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In this blog post, our expert process essay writers share their knowledge, insights, tricks, and tips for writing a brilliant process essay.

Process essay guide with example

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Nevertheless, as you read this article, you will discover everything important there is to know about writing process essays. Furthermore, you will learn how to write one step-by-step.

Let's begin.

What is a process essay?

A process essay is a formal piece of writing that explains how something is done, or something works. The explanation is usually given in a step-by-step manner. An excellent example of a process essay is "How to write a good book review." Another good example of a process essay is "How to become a published author."

A process essay can be on a concrete process or an abstract process. An excellent example of a process essay on a concrete process is "How to make a good poster." And a good example of a process essay on an abstract process is "How to overcome grief."

To effectively write a process essay: (1) present the essential steps of the process, (2) explain the steps in detail, and (3) present the steps logically (chronologically).

A process essay can either be informational or directional. While the informational process essay details or analyzes a process, the directional process essay gives the step-by-step instructions of doing something.

The purpose of a process essay

Writing a process essay aims to offer a reader guidance or directions on how to do something. Therefore, you can write one to do this simply.

You should remember that writing process essays enhance analytical skills, organizational skills, and attention to detail. Thus, if you want to improve these skills and competencies, you should try to write process essays on your own from time to time.

Process essays are somewhat common, especially at the high school level. They are also common in some majors at the college level.  

Process essay length

Process essays are relatively short essays. They are not long because they focus on providing precise and accurate guidance on how to do something. Therefore, they cannot be long because long instructions make things difficult to comprehend and understand.

While process essays are relatively short (between 400 and 800 words in length), they can also be moderately long. This is usually the case for process essays written on complex processes.

Steps for writing an excellent process essay

Now that you know what a process essay is, it is time to learn how exactly to write one. Let's begin.

1. Know your target audience

Before you start writing your process essay, you need to know your target audience. This is important because knowing your target audience will help you know what language to use. When thinking about your target audience, you should be keen on the average age and education level.

Regarding average age, if you are writing a process essay for an old target audience, you must use formal language throughout your essay. This is because old people do not like and often do not understand casual language and slang language. On the other hand, if you are writing a process essay for a young target audience, you will need to use causal language to make it appealing to them.

Regarding education level, if you are writing a process essay for a target audience that is not very well-educated, you need to use plain and basic language. If you do not, your target audience will find your essay difficult to understand. On the other hand, if you are writing an essay for an educated target audience, you can use advanced language because most of them will understand it.

2. Research and create a list of the things needed

Most process essays are about explaining how something can be done. And when something needs to be done, there is usually a need for some tools and/or materials. Therefore, after knowing your target audience, you should research and create a list of everything needed for the process.

During the research, you should try to know as much about the process you want to write about as possible. You should also seek to specifically know the things that will be needed for the process. Once you find out the things that will be needed for the process, you should note them down. Finally, make a complete list of all the things needed.

3. Create a process essay outline

Once you have done your research and completed the step above, you should create an outline. Creating an outline is important because writing this essay from memory may result in you forgetting and leaving out some important facts or bits of information. Moreover, creating an outline also gives your essay structure and something to refer to when you write the essay.

It is important to note that although the process essay outline is roughly like the standard essay outline, it is also quite different. So do not just use a standard essay outline template to create a process essay outline. Instead, use the process essay outline format we have provided in the sections below to create a proper process essay outline.

4. Start writing your essay

After creating a proper process essay outline, you should start writing your essay. First, of course, your essay should follow the general introduction-body-conclusion essay structure. So, start writing by writing the introduction of your essay. In addition to following the general essay structure, you should use the following tricks to ensure your process essay is spot-on:

5. Edit your essay

After writing your process essay, you should edit it. But, of course, you should first edit it to ensure it matches your outline's structure. So, whenever you find something in your essay that does not match the structure of your outline, you should change it to ensure it does.

The next thing you should do is to read your essay to ensure it makes sense. If you find any part that does not make sense, you should edit it to make it make sense. Also, revise sentences that are vague, confusing, or complicated. Doing this will make your work easier to follow and understand.

Lastly, you should edit your essay by proofreading it. Proofreading your essay will eliminate grammar and punctuation errors in your essay. By the end of this step, your process essay will be ready for submission.

Process essay Structure and Format

The process essay structure is the same as the standard essay structure. It has three major parts – introduction, body, and conclusion.

1. Introduction

The introduction part is where you present background information about the topic you are about to explain or detail. You should write the introduction so that the reader will know exactly what your essay is about after reading it.

When writing the thesis statement of a process essay, it should include the process being analyzed and the point you want to make about it.

It speaks to why the process essay topic is important or why you chose it in the first place.

For example: Applying for a student visa is tiresome and exciting at the same time.

 2. Body paragraphs

Process essay body paragraphs contain steps and an explanation of the steps. Typically, each body paragraph contains one step or stage. Write your body paragraphs so readers will understand the process you describe when they read them.

3. Conclusion

Process essays have a conclusion like all other academic essays/writings. You ought to write your essay's conclusion carefully to summarize it and wrap it up nicely. Take care not to repeat or copy parts of your essay in your conclusion.

