Best Topics, Titles, and Ideas for Homelessness Papers

author By Mary Boies

When tasked with writing a homelessness essay, research paper, term paper, or dissertation, students are mostly left at liberty to select a topic of their own. And while writing a paper on homelessness can be interesting, choosing an excellent homelessness topic for an essay or paper can be a challenge.

homelessness topics and ideas

Homelessness is among the top social issues that most countries (developed and underdeveloped nations) have to deal with. You will likely write about homelessness when pursuing criminology, sociology, social work, nursing, health and medicine, geography, and many other subjects. It is a topic that borders on diverse subjects. It is linked to a country's economy and has other significant areas intertwined. For this reason, most research focused on homelessness as a social problem, mainly finding solutions.

Homelessness essay topics are great when writing expository, synthesis, problem-solution, cause and effect, compare and contrast, argumentative, or persuasive essays. You can write a perfect essay or paper with these vital homelessness topics, ideas, and titles. And if you need help, we have the best paper writers for hire. They will develop an academically and professionally sound paper for you.

Homelessness Essay Topics

When assigned to write a homelessness essay, you must develop a good title, plan, and write an academic paper that explores homelessness as a social problem. You should explore why some people become homeless or why there is a scarcity of permanent or temporary accommodation or shelter for diverse groups of people. If you write a homelessness essay and want to score higher, you must articulate the points nicely. You already know how to write a first-class essay. If not, read through our blog so that you can write an essay that fits the highest-grade band in the rubric. We have categorized these topics depending on the type of essay to make it easier to trace and brainstorm ideas.

Compare and Contrast Homeless Topics

  1. Successful homeless people vs. homeless people who are a failure
  2. Homelessness vs. homeownership
  3. Homelessness vs. unhoused
  4. Homelessness vs. Poverty
  5. Homelessness vs. unsheltered
  6. Transient vs. permanent homelessness
  7. Is homelessness better than poverty?
  8. Sleep through vs. homelessness
  9. Youth homelessness vs. adult homelessness in the USA
  10. Homelessness in England vs. the USA
  11. Homelessness in Australia vs. China
  12. Homelessness in developed nations vs. developing nations
  13. Transient vs. homeless

Argumentative Homeless Topics

  1. Should homeless people be rehabilitated before being given housing?
  2. Does incarceration result in homelessness?
  3. Should the government provide permanent housing for the homeless?
  4. Is homelessness a social issue?
  5. Must people have a home to be happy?
  6. Should homeless people be employed?
  7. Are all homeless people poor?
  8. Are homeless people drug abusers?
  9. Are all homeless people miserable?
  10. Should homeless people be given shelter during winter?
  11. Should the church allow homeless people to shelter in church buildings?
  12. Should church offerings be used to settle homeless people?
  13. Is homelessness worse than it is represented in the media?
  14. Can the media influence the action of the state on homelessness?
  15. Are there political solutions to homelessness?
  16. Is there a link between homelessness and mental health?
  17. Are homeless people likely to be criminals?
  18. Can homeless people stand trial in courts of law?
  19. Can homeless people testify in court?
  20. Can homeless people be entrepreneurs?
  21. Is it easy to come out of homelessness?
  22. Are there homeless students?
  23. Is homelessness linked to overpopulation?
  24. Can small shelters solve homelessness?
  25. Is capitalism increasing homelessness?
  26. Should homeless people be taxed?
  27. Are federal resources enough to address people experiencing homelessness?
  28. Should local communities support unsheltered homeless people?
  29. Can civil engineering innovation solve homelessness?
  30. Should cities build temporary shelters for the homeless?

