Is Paying for Essays, Homework, and Assignment Help Legal?

author By Mary Boies

How often have you wondered whether you can pay someone to write an essay for you? If you are among the millions of students struggling with multiple assignments, classwork, and other school projects, having a helping hand seems reasonable and legal.

According to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), more than 100 essay-writing websites are in operation. The rise in these services is due to the demand for writing services from high school and college students faced with various challenges in school. Legit essay writing services offer fast delivery of service, guaranteed work, excellent support, and unlimited revisions, among other perks. In addition, the services will take away all the stress allowing students to have an easy time in school.

As a first-time user, you may question whether these services are legal since they handle the work you are supposed to be doing. So the questions remain: Is paying someone to write your assignment illegal? It is not and if you are stuck with writing tasks, complex math, chemistry, and accounting problems, and longer papers (research papers, thesis, and dissertations), hire experts to help but do it with caution.

Let?s find out more!

Is it Illegal to Pay Someone to Write Assignments for You?

When facing multiple assignments with short deadlines, you may be in the dilemma of whether you should pay to have your assignment written or struggle with it yourself. Are you allowed to do so, and is it illegal?

Well, it is not illegal to pay someone to write essays, homework, papers, or assignments for you, but some people may find it unethical. Having someone or a ghostwriter do assignments for you may be against the school rules but not the nation's laws.

Paying to have someone else write an essay for you becomes an issue when you buy a plagiarized paper or submit someone else's paper as yours. You will face some repercussions but not jail time.

Writing services are legal because companies that offer them are registered and operated under the law. These genuine companies offer the best paper writing services without violating laws, such as copyright laws, except for a few rogue ones that continuously scam students.

These companies are registered to enhance their authenticity and credibility. The work you get will be completely your own. In most cases, websites such as will have custom writers who research and write everything from scratch based on the prompt or rubric instructions. Once you pay for the essay, the service will transfer ownership rights to you.

These companies also have plagiarism policies because they understand how important it is to provide original work. Plagiarism is a serious offense that could lead to expulsion and, in extreme circumstances, have your degree nullified. Because of this, colleges and universities will use plagiarism checkers to verify that students' assignments are up to standards. The exemplary essay writing service should provide 100% unique papers to ensure you don't get into trouble.

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Why You Should Pay Someone to Write Your Essay

Essay writing is not a walk in the park, even for seasoned students. The following reasons should connive you to pay someone to write your essay if you have second thoughts.

You Suck at Writing Essays

A lot goes into essay writing to make them perfect, and let's face it; not everyone is cut out for it.

Essays demand lots of research, good language, organization, and knowledge of different formatting styles to make them A-plus worthy.

Sometimes, searching for scholarly information, including books, journals, professional articles, and much more, is energy-draining.

These skills may not be within your abilities, which is why you fail to get good grades. Someone who writes essays for a living is already aware of all this and has perfected their skills in writing great essays.

The author will craft the essay using the highest academic standards.

You Hate Writing Essays

Essay writing is boring as it demands you to sit for long work doing hours going through different academic materials. It requires you to write from scratch. Instead of spending the extra time doing something fun like clubbing or going out with friends, you will be in the library researching. There is nothing wrong with hiring someone who doesn't mind writing the essay to take the stress away.

Remember that academic assignments, including essays, are meant to test what you have learned. And just because you hate a subject doesn't mean you know nothing about the subject. Hiring someone knowledgeable about the subject and who loves writing the essay is your last resort.

You Want to Get Inspirational

Hiring someone to do the essay for you will help you get inspired when faced with a similar problem in the future.

An assignment can be difficult because when it was being taught, you were not in class because of other urgent matters. You may not have the right skills or knowledge to handle it, which could put your grades at risk.

When you hire someone, they will do the same as it is supposed to, and they could point out what is supposed to be done. You can work with the writer at each state and ask questions where you need help.

Keep in mind that these professionals have different academic skills so that the work won't be difficult for them. Therefore, when your instructor assigns a similar project, you can handle it seamlessly.

Avoiding Negative Feedback

Feedback is an integral part of any communication process.

Professors give feedback to reinforce good behavior and point out the bad. A bad paper filled with grammar mistakes, spelling blunders, and poor word choice will result in negative feedback.

