demonstrate great interpersonal skills
  • Scholarly sober writers who are open to criticisms and comments from the clients.
  • Cooperative enough to advise you on what to do when things seem tough.
  • Possess excellent academic writing skills.
  • Punctual, respectful, professional, proficient, and responsible academic writer.

It takes a sober brain and skills to write an excellent academic essay paper. We only allow those who have demonstrated their capability to work with us. When you pay for essay writing services at, we guarantee growth in grades and writing skills. It is about producing excellent, well-researched, and high-quality essays for us. And that is why we only hire professional essay writers, not quacks, as most do!

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