The Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

author By Mary Boies

Writing essays is a norm in college, university, high school, and even middle school. Even though students hate writing essays, most of the students we interviewed like writing compare and contrast essays. We wanted to know if the love could all be about good compare and contrast essay topics and availability of information.

evergreen compare and contrast topics

Why Students Love Compare and Contrast Essays?

Our little survey revealed that both factors fueled love. Our sample of 240/240 clients confirmed that the reason for this is the ample room for creativity.

Besides, comparing and contrasting facts and ideas allows students to better express their thoughts, especially on controversial topics.

Furthermore, drawing a parallel between two ideas, concepts, ideas, ideologies, and objects compared to writing about a stand-alone topic is easier.

While writing this type of essay tickles students' creativity, the success of assignments on contrast, an essay depends on the types of essay topics that an individual chooses.

Being an essay writing website that helps in writing essays for school, we have listened to our clients. Finally, here is a list of over 100 compare and contrast topics that you can work with to develop a great paper.

How to Select the Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Most of the smartest students in America, Australia, UK, Canada, and many other countries have a unique way of acing their essays.

The main secret of writing a perfect essay is choosing the best topic. When presented with alternatives, it is important to brainstorm.

If you are to decide on two or more good compare and contrast topics, you need to write down as many ideas as you can on each topic.

As you brainstorm and write, you will notice that you are gravitating towards a given topic more. And as your interest grows, you will surely select the compare and contrast topic and run with it in your essay.

10 characteristics of the best compare and contrast essay topic

  1. Is not too broad or not too shallow
  2. has relevance to the subject or your field of study
  3. Directly answers the questions on the essay prompt
  4. Memorable, short, and simple to attract and keep readers
  5. Appeals to emotions, logic, and knowledge
  6. Has different scholarly sources to support the ideas
  7. Intrigues and interests you as the writer
  8. Reasons with your interests and preferences in life
  9. You can write about the topic without getting bored along the way
  10. Closely resembles the example essay topics given in class or class text

Once you are done with choosing a good topic, the next progress is writing your compare and contrast essay. We have a compare and contrast essay writing guide that takes you through the process of how to write this type of assignment. However, as a sneak peek, here is an outline that you must follow.

Basic Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

Assuming you are conforming to the standard five-paragraph essay, you can select your topic and write your essay using the essay structure highlighted below.

I. Introduction

    1. Hook sentence
    2. Background information
    3. Narrowing down to your specific topic
    4. Thesis statement

II. Body Paragraphs

  1. Body Paragraph #1
    1. Topic sentence (the first similarity/difference)
    2. Subject 1 plus a detailed explanation
    3. Subject 2 plus a detailed explanation
    4. Concluding sentence and transition
  2. Body Paragraph #2
    1. Topic sentence ( similarity or difference)
    2. Subject 1 plus detailed facts and explanation
    3. Subject 2 plus detailed facts and explanation
    4. Concluding sentence and transition
  3. Body Paragraph #3
    1. Topic sentence ( similarity or difference)
    2. Subject 1 plus detailed facts and explanation
    3. Subject 2 plus detailed facts and explanation
    4. Concluding sentence and transition

III. Conclusion

      1. Summary of the main points highlighted in your compare and contrast essay (reinvent the thesis and synthesize the data/facts in the body of the essay)
      2. Make a salient comment on the similarities and differences and if possible discuss implications or make connections to other facts
      3. Bring out the significance of your compare & contrast essay

With the structure covered and how to write an excellent compare and contrast essay covered elsewhere, it is now time to dig right into the topics. 

