How to write a strong thesis statement step-by-step

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You are reading this article because you want to write a good thesis statement for your essay or research paper. Maybe you have been writing weak thesis statements and want to write strong ones henceforth.

how to craft a good thesis statement

Congratulations because you came to the right place and space.

Writing a strong thesis statement is instrumental for essays and other papers such as proposals, research papers, theses, and dissertations. However, you will also be required to write a thesis statement in many pieces, such as speeches, advertisements, and sometimes songs; writing a thesis statement for essays is common. But for many essays, you must have a thesis statement.

You need a thesis for your personal narrative, compare and contrast paper, an argumentative or persuasive paper, or a common app essay. It is the glue that holds together the entire essay making the arguments stand out, and the information in the essay focused.

And since a thesis statement is a vital ingredient in academic writing, it is critical to learn more about it, look at the types, steps, and tips, and, where possible, have examples, which is the core of this article�to help you write a strong thesis. Let's dive in!

What is a thesis statement?

Congratulations, because you came to the right place and space.

A strong thesis statement is instrumental for essays and other papers such as proposals, research papers, theses, and dissertations. However, you will also be required to write a thesis statement in many pieces, such as speeches, advertisements, and sometimes songs; writing a thesis statement for essays is common. But for many essays, you must have a thesis statement.

You need a thesis for your personal narrative, compare and contrast paper, an argumentative or persuasive paper, or a common app essay. It is also the glue that holds together the entire essay, making the arguments stand out and the information in the essay focused.

And since a thesis statement is a vital ingredient in academic writing, it is critical to learn more about it, look at the types, steps, and tips, and, where possible, have examples, which is the core of this article - to help you write a strong thesis. Let's dive in!

Qualities of a strong thesis statement

Whenever you write a thesis statement, it needs to be clear, arguable, precise, and direct for it to be strong.

It should not be an obvious sentence or statement that everyone agrees is true, as this makes up a weak thesis statement.

A strong thesis statement is brief and has valuable information. It should show your opinion through clear arguments.

You might ask yourself, "What makes a good thesis statement?"

Here are a few attributes that should signal you that your thesis statements are strong or weak thesis statement:

After researching the different types of thesis statements widely, we have highlighted some of the common thesis statements you will encounter as you write your essays.

Remember, even your personal statement or other subjective essays can have a thesis statement.

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Types of Thesis Statements with Examples

The kind of thesis statement you write depends on the type of paper you are writing. Below are some types of thesis statements and their respective examples. You are headed for the best grades when you master how to write a strong thesis because any reader will get the main point of your paper.

1. Explanatory thesis

The explanatory or informative thesis announces the subject to the reader without declaring the stance, which needs an argument to defend. They are commonly used in expository essays and research papers, commonly assigned in school. Also known as the expository thesis, the explanatory thesis clearly states the central point or controlling idea about a topic and mentions the key aspects that an essay explains.

Example 1: The invention of drones transformed life in very many aspects, including photography, transport, and videography, making it easier for people to do things that were previously hard to accomplish.

Example 2: Wind and solar energy are both clean sources of energy that reduce greenhouse gases, which are the largest contributor to climate change.

2. Evaluative thesis

An evaluation thesis statement assesses the strengths and weaknesses of an argument. It encompasses the evaluation and reasons. The evaluation thesis declares one subject as better or worse compared to another. It brings the difference between the two subjects.

Example 1: Although solar panels and wind turbines are clean energy sources, solar panels are environmentally friendlier, less costly to set up and maintain, and practical for both large-scale and small-scale use. It contains a claim that provokes opposition.

3. Argument thesis

This thesis statement incorporates your topic, your position or stance, and the reasons for your position. An argumentative thesis statement is usually a claim that provokes opposition and one that the readers can refute.

Formula or template for a strong argumentative thesis is true because of-------------------------------.,-----------------, true because of------------------------..

4. Cause and Effect thesis

The cause-and-effect thesis focuses on how actions or events contribute to given outcomes. It entails the causes and the resulting effects.

5. Comparison thesis statement

A comparison thesis statement entails the similarities and differences of objects, ideas, texts, or ideas. It announces the objects of comparison and the conclusion.

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6. Analytical thesis statement

An analytical thesis statement entails the components of a text, song, movie, essay, idea, or object and discusses how the components work together. It contains a specific claim, how it is supported, and its meaning (its significance, implication, and meaning). It addresses the "what," "how," and "so what."

Template for Analytical theses: Through______________. (how), we can conclude or see that_______________ (what?)____________which is essential because___________. (So what?).

7. Persuasive thesis

A persuasive thesis statement contains an opinion and specific reasons the opinion is true or should be adopted.

Two Major Styles of Thesis Statements

You can approach your thesis statement in two ways. First, you can write it as a list of two or more points. As you list the points in your essay, you allow your readers to connect to the ideas when they are still in the introduction section. The style is effective when writing short essays with two to three paragraphs.