Problem-Solution Homeless Topics

  1. How rapid re-housing can solve homelessness
  2. Role of government in solving homelessness
  3. Solving homelessness and hunger
  4. Using physical planning to address homelessness
  5. Solving homelessness through smart design
  6. Land reclamation to settle homeless people
  7. Resettling homeless people in unclaimed properties
  8. How to use ceased properties for settling homeless people
  9. Strategies to address homelessness after release from prison

Cause and Effect Homeless Topics

  1. Causes and consequences of homelessness
  2. Consequences of youth homelessness
  3. Homelessness and teenage pregnancy
  4. Homelessness and prostitution
  5. How housing instability causes homelessness
  6. How family homelessness affects generations
  7. Impacts of homelessness on community policing
  8. How homelessness affects educational attainment
  9. How crisis response can help solve homelessness
  10. Long-term rental assistance and homelessness
  11. Homelessness within the built landscape
  12. Are design interventions increasing homelessness?
  13. Can architects help solve homelessness through design?
  14. Causes and effects of homelessness among the Aboriginal Australians
  15. Impacts of homelessness on health
  16. Can new urban levers address homelessness?
  17. Social impacts of homelessness
  18. The link between culture and homelessness
  19. Hostile architecture and homelessness
  20. Impacts of COVID-19 on homelessness
  21. How immigration increases the rates of homelessness
  22. How homelessness causes depression
  23. Impacts of incarceration on homelessness
  24. The link between homelessness and schizophrenia
  25. Causes and consequences of chronic homelessness in the UK
  26. Impact of poverty on homelessness
  27. How domestic violence causes homelessness
  28. Racial disparities and homelessness
  29. Influence of income and house affordability on homelessness
  30. How age causes homelessness
  31. Substance abuse and homelessness
  32. The link between homelessness and mental health problems
  33. How HIV stigmatization leads to homelessness
  34. Mental health stigma and homelessness
  35. Homelessness and poor behavioral health
  36. Stagnant wages and homelessness
  37. Unemployment and homelessness
  38. Systemic failures as a root cause of homelessness
  39. How family conflicts cause homelessness
  40. Causes and consequences of homelessness in America
  41. Causes and effects of homelessness in Canada

Homelessness Research Topics

You can use the topics below for your white paper, research paper, term paper, thesis, proposals, grant writing, policy papers, and dissertations. Remember, these papers require an inquiry into homelessness as a social issue that has political, social, and spiritual relevance in society.

