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Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.


Fast, on-time delivery

We always strive to make sure you get your work on time.

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With each paper being written from the scratch, you can be sure of plagiarism-free work.

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Do you need help editing and proofreading your college essay or writing assignments? We have the best experts for the job. Our experienced essay editors and proofreaders will improve your style, formatting, clarity, and structure to improve readability and chances of getting the best marks.

Unlike the free online proofreading and essay editors, your work gets worked on by a real human who understands professional and academic writing rules. We are a reliable, dependable, and legit service that guarantees you value for your money.

Take advantage of our affordability and tender in a paper worth high grades.

Before you submit your assignment, do you get someone who streamlines it to your requirements? Besides, you have the promise of gaining tips to become a better writer. Students and professionals using our service have attested that our writing suggestions improve your writing. As icing on the cake, we offer smart paper editing services. Now, there is more about our service.

Why you should consider hiring an expert essay editor

Academic writing has rules, some of which can have serious consequences. Failure to proofread well could land you in trouble. If you hire an essay proofreader, you are always guaranteed to be on a rollercoaster toward the best grades.

Essay editors are content geniuses that will give your paper a fine touch and adequate tone, leaving the examiners with no option other than awarding the best grades.

Since essay proofreading comes last, it is like the last puzzle that makes you win the game. Even if you had lined up the best research materials, written confidently, and edited the paper to meet the originality and styling requirements, you still need someone – a third eye, to spot minor mistakes.

A poorly edited essay might read like a mess, but the same reads like the best message when proofread. For an A-level student, fixing typos and mistakes is never left to chance. But even then, hiring someone with a formatting, editing, styling, and writing background can help spice your paper.

EssayManiacs editors can proofread and edit your essay. We say this because they are handpicked, oriented, regularly trained, tested, and highly qualified. They have many years of editing academic papers, essays, and professional writing under their arms. We are a leading assignment help website with real writers who research and write papers instead of regurgitating content from AI writers. 

Confidently Order and Get the Best Results

Are you pressed with a deadline to proofread your essay or term paper? Are you a professional seeking editing and proofreading services? Well, then, you have the service already.

For students, hire a Ph.D. genius and submit a brilliant paper. Our proofread essay online solution has helped thousands of students. With thousands of students and professionals utilizing our service and internally rating the editing service at 4.85, we are confident that it can solve your editing needs. We are no doubt the best essay editing and proofreading service online.

Grab this chance and order your proofing assistance because the best things are done today. Our team of editors, paper raters/markers/graders, and quality assessors are ready for you. We help you prove that you are the future proof today!

We have the best rates yet the highest quality within the shortest turnaround time. Even with all this affordability, we perfect your essays and academic writing so that you get orgasmic grades. Employ some of the top minds behind the most viral and scholarly content online and in academia. Place an order with us!

How to get near-free editing and proofing services

A question that most students ask is, "can I get someone to proofread my essay for free?" Even though times are tough, engaging an affordable paper editing service online can be the best resort. Far from free, paying someone to proofread your essay secures their commitment.

There are certainly better alternatives to taking the high-risk free essay proofreading services. We are saying high-risk because once they proofread your essays or dissertation, there is no guarantee that they will not post it on their blogs or upload-to-access free sample sites like CourseHero or Termpaperwarehouse and other shoddy websites market themselves using pre-written papers.

To access affordable essay editing services and pay little money:

  • Order proofing and editing services early. Ordering with a week's deadline or even more guarantees you will pay less.
  • Check with an editing website if they have promotional coupons for their services.
  • Take a chance at the regular discounts from the editing websites.
  • Use your position as a loyal customer to get free editing and proofreading services.
  • Improve your writing skills by reading blogs from websites like the EssayManiacs blog, which regularly shares the best essay tips.

Our seamless essay editing Process

Hiring an expert on our website is seamless, smooth, and easy. To dispel your fear, we are proofreading papers that are almost an hour submission deadline. You can do the math.

Here is what you must do to signal that you need a personalized writing and editing service.

1. Fill out the order form

As you fill out the order form, select editing/proofreading as the type of service/work. Select the deadline you want us to work on and send your paper. Provide your details and share the assignment prompt and your written piece.

2. Relax as we do our thing

We will select a highly qualified and suitable essay editor to work on your essay. We will also select the best match if you are looking for professional paper editing services such as a book or article editors. We will double-check your product for plagiarism, grammar, and syntax errors and assess its quality. Time is forever our greatest driver. All our papers are submitted within the deadline.

3. Read through, personalize, and submit

Once our editing process is over, the editor will upload the paper and submit it to you. You will get an email with a download link. You can also manually download your paper from your account/portal. Once you get the paper, revise it to customize and personalize it. You can then rate your writer and submit your paper for grading. Hire the next-level proofreading essay services today to secure your grades!

Features that make us the best "Proofread my essay" Service

Having professional paper editors does not sell anymore because quacks are hidden as experts in the lucrative online pages. That is not our description; we are the website that edits your essay professionally, and here are some of our features, ones that make us an icon in the editing field:

Smart Plagiarism Checker

When you upload your paper, say your essay, we begin by checking the original instructions. Once the relevance assessment is over, we subject the paper to a mandatory plagiarism-checking process. We check for plagiarism or originality. We recommend re-writing if your paper contains plagiarized text beyond 30%. If it is 30% below, we consider it part of editing. Our systems compare your paper against papers submitted to university repositories, papers published online, and the sources you consulted when writing. The bottom line is that we are very thorough.