Negative feedback is never a comfortable experience; it can affect your confidence and overall performance. On the other hand, a high-quality paper will always receive positive feedback. So if you want to avoid a negative one, hire a professional essay writer.

You Want to Get Better Grades

Of course, the main reason for an essay writing service is to help you get better grades.

If you have complex assignments whose scores matter a lot, then there is no problem with hiring a professional to help you.

The best essay writers write according to the highest academic standards, which means they will meet all the instructions and requirements, ensuring that your assignment is perfect.

The writers have years of experience in crafting all types of academic writing, so your paper will be a walk in the park for them. They will ensure that your paper is of the highest quality and earns you better grades.

You Hate the Subject, but it is Mandatory

In college, you are required to take a different range of mandatory subjects. Though some of these subjects may seem unnecessary, they are important for your education.

So, whether you love them or not, you have to do them. You may have an easy time doing some but struggle with others.

Getting motivated to do an assignment for a subject you hate is hard. Essay writers understand this, which is why they will help with that assignment you hate while you do those you love.

You Don't Have Time

Success in your academic work has a lot to do with being organized. Work, class work, family, hobbies, and co-curricular activities can take so much of your time, making it hard for you to stay organized.

You risk being left behind in academic work with different things to deal with, which is worse given the rising tuition costs.

If you are swamped, a professional essay writer can help relieve some of the load. An expert good at writing essays will also help you organize your work. While they are doing the assignment, you will be handling other assignments, such as an online quiz.

You are Returning to School After a Long Time

A National Center for Education Statistics report revealed that about four million students enrolled in tertiary education are aged 35 and above, making up 20% of US college students.

As an adult, a lot is going on in your life, including family, work, and career. Juggling all these on top of academic work can be stressful. And it gets worse when you try to keep up with the coursework, curriculum, teaching-learning process, and technology that can seem new to you.

Essay writers will help you handle all kinds of assignments that may seem challenging. In addition, the experts have a great mastery of the different subjects, so they can quickly help you write project proposals, dissertations, and theses, among others.

You have Personal Stuff to Do

Do you find it hard to strike a balance between school and personal life? Many students have a hectic lifestyle leaving no room for personal stuff. As a student, you have a lot of responsibilities on your hands, which worsens when you face personal issues.

Maybe your parents are going through a divorce, or your dog is sick and needs a vet. Handling these issues can take a toll, and it may also require that you take attention away from your pending assignment. It's not uncommon to hear students suffering from anxiety or facing depression because of personal issues on top of school work. So, to avoid putting your grades at risk or having lame excuses for not doing homework, hire someone to do it for you as you deal with personal issues.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Essay Done?

The average cost of hiring a writing service for an essay can be as low as $15 and as high as $100. You can use a pricing calculator to determine to get the proper estimate. However, don't be tempted to go for a cheap essay service, as it could cost you a bad grade. The cost of essay writing range depending on a few factors, such as:

It costs more to have an urgent or last-minute essay written for you than when your deadline is a few days. A paper required within a few hours or a day will cost more per page compared to a paper whose deadline is 2-3 days or past four days. Order your essays early to make the most of your money so you get high-quality at an affordable rate. That is a simple hack that you should know.

Ideally, ordering your paper early also allows you to go through it, customize it to your writing style, and seek clarification from an expert, enhancing learning and knowledge transfer.

Can You Trust Essay Writing Service?

Yes, you can trust an essay writing service. However, not every company claiming to offer professional writing services is qualified or competent enough to write a quality essay. With hundreds of options to choose from, it's hard to tell which essay writing service is trustworthy. You can't jump right into the first writing services you come across because of their cheap services.

Fortunately, there are many ways to determine the legitimacy of online services, and one of them is online reviews. CFI Group study reveals that 36% of customers will share their views about their experience concerning the services of a company, whether good or bad. Therefore, online reviews act as social proof and availability of the advertised services.

Unluckily, some companies know that online reviews are one of the best methods of determining the trustworthiness of service, and they then use this information to manipulate clients by publishing false reviews. In addition, some competitor services can sponsor negative reviews to undermine the services of their competition.

But, there is a way you can know those that are genuine reviews from those that are not. Websites such as SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and ResellerRatings publish genuine reviews about academic writing services, and Reddit and social media websites also offer genuine reviews.


Trying to keep up with demanding assignments, hectic schedules, work, family, strict deadlines, and maintaining good grades can take a toll on the balance between studies, work, and life. And nailing down all the assignments without compromising on quality can be overwhelming.