  1. Countries with low rates of homelessness: A case of Finland
  2. How homelessness affects veterans
  3. Homelessness in Japan: Causes and Consequences
  4. Homelessness in China: Is it a case of overpopulation?
  5. Rough sleeping versus homelessness
  6. Homelessness in India: Is it overpopulation or lack of stable income?
  7. The link between homelessness and poverty
  8. The connection between homelessness and malnutrition
  9. Homelessness in Canada: What's the government doing?
  10. Impacts of covid-19 on homeless populations
  11. Is homelessness a global social issue?
  12. Does healthcare play a role in managing homelessness?
  13. Challenges facing children from homeless families
  14. Challenges of being homeless during the pandemic
  15. Homelessness and obesity
  16. Are all homeless people criminals?
  17. Are all homeless people poor?
  18. Postpartum depression among homeless mothers
  19. Reasons for low life expectancy for homeless women
  20. Does being homeless shorten one's life?
  21. How to manage depression among homeless mothers
  22. Do homeless kids get breastfed?
  23. The link between domestic violence and homelessness
  24. Is it illegal t be homeless with a child?
  25. The link between divorce and homelessness
  26. Immigration and homelessness
  27. Academic performance of homeless students
  28. Can students be homeless?
  29. Gentrification and homelessness in Los Angeles
  30. Effects of gentrification on affordable housing
  31. Impacts of gentrification on homelessness
  32. Abuse and harassment of homeless people on the streets
  33. Street families vs. homelessness
  34. How homelessness affects the development of a country
  35. Homelessness after incarceration
  36. Impacts of homelessness on prostitution
  37. How homelessness promotes alcoholism and substance abuse
  38. Youth homelessness and teenage pregnancies
  39. Role of politicians in solving homelessness
  40. Should homeless people have equal employment opportunities
  41. Role of churches and NGOs in solving homelessness
  42. Is the housing crisis to blame for homelessness?
  43. Is capitalism to blame for homelessness?
  44. Are all homeless people violent?
  45. Can homeless people work their way out of homelessness?
  46. Is temporary housing enough to solve homelessness?
  47. Homeless vs. Runaway teenagers
  48. Why homelessness is high among foster youth adopted or reunited with families
  49. Adopting homeless children
  50. Prevalence of homeless children in foster care
  51. How failed adoptions increase the number of homeless youths
  52. Homelessness and foster care
  53. Is it possible to adopt a newborn from a homeless couple?
  54. Role of religious organizations in solving homelessness
  55. Should homeless people be settled in churches?
  56. Are homeless people lazy?
  57. Should the homeless be taxed?
  58. Role of the National Coalition for the Homeless
  59. Comorbid conditions affecting the homeless people
  60. Cancers among homeless people in America
  61. The role of the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) in solving homelessness
  62. Why homelessness crisis will prevail in America
  63. Expensive housing and homelessness
  64. Are homeless camps safe?
  65. Strategies for fixing homelessness in Houston
  66. Mental health and homelessness
  67. Racial inequality in housing and homelessness
  68. Higher costs of buying homes and homelessness
  69. How homelessness affects educational attainment
  70. Homelessness reduces the quality of life of individuals
  71. Should Medicaid pay rent to tackle homelessness?
  72. Housing insecurity and homelessness
  73. Challenges homeless people with diabetes face
  74. Challenges mentally ill homeless people face
  75. Challenges the elderly people who are homeless face
  76. Elderly abuse of the homeless
  77. Are homeless sweeps ethical?
  78. Should homeless people be resettled in the countryside?
  79. Productivity, absenteeism, and mental health of homeless employees
  80. Benefits of homeless shelters
  81. Major depression among homeless people
  82. Lonely deaths among the elderly homeless people
  83. Settling homeless people in garages and basements
  84. Should homeless people be settled in unclaimed properties?
  85. Why do homeless people not prefer moving out of camps?
  86. Do homeless people end up in slums?
  87. Should local authorities clear encampments of homeless people?
  88. Discrimination by shelter operators
  89. Homelessness during disasters
  90. Homeless people should not be allowed to shelter in subways
  91. Homelessness and opioid abuse
  92. Should the homeless be fed and clothed?
  93. Does being lenient to the homeless promote homelessness?
  94. Pathways to employment for homeless people
  95. Affordable and supportive housing programs for the homeless
  96. Response to the homeless crisis in America
  97. Rapid re-housing is a good strategy for beating homelessness
  98. Effect of Public Housing Authority screening and termination policies on homelessness
  99. Impacts of criminalizing homelessness
  100. Barriers to homeless people from accessing Medicaid
  101. Employment assistance resources for homeless people
  102. Lived experiences of homeless people
  103. Trauma-informed care for homeless people
  104. Homelessness among the LGBTQ populations
  105. The link between homelessness and human/drug trafficking
  106. Sex trafficking and homelessness
  107. How can "sport killings" and "bumfights" be discouraged?
  108. Alcoholism among the homeless youths
  109. Teenage pregnancies among homeless youths
  110. Addictions and homelessness
  111. Subsidized housing is a good strategy to solve homelessness
  112. Poor urban planning and homelessness