Education Compare and Contrast Essays

  1. Compare online distant learning versus in-class learning
  2. Blended learning versus traditional learning
  3. ESL versus ENL students in performance
  4. Performance of Girls versus boys in STEM subjects
  5. Day school versus Boarding schools
  6. Private schools against public schools
  7. High school versus college
  8. Virtual vs. real classrooms
  9. SAT and TOEFL
  10. Canadian vs. Australian English
  11. Employed students vs. Unemployed students
  12. MBA versus Executive Degree
  13. Science subjects versus humanity subjects
  14. Internships versus residency programs
  15. School principal versus college dean
  16. College dean versus university chancellor
  17. University senate versus college boards
  18. Statistics versus accounting
  19. Persuasive essays versus argumentative essays
  20. Masters versus PhD degree
  21. American education system versus the Swedish Education system
  22. British education system versus the American Education System
  23. E-books vs. Textbooks
  24. Standardized testing versus grading
  25. Living at Home versus living on campus
  26. Bilingual education versus English Immersion
  27. Bilingual Education versus Dual Education
  28. Charter schools against private schools
  29. Charter schools versus public schools
  30. Free tuition versus paid college
  31. Ivy League schools versus State schools
  32. Ivy League Schools versus Public Ivies
  33. Online classes versus Traditional Classes
  34. School uniforms versus no school uniforms
  35. Large class sizes versus small class sizes
  36. STEAM versus STEM
  37. Homeschooling versus traditional schooling education approach
  38. Mathematics vs. Physics
  39. Chemistry vs. Physics
  40. Biology vs. Biochemistry
  41. University Education vs. No education
  42. College versus vocational training
  43. College education versus apprenticeship
  44. Career counseling versus choosing courses by students
  45. Attending seminars versus attending classes

Music, Theater, and Movie Compare & Contrast Topics

  1. Jazz vs. Blues
  2. Rock vs. Jazz Music
  3. Sci-Fi movies vs. Documentaries
  4. Opera and Musical - Differences and Similarities
  5. Hip hop versus Baller
  6. Hip hop versus rap music
  7. Classical music versus Rhythm and blues
  8. Country music versus Folk music
  9. Modern Rock versus Classic Rock
  10. Christian Praise vs. worship songs
  11. Hymns versus carols
  12. Guitar versus Piano
  13. Piano versus Violin
  14. Ukulele versus banjo
  15. Reggae music versus Ska music
  16. Reggae versus Dancehall music
  17. Reggeaton vs. Reggae

Animal-Based Compare and Contrast Topics

  1. Cats vs. Feral Cats
  2. Cheetah vs. Leopard
  3. Tiger versus Leopard
  4. Lion versus Cheetah
  5. Crocodile vs. Alligator
  6. Ox versus Bull
  7. Whale vs. Shark
  8. Ostrich versus Goose
  9. Birds versus Bats
  10. Mammals versus Reptiles
  11. Butterflies vs. Moths
  12. Cranes versus Herons
  13. Egret versus Crane
  14. Pelican versus Wood stock
  15. White Ibis vs. Snow Goose
  16. Ostrich versus Emu
  17. Cassowary versus Ostrich
  18. Turkey versus Duck
  19. Turkey vs. Geese
  20. Giraffe versus Camel
  21. Horse versus Mule
  22. Zebra versus Donkey
  23. Python versus Cobra
  24. Warthog versus Pig
  25. Mammoth versus elephant
  26. Dinosaur vs. Dragon
  27. Rhino versus Hippopotamus
  28. Rabbit versus hare
  29. Juggernaut versus Rhino
  30. Buffalo vs. Roan
  31. Antelope versus Gazelle
  32. LIamas vs. Alpacas
  33. Deer vs. Elk
  34. Moose vs. Deer
  35. Bedbugs versus Fleas
  36. Mites vs. Bedbugs
  37. Queen bee versus worker bee
  38. Bumblebee vs. Queen bee
  39. Queen termite versus Queen Ant
  40. Owl versus Hawk
  41. Crow versus Eagle

There are many animal-based compare & contrast topics that you can select. When writing essays on such topics, focus on attributes, habitat, nutrition habits, behavior, mating, sexual preference, evolution and relationship with man, wild/domestic, and other discernible qualities of the animals. You can as well focus on the similarities between the animals.