Essay writing services are innovative service providers explicitly created to solve this menace. So, as long as there are high schools and colleges, these services will continue emerging to meet the rising demand. Hiring the services of professional essay writers will ensure you don't mess up your grades.

But you have to be honest with yourself because that is the only way an essay you bought online will benefit you. For instance, ask your assigned writer for essay tips and gain as much as possible. These experts have mastery of various subjects and have undergone rigorous hiring processes to ensure they are professionals.

But you have to choose exemplary service so that you don't put your academic work at risk. You do not want to hire a service that has greedy writers who will blackmail you with your work or hold you at ransom for more payment.

Luckily, has respectable, consistent, and professional writers who guarantee you confidentiality, respect, and privacy. You can pay for your essay on our website and have it done and sent to you within your deadline. Place your first order today and get a 10-15% discount.


Can I pay someone to write my essay for me?

Yes, you can pay someone to write for you; unless you are a professional writer, it's okay to have someone write an essay for you. Essay writing requires a lot of research and other skills to develop an excellent paper. They will ensure that your paper is free of any grammatical errors, has the correct formatting style, and fulfills the instructions and requirements asked by the instructor. All this is done to ensure you get exceptional grades. There are a lot of custom writing services that will do everything possible to write any academic paper for you. Whether you lack the skills or don't have time, a professional can write a high-quality academic paper for you.

Is paying someone to reword or paraphrase my essay illegal?

No. It is absolutely legal to pay someone to reword or paraphrase an easy one for you. Essay writing is a necessary part of academic writing which all students must adhere to. Many professional essay writers help thousands of high school and college students write academic papers. This is because they understand that academic writing is a daunting, complicated, challenging, and tedious task. However, ensure that the writing services you have chosen are legitimate and that institutional standards guide them. Failure to do this may receive a subpar paper that will result in a poor grade.

Can I be punished if I submit an essay I bought online?

No, you won't be punished as long as the essay is your own and is plagiarism free. No law explicitly regulates professional writing services and imposes restrictions on who can use them and for what purposes. Even though educational institutions in the US and UK signed petitions to remove them, no legislation has been put in place for either of the countries. So there are obviously no legal repercussions for those who use the services. However, the schools can put measures in place to warn students against it and punish those caught. So depending on the school, you may automatically get a lower grade, a suspension, or even expulsion.

What should I look out for when paying someone to write my essay?

When hiring someone to write essays for you, it would be best to look for several things. Some of these things include:

Are paper writing services illegal?

No. Essay writing services are not illegal. Even though most students hesitate to use a writing service because they fear it could be illegal, doing so is perfectly acceptable. These writing services are legal because you are paying for a work sample, so you aren't stealing someone else's work. These services are also protected from liability because they sell 100% original and plagiarism-free work for research purposes.

Is essay writing websites safe?

Yes, it's safe to use an essay writing service. However, you must select an authentic and trustworthy writing service that does not sell plagiarized or old academic papers. There are several legitimate services that sell high-quality papers written by ethical and professional writers that respect deadlines. These companies are also implementing security measures such as SSL encryption, advanced web security software, and reliable web host and security experts.

You can also check online reviews about what previous customers say about the websites. Online reviews are one of the best ways to judge the authenticity and reliability of websites. If there are too many negative reviews, think twice about hiring their services.

Check for these characteristics to determine whether the website is safe:

You can also engage the chat agents and gauge if their response makes you trust the writing service.

Is essay writing services confidential?

Yes, essay writing services aim at protecting all users against any data breaches. These services were created to ease students' tension by providing high-quality papers. When signing up for a writing service, you must agree to the privacy and confidentiality policy. This policy includes not sharing your personal information and school details but only basic stuff. You are also required to communicate with the author only through the writing service or payment methods such as Credit or Debit card or wire transfers. Again, the rules are to protect you against any confidentiality breaches. Some of the services also offer anonymous communication, so your data won't be shared by anyone.

Can I be caught using an essay writing service?

You will be caught using an unreliable writing service that provides plagiarized work. Professors use plagiarism checkers, such as Turnitin, to check for the uniqueness of a paper; if your work is not, they will know.

When hiring any writing service, you have to check that the company is reliable and that it meets the criteria below:

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