Process Essay Outline

Below is the standard essay outline for process essays. The outline is largely different from the conventional essay outline.   This means that when you are asked to write a process essay and want to create an outline, you should never use the conventional essay outline to create your outline. Use the outline below instead.

  1. Essay title
  2. Description of the process
  3. Materials to be used
  4. Steps to undertake to complete the process
  5. Conclusion

Process essay outline example

  1. Essay title: How to apply for university admission
  2. Description: This essay will describe the steps that one needs to take to apply for university admission
  3. Materials: A laptop or desktop computer and internet connection
  4. Process:
  1. Conclusion: Applying for college is often not an easy process. However, it is something that can be done, and you should do it. Do it, and you never know. You could soon be on your way to your favorite university.

Process essay topics and topic ideas

Check out the process essay topics and topic ideas below for inspiration on what to write about in your process essay.

  1. How to start a small business
  2. How to register a company in California
  3. How to check your refrigerator for common problems
  4. How to start a successful TikTok channel
  5. How to install an App on Android
  6. How to apply for jobs on LinkedIn
  7. How to house train your cat
  8. How to impress an interview
  9. How to become a certified forklift operator
  10. How to take control of your life
  11. How to make a poster
  12. How to fund an expensive vacation
  13. How to repair your clothes
  14. How to make a home movie
  15. How to clean your driveway
  16. How to become a good swimmer
  17. How to make a tree-house
  18. How to perform magic tricks
  19. How to create a free website
  20. How to write a good novel
  21. How to repair a broken chair leg
  22. How to print a t-shirt
  23. How to overcome grief
  24. How to clean a dirty carpet
  25. How to take care of your dog
  26. How to become a musician
  27. How to get many followers on social media
  28. How to cook prawns
  29. How to discipline a child
  30. How to bake a banana cake
  31. How to win a half-marathon
  32. How to invest in real estate
  33. How to investigate an air crash
  34. How to avoid debts
  35. How to retire young
  36. How a certain character from a film or book advances a certain theme
  37. How to be safe when cycling
  38. How to increase productivity when working from home
  39. How to stay safe when online
  40. The process of investing in a foreign country
  41. How to avoid being scammed
  42. How to become a football star
  43. How to make a personal budget
  44. How to write better

Example of a process essay

Title: How to apply for college admission

If you are a young man or woman looking to join college, the number one thing you will need to do is to apply for college. You can never get admitted to college without applying for college admission. In this essay, you will discover all the steps you need to take to apply for college admission.

Before applying for college admission, you must have a few materials. The most important one you will need is a computer with an internet connection. You will also need a pencil and a piece of paper. Once you get the materials you need for college admission, you can start the college admission application process.

The first step is to visit Google and search for your favorite college. Once you get it, click on the official college website. Once you find the website, click on the admission link or button to visit the college's admission webpage.

The second step is to look at the requirements listed on the webpage. Usually, the requirements include certain documents and two or three essays. Think about each requirement carefully and whether you meet it.

The fourth and second-last step is to collect all the documents you need for admission and to write the essays needed. Most people can have good grades but cannot write excellent essays. So, make sure you put in some good effort in writing the essays.

The last step is to submit everything needed by the college. Once you do this, you just must hope for the best. Most colleges get hundreds of applications per course. Thus, in addition to doing an excellent job in your application, you need a bit of luck to get admitted to the college to which you are applying.

Getting admitted to college takes plenty of work, but by taking the steps above, you significantly increase your chances of college admission. Just make sure you do your part and hope for the best. Things will most likely work out in your favor. Also, remember to apply to multiple colleges simultaneously to increase your chances of getting selected for admission.

Tips to Use to Make Your Process Essay Perfect

  1. Use precise language. You should use precise language when writing a process essay (or any other type of essay). The precise language will make your essay easy to follow and understand.
  2. Use active voice throughout. A typical process essay is all about you explaining how to do something. Therefore, you must use an active voice to guide the reader on how to do what you explain in your essay.
  3. Explain each process in detail. This is important. You must assume that the reader does not know what you discuss in your essay. Therefore, explain everything in detail wherever you feel like a layperson will not easily understand what you are saying.
  4. Include evidence where necessary. A process essay is different, but it is still an essay like any other. Therefore, you must include evidence (a citation) whenever necessary or whenever you include information that you have borrowed.
  5. Write body paragraphs correctly. Many people do not know where to list the materials or things needed for the process. Others think they are better off numbering the steps in the essay. The correct place to identify all the materials required is in the first body paragraph. And numbering the steps is not the way to go. What you need to do is to discuss every step in its paragraph.
  6. Proofreading is key. You must proofread to ensure your essay is the best of the best. You must proofread it not just once but even three or four times. Proofreading your essay severally will help you to improve it to a level where it is perfect or almost perfect.
  7. Check for plagiarism before submission. Sometimes students submit papers without checking for plagiarism. However, if most of the information in your essay is researched information, chances are that there will be some traces of plagiarism throughout your essay. So, you need to check for plagiarism before you submit your paper.
  8. Make sure you add a references page. Because a process essay is an unconventional type of essay, some students believe they can just submit it without adding a references page. This is wrong. The right thing to do is to add a references page at the end of your paper.

Final Words

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