Natural Sciences Compare and Contrast Topic Ideas

  1. Volcano Eruption damages versus Earthquake damages
  2. Tsunami versus Earthquake
  3. Mountains versus Hills
  4. Oceans versus Seas
  5. Freshwater lakes versus saltwater lakes
  6. Science vs. Natural Science
  7. Aerospace engineering and Aeronautic engineering
  8. Tides and waves
  9. Telescope versus Periscope
  10. Hubble telescope versus Kepler telescope
  11. Comets versus Asteroids
  12. Mimicry versus Hibernation
  13. Fossil fuels versus green fuels
  14. Solar energy versus hydroelectric energy
  15. Nuclear energy versus wind energy
  16. Inorganic farming versus organic farming
  17. Composite materials versus Alloy
  18. Carbon fiber versus composite materials
  19. GMO versus Hybrid plants and animals
  20. Bioengineered versus GMO animals and plants
  21. GMO versus Biofortified Plants
  22. Cloning versus propagation
  23. Selective breeding vs. Cloning
  24. Ambient ultrafine particles versus nanoparticles
  25. Nanomedicine versus Conventional medicine
  26. Coal powered plants versus solar-powered plants.
  27. Geoengineering versus nanomedicine
  28. Computer-aided design (CAD) vs. computer-aided manufacturing
  29. Computer-aided design versus computer-aided drafting
  30. Computer-aided design (CAD) versus Computer-aided manufacturing
  31. Electric cars versus hybrid cars
  32. Finite element analysis versus Computational Fluid Dynamics
  33. Bitcoin versus dollar
  34. Etherum versus Litecoin
  35. Viruses versus bacteria
  36. Voice recognition versus face recognition
  37. Voice recognition versus biometrics
  38. Ecotourism versus Green tourism
  39. Water conservation versus water pollution

Religion Compare and Contrast Essays

  1. Islam and Christianity
  2. Judaism versus Christianity
  3. Hinduism versus Buddhism
  4. Catholicism and Protestantism
  5. The Quran and the Bible
  6. Secular states versus religious states
  7. The Christian States versus the Islamic States
  8. Buddha versus Jesus Christ
  9. The Pope versus Arch-Bishop
  10. Church versus mosque
  11. Shinto versus Hinduism
  12. Bible schools versus Theology schools
  13. Secular versus Christian music
  14. Christian celebrations versus Muslim celebrations
  15. Atheism versus Agnosticism

Influential People Compare and Contrast Topic Ideas

  1. Jeff Bezos versus Elon Musk
  2. Shaquille O'Neal versus Michael Jordan
  3. John Locke and Thomas Hobbes
  4. Joe Bidden vs. Donald Trump
  5. Barack Obama versus George W. Bush
  6. Angelina Jolie versus Mother Teresa
  7. Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates
  8. Nelson Mandela versus Mahatma Gandhi
  9. Queen Victoria Versus Queen Elizabeth II
  10. Adolph Hitler versus Joseph Stalin
  11. Raphael versus Leonardo da Vinci
  12. Ban Ki-Moon Versus Antonio Guterres
  13. Undertaker versus John Cena
  14. Isaac Newton versus Albert Einstein

History-Related Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. World war I versus world war II
  2. Greeks and Egyptians
  3. Roman Empire vs. the Greek Empire
  4. The USA and the Soviet Union
  5. Middle ages culture versus renaissance culture
  6. Realism vs. Abstractionism
  7. Abolition vs. Antislavery
  8. Police brutality vs. Community Policing
  9. Compare and contrast 3 tales of dragons in history and how they shaped the cultures the were rooted in.
  10. Post-impressionism vs. Impressionism
  11. Asuka painting vs. Nara painting
  12. Great recession vs. the Great Depression
  13. Global financial crisis vs. Covid Recession
  14. Abolition vs. reforms
  15. Frederick Douglass vs. Harriet Tubman
  16. William Lloyd Garrison vs. John Brown
  17. Black power movement vs. the Civil rights movement
  18. Black lives matter vs. the Feminist movement
  19. Spanish flu vs. Bubonic plague
  20. Hiroshima vs. Pearl Harbor
  21. Titanic vs. Queen Mary
  22. World war I vs. World war II
  23. Civil war vs. Cold war
  24. Holocaust vs. Genocide
  25. President Obama vs. President Trump
  26. China vs. South Korea
  27. Al Qaeda vs. Boko Haram
  28. Al Shabaab vs. Al Qaeda
  29. Sadam Hussein vs. Muammar Gaddafi