And because we have longer essays, which is where the second thesis statement style mainly falls, let us consider it too. You will need a more versatile thesis statement for essays over five paragraphs. So instead of listing the major points, you develop one overarching point covering the entire body paragraphs.

Steps for Coming up with a thesis statement

Creating a good thesis requires in-depth thinking, research, and analysis. It is not usually the first thing you do immediately after reading the essay prompt and rubric. Instead, you collect and organize evidence, look for specific links between facts, and consider these links' significance.

After choosing the topic, you often begin by developing a preliminary or initial thesis statement, a working thesis statement.

A working thesis is a thesis statement that presents the main idea and an argument you aim to support with evidence. It will likely be tweaked as you advance your research and writing process. This is a mandatory step during the early stages of writing. This thesis aims to give your body paragraphs a sense of direction.

As you research further and tweak the body paragraphs, you refine the working thesis to the final one you write in your introduction paragraph.

There is no single effective technique or approach for developing a thesis statement for any topic.

Here are some practical steps to follow if you are developing a thesis statement:

Step 1: Begin by asking a question and answering it

Although sometimes your essay prompt already has a question declared, it is good to convert the essay prompt into a question. Alternatively, ask about what you would like to explore about your topic. You should be specific enough to make your writing seamless. If you have a topic, frame your argument as a question.

Step 2: Write an Initial answer

You adopt a position or state your opinion by writing an initial answer. Of course, this should follow an initial research process where you find more about the topic and what other scholars have written about it. The preliminary response or tentative answer to the specific question should be brief and straightforward during this stage. The question should be able to guide writing and research. 

For instance, if you asked: should colleges resume physical learning? Or if your topic is on resuming physical learning in colleges.

Your answer could read: Colleges should resume physical in-person classes because COVID-19 is no longer a threat.

Step 3: Develop the answer

Now that you have your tentative answer, you need to refine the answer into a working thesis. While refining the answer, consider why you chose it as your answer and how you will use it to convince your readers.

You need to research widely on your topic to refine the answer. Refining means making the answer more detailed to summarize your paper's major argument.

Your answer should be clear, concise, coherent, and engaging. As much as possible, try to avoid vague and ambiguous words.

Besides, avoid using adjectives and adverbs, which only add wordiness without concrete meaning. As you refine the thesis, anticipate counterarguments.

Also, ensure that you use decisive language. For example, suppose you notice you struggle to fit the thesis statement into a single sentence. In that case, you can move the secondary statement into the next sentence. You can go a notch higher and improve the thesis statement.

A list of 40 Good Thesis Statement Examples

It is important to review some of the best examples you can confidently benchmark when crafting a thesis statement based on your selected topic to reinforce what we have learned.

While these examples of thesis statements might not be refined, they show what an ideal thesis should look like. They show you how you can transform your ideas into the main argument that you support in the body paragraphs.

Only use these for illustration or further refine them if they fit the context of your essay, research paper, or academic paper. The key role of the thesis examples below is to enable you to frame one that suits the context of your writing and do it clearly.

  1. Although school uniforms come at a onetime cost to parents and families, they effectively eliminate the visual differences in social status and income among students, providing a classless environment where every student can thrive.
  2. District boards should sponsor students from low-income families because doing so helps improve the literacy levels among children born and raised by low-income families.
  3. Parents should not allow their minors to get tattoos because they might later regret the decision as they grow to know the meaning, implications, and consequences.
  4. Fracking should be banned because it leads to irreversible environmental damage, including air, soil, and water pollution, that affects ecological sustainability.
  5. Local governments should invest heavily in public libraries because they are an essential resource that improves literacy levels in the community.
  6. Given the proliferation of smartphones and their corresponding use among teenagers, more and more teenagers are being exposed to the detrimental effects of cyberbullying, such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, which makes it necessary for parents to limit the exposure and use of smartphones.
  7. Schools should establish safe spaces where students discuss issues at school and home to promote unburdening among students, a habit that can help them share their issues through adulthood.
  8. Going by the findings of many studies that have reported the benefits of medical marijuana among veterans with PTSD, all states should legalize medical marijuana prescriptions for veterans. States must also champion research to help integrate veterans into civilian life.
  9. Multinational corporations should have a similar pay structure for expatriates and employees from the host countries to promote equality and diversity in the workplace.
  10. Even though people believe that free college education can improve literacy levels and graduation rates in society, evidence suggests that it has negligible effects on the current graduation rates and should not be a priority.
  11. Parents should teach their children about sexual consent from a young age using age-appropriate lessons to understand consensual sex because doing so could reduce cases of sexual assault.
  12. Cats make better pets than dogs because they are affordable to own and maintain, take up less space, are more content indoors, are quieter, fight pests, and offer better companionship.
  13. Reading bedtime stories for children should be a routine for parents who want to build the IQ and EQ of their children.
  14. