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We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.

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With each paper being written from the scratch, you can be sure of plagiarism-free work.

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Each assignment that you submit should be plagiarism-free, that is, besides it being a high-quality paper. In our non-plagiarized essay writing service, our writers understand best how to ensure that you achieve both and even more.

Plagiarism policies are a ruthless double-edged sword and a guillotine whose fall can affect your academic and professional career. You could be in hot trouble when you make the mistake of submitting an essay, research paper, term paper, proposal, dissertation chapter, or discussion post with plagiarism.

Nobody wants to be associated with plagiarism, even when they borrow others' ideas, structure, and content. And because we care too much about your future, we are the only website where your paper will be written, and you are guaranteed non-plagiarized essays.

Avoid disqualification, deferrals, re-takes, facing the academic committee, or discontinuation because of something you can easily avoid. Many essay writers online, some on social media platforms, will mess you up. Unless you work with the best writing service like ours, the chances are that the little you pay can cause you trouble. Our writers work in a regulated environment, with no paper leaks, and everything is assessed upon upload, thanks to our integrated plagiarism-management systems.

Do you want a paper, homework, essay, or assignment done without any plagiarism and at an affordable rate? Then, EssayManiacs is just the answer that you are looking for.

Get 100% Error-Free and Plagiarism-Free Bespoke Written Papers

EssayManiacs writers know what it takes to produce custom-written and plagiarism-free essays that cannot be traced or detected. By this, we mean that each assignment, paper, proposal, or homework completed by us cannot cause you any issues. The essays are written by our confidential, private, and professional writers.

If you need someone you can pay to write your essay from scratch, you have come to the right place. When we say no plagiarism, we mean that your paper will be researched, written, and polished (proofread and edited). We never resell past papers, even if the topics are the same. Besides, when you purchase our untraceable essays, all the personal details are stripped, and you are advised to spend time editing and personalize the paper on your computer.

Among the many citation styles, we write papers in APA, MLA, Chicago, Bluebook, AGLC, ASA, and Harvard formats. Therefore, our pro writers write your essays based on the citation style required in the prompt/instructions. Besides, when you get a custom-written essay from our website, you are 100% guaranteed it will be done from scratch. Therefore, in the subsequent assignments, you can use it as a template to learn how to write a non-plagiarized essay.

When you hire our writers for homework and paper writing assistance, you can equally upload your past submitted papers so that they can match your writing style to theirs. In addition, we offer essay matching services that ensure that the syntax, diction, presentation, organization, and flow of ideas match those of your previous papers.

Our essay service is not an essay mill; instead, we are an unmatched partner in your education, covering up for you. We cover up for you when you have tight deadlines, emergencies, other errands, or lack the motivation to write essays on any subject and topic.

Trust us with your paper, and you will be sure to get a unique, original, and professionally done essay that passes Turnitin or SafeAssign.

All Subject Areas are guaranteed Original Papers

All the papers on our website are composed in the English language. Our top English tutors will create non-plagiarized essays for you at a low price than you can imagine. Even when the papers are complex, such as Biology, Medicine and Health, Nursing, Aviation, Chemistry, Accounting and Finance, Economics, and Geography, you are guaranteed to get original essays.

Do not worry whether our essay writers can handle your essays in different subjects. Our experts are qualified to handle orders related to law, business, English, mathematics, music, dance, sociology, psychology, criminology, and forensic sciences.

We always ensure that we complete both complex and easy assignments within the deadline you have allocated to us. Do you want a ghostwriter to do your book review/report assignment? Feel free to place an order and get immediate assistance.

We also have the best humanities essay writers who write religion, theology, history, Islam, and geography papers so that you can do other things. When you buy essays from our website, everything goes as per plan. Your instructor or teacher will appreciate the growth in your writing skills and award you good marks and grades.

You can get PowerPoint presentations done for you from scratch. In this case, we will write a presentation summary or talking points and design the presentation from scratch using appealing custom templates.

When you pay for research and term papers on our website on any subject, you are guaranteed a paper without any plagiarism. Any borrowed ideas through quotations, summarizing, and paraphrasing are cited to avoid plagiarism. So, order your papers on any subject today and finish them on time. We have super writers who will write papers in your field of study.

Steps for getting 100% Original Essays that Pass any Plagiarism Checkers

There is no need to buy pre-written essay samples. While you might use them as a model, many people use the same model. Instead, you can buy essays written from scratch by our able and committed writing experts. If you have made up your mind and need an error and plagiarism-free model essay, below are the following steps.

Step 1: Upload the instructions

After landing on the website, click the "Let's Start" or "check price" buttons to access the order form. Fill out the order form with general and specific details of your assignment, homework, or essay. Attach either screenshots or additional instructions alongside the information. If you have trouble placing an order, click on the CHAT button to access our customer support staff, that are online 24/7 and ready to help. 

Step 2: Essays are Written

Once you pay for your essay, it will be set as posted. This means writers can see, take, and work on it. Immediately after it is assigned to a writer, you will receive a notification with the writer's code. You can then start communicating with your writer through messages, sharing ideas, and checking on the progress of your paper. You can keep your hands on the entire essay writing journey to ensure your needs are covered. You will be notified accordingly if the writer needs additional pages, details, or time.

Step 3: Get and Download

After a writer completes your paper, they proofread, edit, and run it for plagiarism to check if all is okay as per our essay or paper upload checklist. You will receive a notification via email and dashboard that your paper is ready. You can access and download the paper under the "Completed Orders" section of the dashboard. Downloading the paper activates a two-week free revision window, after which you will be charged if you need essay editing services. You can keep track of the writer's ID and use it when ordering to have them as preferred writers. Having and working with one writer ensures consistency in your papers and essays.

Step 4: Rate and Review

Once you have the essay, you can rate the writer on a scale of 1-5. You can also review our service and refer your friends t our website. Note that we have discounts for special occasions, loyal clients, holidays, and first-time clients.

Strict Deadlines? We do it ASAP and ensure it is 100% Plagiarism-Free

With over 40 essays completed every 24 hours, you can trust us to work on your essays and other assignments. We are proud to have fast and accurate essay writers you can hire to write your urgent or last-minute essays.

At least 40% of our clients refer their friends to our website. In addition, most of the urgent papers we process average between 1-3 pages in under 4 hours. We also have a 97.9% customer satisfaction rate that speaks to our commitment to writing high-quality papers.

You should buy non-plagiarized essays here because they will be done fast to allow you time to revise them. Besides, our essay service ensures that you can revise the paper for free once you get the paper.

Ordering an essay on our website lets you spend little time worrying about things other than stressful deadlines. We know how to meet and beat these deadlines. And even though the essays are written fast, they are written from scratch. This means that you get an authentic paper with citations and reference pages.

With 1, 2, 3, and 4 hours or less than 6 hours delivery possible, you are guaranteed that we will handle that urgent essay with the care it deserves. Our geeks will geek your essays faster. Let our nerds help you accomplish your goals.


How do I have the surety of getting a non-plagiarized essay?

We have a plagiarism-free guarantee for our writers that ensures that every paper we write is done from scratch. Each paper is unique and has a different approach. All borrowed details are cited, and reference pages are included. Besides, we countercheck every upload against our integrated plag tracker to ensure that it does not have plagiarism.

Does your website check the essays uploaded by the essay writers for plagiarism?

Yes, we use various plagiarism-checking tools to identify the similarity index of your paper. In addition, you can order a plagiarism report to ensure your essay is plagiarism-free. Our strict anti-plagiarism policy also covers you.

Do you offer plagiarism removal services?

Our writers will read your paper, research further, and develop ideas if you have a high similarity index on Turnitin, Unicheck, Plagscan, or SafeAssign. They will revise, refine, reorganize, rephrase, and paraphrase the content to get 100% original, authentic, and relevant content. We can remove plagiarism from your literature review, dissertation chapters, research papers, and essays.

Are the essays traceable back to your website?

Never. We ensure that all the personal details and markers are removed from the papers we upload. Nobody will know that you ordered an essay on our website. Besides, every paper is written based on research, course readings, and scholarly peer-reviewed journals. The papers are written in a standard format and display higher-level writing skills. We can also write your essay in simple English if you are an ESL student so that we do not raise eyebrows.

Are your essay writers and writing services legal?

Our essay writers are legal. They are people who provide writing services under our terms and conditions. Our legally binding NDA prevents them from sharing your details or papers with anyone other than the company representatives. Using our website is also legal. No laws prevent students from getting sample or model essays for personal consumption. However, be mindful and intelligent about how you use these essays.

Do you resell my essay once I use it?

Never. We do not resell the completed essays for you on our website. We neither display nor publish them anywhere on our website as samples. We respect your privacy, confidentiality, and security. Our website lives to our guarantees and terms and conditions. Except for editing, proofreading, and plagiarism-removal services, every paper is written from scratch.

Are my essays and instructions published anywhere?

We don't publish your essay instructions, questions, or prompts to bait clients. If you find a website with questions and no answers, it should be a red flag.

Why opt to buy instead of writing a non-plagiarized essay yourself?

You can be in many situations limiting your chances of completing an essay. An emergency or sickness can pop up. You could be bored writing an essay alone or not know how to write on a given topic. Sometimes, it could be due to lack of time, writer's block, lack of writing skills, and forgetting you had an essay due. Whatever it is, we come in and take the burden off your chest. You can have time with your family, attend fairs, events, and parties, and finish the essay on time.

Do you write essays fast and ensure they are not plagiarized?

Everything is written from scratch, even when we say buy essays. The writers choose a topic, outline, research, and write a paper that meets the submission or rubric requirements. We have a rating of 4.98 out of 5 for the tens of thousands of essays we have written. We can write your essay in three hours or less if it is one or two pages long. Our fast writers understand how to write fast and do it accurately. Our non-plagiarized essays are cheap, accessible, and within reach of all students who need help.

Do your essays pass Turnitin, SafeAssign, and Unicheck?

As said before, all the papers we write, whether essays or research papers and dissertations, pass any plagiarism checkers. We have written papers long enough that our writers can research and write papers faster and ensure they are plagiarism-free. With our essay service, you get 100% original essays and papers.

Can I get a plagiarism report to ascertain that there are no plagiarism essays?

Indeed, you can pay a few dollars extra for the additional plagiarism report. In addition, we will send you a PDF copy of the plagiarism report for your paper indicating the similarity. In most cases, you are guaranteed to get original papers. However, this is for those that want to confirm and believe.

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