Psychology Compare and Contrast Topics

  1. Depression vs. Anxiety
  2. Lust vs. Love
  3. Downs Syndrome versus Autism
  4. Ego vs. Superego
  5. Counseling vs. Cognitive Behavioral therapy
  6. Bulimia versus Anorexia Nervosa
  7. Suicide vs. Homicide
  8. Claustrophobia vs. Agoraphobia
  9. Discrimination vs. Prejudice
  10. ADHD vs. Bipolar disorder
  11. OCD vs. ADHD
  12. PTSD vs. depression
  13. Military PTSD vs Civilian PTSD
  14. Bullying vs. Domestic Violence
  15. Stanford Prison Experiment vs. Das Experiment
  16. Classical Conditioning vs. Operant conditioning
  17. Sigmund Freud vs. B.F Skinner
  18. Harry Harlow vs. Albert Bandura
  19. Jean Piaget vs. Erik Erikson
  20. Lev Vygotsky vs. Carl Rogers
  21. Ivan Pavlov vs. William James
  22. Leon Festinger vs. Albert Bandura
  23. Little Albert Experiment vs. Rhesus Monkey Experiments
  24. Milgram Obedience experiment vs. Asch Conformity Experiment

Again, if you are one of those whose cup of tea is psychology, why not choose a related compare and contrast topic. It could be comparing and contrasting psychological theories, frameworks, or concepts. Besides, you can also consider psychologists, psychological disorders, psychological therapies, and development issues.

Politics/Ideology Compare and Contrast Topics

  1. Monarchy versus Democracy
  2. Anarchism versus Fascism
  3. Communism versus Capitalism
  4. Hitler versus Stalin Regime
  5. Roman Empire versus the Greek Empire
  6. Roman Empire versus Han Dynasty
  7. Roman and the Ottoman Dynasty
  8. Liberalism versus Capitalism
  9. Nationalism versus communism
  10. UK political system versus the US political system
  11. Supreme Court versus the International Criminal Court
  12. Universal Rights versus Constitution
  13. Jury versus Judges
  14. Republicans versus Democrats
  15. Left-wing versus Right-wing
  16. Feminism versus Democracy

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Sports Essays

  1. Silver medal versus Gold medal
  2. Marathon versus Track
  3. Eliud Kipchoge versus Haile Gebrselassie
  4. Lewis Hamilton vs. Sebastian Vettel
  5. Fernando Alonso vs. Lewis Hamilton
  6. Michael Schumacher vs. Lewis Hamilton
  7. Formula One vs. Safari Rally
  8. Judo vs. Karate
  9. Boxing vs. Martial Arts
  10. Badminton vs. Tennis
  11. Basketball vs. Netball
  12. Breakdance vs. Ballet
  13. Olympics vs. World Cup
  14. Laliga vs. English Premier League
  15. Arsenal vs. Manchester
  16. Manchester vs. Man City
  17. American football/Gridiron vs. Rugby
  18. Baseball vs. Hockey
  19. Volleyball vs. Beach volleyball
  20. Floorball vs. Bowling
  21. Cricket vs. Baseball
  22. Checkers vs. Chess
  23. Shogi vs. Chess
  24. Superbowl vs. World cup
  25. Champion league vs. NBA finals
  26. Ballon d'Or vs. Fifa world player of the year
  27. Uefa Player of the year vs. Ballon d'Or
  28. Lionel Messi vs. Christiano Ronaldo
  29. Fifa vs. UEFA
  30. Horse riding vs. Bull riding
  31. Motorcycle riding vs. Cycling
  32. Tour de France vs. Giro d'talia
  33. Giro d'talia vs. Vuelta
  34. Karting vs. Formula One
  35. Slim racing vs. Karting

Sports can never get boring. You can also count on a variety of information online, anecdotal, and even from personal experience that would make selecting a topic easy and fun process. If you are one of those into sports, you can develop a refined compare and contrast essay along the interested sports sections.

 Middle School/6th Grade Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

  1. Summer versus winter
  2. Pizza versus sushi
  3. Cinema versus circus
  4. Swimming versus skiing
  5. Running versus cycling
  6. Daytime versus night time
  7. Air transport versus road transport
  8. TV shows versus comic books
  9. Lollipop versus popsicles
  10. TV shows versus Movies
  11. Spiderman versus superman
  12. Star wars versus Captain America
  13. Fiction versus non-fiction
  14. Lions versus tigers
  15. Vampires versus werewolves
  16. Bicycle versus motorcycle
  17. Newton versus Einstein
  18. Girls versus Boys
  19. Frogs versus toads
  20. Donkeys versus zebra
  21. Alligators versus crocodiles
  22. Reptiles versus mammals
  23. Whales versus shark
  24. Dolphins versus sharks
  25. Ballet versus salsa dance
  26. Football versus basketball
  27. Fast-food versus healthy meals
  28. Fruits versus Juice
  29. Engineers versus Mechanics
  30. Nurses versus Doctors
  31. Newspapers versus TV news
  32. Social Media versus Letters
  33. Friends vs. Foes
  34. Family vs. Friends
  35. Texting vs. Calling
  36. Love vs. Friendship
  37. Wealth vs. Poverty
  38. Studying abroad vs. studying in your native country
  39. Homelessness vs. Mental illness
  40. Addiction vs. Mental health\
  41. Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi
  42. McDonald's vs. Starbucks
  43. KFC versus McDonald's
  44. Chic a fil vs. Burger King
  45. Hungry jacks vs. Wendy's