  113. The link between rural-urban migration and homelessness
  114. Is overpopulation and rapid development to blame for homelessness?
  115. Homelessness due to infrastructural development and expansion?
  116. Are people in slums considered homeless?
  117. Can homeless people become successful?
  118. Skin cancer among the homeless people
  119. Are homeless children prone to chronic medical conditions?
  120. Homelessness in the US. Vs. Japan
  121. How wars promote homelessness
  122. Hate crimes against the homeless people
  123. Why living in a car is considered homeless?
  124. The economic impact of homelessness
  125. Social impacts of homelessness
  126. Culture and homelessness: A case of Muslims in America
  127. Should local governments criminalize activities such as panhandling and sleeping in public spaces?
  128. Causes of chronic homelessness
  129. History of homelessness in America
  130. Federal housing policies and homelessness in America
  131. Discrimination and criminalization to blame for homelessness
  132. Can permanent supportive housing solve chronic homelessness?
  133. Do homeless people vote?
  134. Issues faced by people who are homeless in accessing health and social care
  135. Should homeless people be settled with older adults who don't have families?
  136. Special challenges that the homeless face
  137. Role of government in fighting homelessness
  138. City designs to blame for homelessness
  139. Is it possible to eradicate homelessness?
  140. The link between eviction and homelessness
  141. Unstable salary and homelessness
  142. Homelessness among young families
  143. Discrimination in evictions and homelessness
  144. Racial disparity in homelessness in America
  145. The homelessness crisis in California
  146. Access and uptake of Covid-19 vaccines among the homeless
  147. Can organized RV-living solve homelessness?
  148. Homelessness in Los Angeles County
  149. How homelessness affects personal relationships
  150. Banning homeless people from sleeping in public places: ethical or not?
  151. Role of social workers in advocating for the homeless
  152. Attitudes of the rich toward homeless people
  153. Are there homeless people in rural America?
  154. Paying homeowners to accommodate the homeless
  155. Impacts of wildfires on chronic homelessness
  156. Challenges facing disabled homeless people
  157. Challenges for homeless families with autistic kids
  158. Homelessness and single-parent families
  159. Homelessness after the death of a spouse
  160. Mass incarceration and homelessness among minority populations in America
  161. The link between homelessness and poor performance at school
  162. Homelessness among the aboriginal populations
  163. Strategies to alleviate homelessness among indigenous populations
  164. Homelessness in New York, City
  165. Sociological perspectives of homelessness
  166. Recidivism and homelessness
  167. How homelessness affects women and girls
  168. Gender issues in homelessness
  169. Homelessness in Orange County
  170. Access to healthcare among the homeless
  171. The link between housing policies and homelessness in America
  172. High cost of living and homelessness
  173. Causes of chronic homelessness in Britain
  174. Are homeless charities in England effective?
  175. Should unclaimed properties and money be used to settle the homeless?
  176. Rough living in London
  177. Family break-ups and homelessness
  178. Homelessness among widows of veterans
  179. The link between road accidents and homelessness
  180. The connection between homelessness and criminal gangs
  181. Are homeless people to blame for street graffiti?
  182. Being a refugee and homeless in America
  183. Asylum-seekers and homelessness
  184. Reasons for high levels of homelessness among asylum-seekers
  185. Factors affecting homelessness for immigrant families
  186. The Effectiveness of the McKinney?Vento Act for Homeless Youth
  187. Do immigrants have the right to housing?
  188. Homelessness among undocumented and documented immigrants
  189. Are illegal immigrants to blame for homelessness?
  190. Migrant farmworkers and homelessness in the rural USA
  191. Strategies to prevent homelessness among immigrants
  192. Homelessness among formerly incarcerated persons
  193. The link between homeless shelters and prison
  194. Homelessness and recidivism
  195. Community planning and policy approaches for homelessness
  196. Benefits of smart cities in solving homelessness
  197. Tactical pop-up urbanism for homeless
  198. Urban design as an effective means of addressing chronic homelessness
  199. Land prices and homelessness
  200. Does the growth of cities portend an increase in homelessness?
  201. How optimizing urban planning can address homelessness
  202. Role of local authorities in fighting homelessness
  203. Can urban planning help solve homelessness in cities?
  204. Does homelessness after reentry lead to higher rates of recidivism?
  205. Access to behavioral health services by homeless people
  206. The link between racial justice and fair chance housing policy and homelessness
  207. Homelessness among decarcerated people
  208. Access to housing and prison abolition
  209. Subsidized housing for the decarcerated people
  210. Are federally subsidized housing vouchers effective in solving homelessness in America?
  211. Barriers to subsidized housing for the decarcerated
  212. Homelessness and mental health of recently released prisoners
  213. The link between homelessness, crime, and victimization
  214. How corruption leads to a homeliness crisis
  215. The costs of criminalizing homelessness

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Final Thoughts

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