Grammar Check

Our robust and in-depth grammar checking allows us to remove minor yet damaging mistakes. Once the errors are spotted, they are corrected to maintain the papers' flow, context, and coherence. The focus is on grammar, style, diction, articles, tenses, verbs, and transition words, to name a few.

Smart paper

We submit a paper with comments on the sides of the content detailing the improvements you need to make. If you ask, our proofreaders will submit two documents: the smart paper and the edited paper. Our writing suggestions will make you master the art of presenting facts on paper.

Paper Rater

Now, forget about the AI-powered software that checks your spelling, plagiarism, and grammar; we have professional paper checkers who assess every aspect of your writing. Our experts will give you a personal touch. If you have a dissertation and a troublesome supervisor, we stop that by aligning all the sections and chapters as per dissertation writing standards.

Paper Grader

Do you want to know your paper's grade band before submitting it? We have experts who will look at your paper against the marks set in the rubric. They will advise you on what to improve to score the highest grades on a paper.

We have excellent service packages that will be useful for your college application essays, writing assignments, and term papers. We have the power to remove all the unnecessary fillers, redundant terms and phrases, obsolete vocabulary, and confused wording to help you communicate with your audience – professor, instructor, or supervisor. Choose EssayManiacs editing; choose success!

Every Website does it, but we are the best; here is why

You are probably wondering why we rank as a top proofreading service online. Well, because we are so good at proofreading essays, most people trust us. Thousands of websites proofread written essays, then there is us, the best!

If your top worry is whether your rubric or prompt will end up on our blog, you are dead wrong. We maintain high levels of confidentiality and privacy. We securely have your back if you are also worried about urgent deadlines. In less than 6 hours, we can edit and submit a 10000-word dissertation with fixed errors and issues.

You have all the reasons to entrust your proofreading needs to us. Here are some more reasons to order with us:

Top-Quality for every paper

Our proofreading professionals are great research, essay, and academic writers. They understand the formatting, styling, and editing requirements. If you have a paper in APA and want it in MLA, we can easily reformat it and meet the MLA formatting requirements. Our professional proofreaders can tell a mediocre essay and know how to turn it into a great one.

Short turnaround times

As we said before, our on-demand proofreading services are in high demand. If you have written a paper and urgently need it to proofread in 3-6 hours, you could let our experts do it fast and steadily. We operate 24/7 and can work on urgent essays.

Confidential and Private

Besides having a secure payment processor, we value your personal data. Therefore, we've invested in high-level triple security systems for our website. All the transactions are private, and personal details are only meant to facilitate our cooperation. We also do not publish your essays or edited papers online. It remains your copyright.

Authority in writing essays

We've completed many essays, from college admission essays to problem-solution essays. Likewise, we have written many articles on how to write various essays. The expertise and knowledge possessed by our editors make us the best place to get help. Your assignment is likely to convince your instructor if we edit it.

Best in reviews (internal)

Per our internal stats, we rank at 4.8 trust and quality scores. It makes us the best-reviewed essay editing service. You can bet your last coin on us that your essay will be high-quality. Even for ESL students, we deliver simply-written essays that reflect your level. 100% satisfaction is a guarantee.

University-approved services

When our editors touch your essay, they do it as per the standards on the rubric and your respective writing centers at the university. We strictly follow the university guidelines to streamline the content of your essay. Let your essay attain a higher band of grading. You can pay someone from our website to do your research paper with a guarantee of a top-quality, standard-formatted, and well-organized paper that meets every instruction from your university or college. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for editing and proofreading?

Our costs depend on the deadlines, type of work, type of paper, academic level, and your chosen package. We do not charge hourly like other services. Instead, we charge a one-off fee that compensates for our marketing, professionals, and other expenditures. Our charges begin from $9 a page. Last-minute requests cost a little more.

Does using your proofreading services result in plagiarism?

No. We have clients who are professors. A dozen times, professors have referred their students to get professional editing from our website. Using our service helps you eliminate plagiarism in the paper you've already written. It is legal to use our service as it does not contravene any academic integrity rules for any university.

When I pay for editing, is proofreading free?

We have categorized our services as editing and proofreading. All two services fall under one umbrella. The goal is to give you a paper worth grading. Hire a fast, professional, reliable, and affordable team to edit and proofread all your papers.

Do you work on weekends and holidays?

Yes, EssayManiacs is available 24/7/365 days for proofreading and editing services. You can visit our website and place an order any time you wish. Let us make you a better academic writer the whole year round. We are constantly correcting mistakes and providing feedback by the hour. As long as the clock ticks, we edit and proofread papers. We are the best editing and proofreading service for ESL writers, ENL writers, businesses, corporates, you, authors, students, and professionals. You can pay someone to edit and proofread your essay here any day!

Am I guaranteed fast and top-quality services?

We have the shortest turnaround time record of 2-3 hours. Our experts understand the process, which makes it fast. Once we touch your paper, it gets to the top quality. Hire our services for the best grades!

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