Technology/Social Media/ Digital Era Compare and Contrast Topics

  1. Apple versus Microsoft
  2. Google versus Yahoo
  3. Cloud Computing versus databases
  4. Internet shopping versus physical shopping
  5. Android versus iOS
  6. Desktops versus Laptops
  7. Keyboards versus voice input devices
  8. Smartphones versus mobile phones
  9. Digital home versus traditional homes
  10. Hybrid cars versus electric cars
  11. Email versus letters
  12. Samsung versus Apple
  13. LG versus HP
  14. Dell versus Samsung
  15. Digital TV versus Smart TV
  16. Cable TV versus Satellite TV
  17. Wi-Fi Versus LAN Cable
  18. Online jobs versus conventional office jobs
  19. Network Administrator Versus Security Analyst
  20. Malicious hacker versus ethical hacker
  21. Facebook versus Instagram
  22. Mainstream media versus social media
  23. YouTube versus Snapchat
  24. Twitter versus Instagram
  25. Smartphones versus personal digital assistants (PDAs)
  26. Traditional marketing versus digital marketing
  27. SEO versus paid ads
  28. Radio versus newspapers
  29. Blogs versus newspapers
  30. Tablets versus laptops
  31. Blogs versus websites

Like any other dynamic and interesting subject, there are endless opportunities for interesting and fresh topics for a technology compare and contrast essay. Look around you, research and scratch just a little, and sure you will get many ideas than you can think.

Geography Compare and Contrast Topics for Essays

  1. Landlocked countries versus Islands
  2. Human-made islands versus natural islands
  3. Compare and contrast Eiiffeltower and Burj Khalifa
  4. Compare Shanghai Tower versus Lotte World Tower in Seoul
  5. Compare One World Trade Center in New York and the International Commerce Center in Hong Kong
  6. Jeddah Tower versus Three Sixty West Tower B in Mumbai
  7. Compare India versus China
  8. Oil in the U.S. versus oil in Saudi Arabia
  9. Spring vs. Fall
  10. Earth versus Mass
  11. Hurricanes Vs. Tornadoes
  12. Desertification versus Deforestation
  13. Afforestation versus Forestation
  14. Australian Aboriginal communities versus Canadian Aboriginal communities
  15. Atlas versus globe
  16. Maps versus atlases
  17. Oceans versus seas
  18. Geography of Egypt vs. Mesopotamia

Geography is a broad subject area from local, regional, continental, and global geography concepts; one can develop many fresh ideas to compare and contrast essay topics. You do not have to sound scientific, as long as the two subjects have comparable attributes, you are good to go.

Health Sciences Compare and Contrast Topics for Essays

  1. Root canal versus implants
  2. Dentures versus root canal
  3. Endoscopy versus laparoscopy
  4. Hospital versus nursing home
  5. Aging at home versus aging in elderly care facilities
  6. Traditional medicine versus alternative medicine
  7. Malignant versus benign cancers
  8. Cervical versus Brain cancers
  9. Vaccination or no vaccination
  10. CT scan versus X-ray imaging modality
  11. Medical tourism versus treatments in their own country
  12. Universal healthcare versus health insurance
  13. Psychologists versus psychiatrists
  14. Pills versus injections
  15. Doctors versus Nurses
  16. Type I diabetes versus Type II diabetes
  17. Pediatric wards versus Adult wards
  18. Emergency rooms versus Outpatient care rooms
  19. Similarities and differences between Syphilis and Gonorrhea
  20. Irritable Bowel Syndrome vs. and Acid Reflux
  21. Compare educational pathways for RN and NP.
  22. Compare Covid-19 and the Bubonic plague
  23. Dementia versus Alzheimer's
  24. Parkinson's Disease versus Schizophrenia
  25. Antipsychotics versus mood stabilizers
  26. Psychotherapy versus pharmacotherapy

The field of medicine, health, pharmacy, and nursing sciences offers an extensive opportunity for some interesting compare and contrast topics. Depending on your preference, knowledge, and interest, be sure to select a topic that has plenty of scholarly resources to back your statements and claims.

Great Philosophy Compare and Contrast Topic Ideas

  1. Fascism vs. Nazism
  2. Anarchism vs. Communism
  3. Capitalism vs. Communism
  4. Liberalism vs. Conservatism
  5. Nationalism vs. Anarchism
  6. Feminism vs. Egalitarianism
  7. Feminist vs. Masculinist
  8. Feminism vs. Matriarchy
  9. Equality vs. Feminism
  10. Mahatma Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King
  11. Child celebrity vs. being a normal child
  12. Big bang theory versus Genesis
  13. Utopia versus Dystopia
  14. Corporal punishment vs. Positive Discipline
  15. Existentialism versus Empiricism
  16. Ethics vs. Moral Philosophy
  17. Stoicism vs. Christianity
  18. Ancient philosophy versus Medieval Philosophy
  19. Modern versus contemporary philosophy
  20. Renaissance philosophy versus Medieval Philosophy
  21. David Hume versus Immanuel Kant
  22. Aristotle versus Rene Descartes
  23. Plato versus Protagoras
  24. John-Paul Sartre versus Socrates
  25. Epicurus versus Thomas Hobbes
  26. Karl Max versus John Stuart Mill
  27. Logic versus Argumentation
  28. Abortion versus Death Sentence
  29. Surrogacy versus child trafficking
  30. First world countries versus developing countries
  31. Owning a car versus cycling to work
  32. Concealing a gun versus displaying a gun in public
  33. Deontology versus Teleology
  34. Kantianism versus Utilitarianism
  35. Cognition vs. Consciousness
  36. Chinese Buddhism versus Tibetan Buddhism
  37. Tiantai Buddhism vs. Zen Buddhism
  38. Huayan Buddhism vs. Chan Buddhism
  39. Death and life from a philosophical perspective
  40. Fantasy vs. Reality

English Literature, Fiction, and Non-Fiction Compare & Contrast Ideas

  1. Compare Othello and Macbeth
  2. Victorian era vs. 21st Century
  3. Victorian era versus Renaissance era in literature
  4. The Conquest of Gola The Time Machine
  5. The Cage of Sand vs. Super Toys Last All Summer
  6. Burning chrome When it Changed (Gender roles)
  7. Pretty Boy Crossover Childhood's End (Feminism)
  8. Dissertation The Time Machine (Role of women)
  9. Modern Poetry versus Medieval Poetry
  10. Men vs. Women in Picasso's art
  11. Avengers versus Fantastic Four
  12. Soap Operas versus Sitcoms
  13. Fiction versus non-fiction literature
  14. Autobiography versus bibliography
  15. Hugo versus Shakespeare
  16. Horror versus thriller films
  17. Drama versus comedy
  18. Short stories versus plays
  19. Lyrics versus prose
  20. Autobiography versus Memoir
  21. Writing versus speaking
  22. Debating vs. public speaking
  23. Prose versus poetry
  24. Book movies vs. Books
  25. Science fiction versus historical fiction
  26. Harry porter versus Lord of the rings
  27. Roman versus Greek mythology
  28. Dystopian versus Apocalyptic
  29. Mystery literature versus detective literature
  30. Heroes, heroines, and protagonist
  31. Antagonist versus villain
  32. 17th-century literature movement versus 18th-century literature movements
  33. Science fiction versus fantasy literature
  34. Personal narrative versus autobiography
  35. Compare Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight
  36. The main character in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Portrait of Dorian Grey
  37. The Great Gatsby Martin Eden
  38. Compare and contrast Tom Sawyer, Oliver Twist, and Peter Pan
  39. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  40. Compare and Contrast essay on Philip Alcabes's Medication Nation and Jeremy Greene's Generic Drugs: The Same, but Not

With the Topic, What Next?

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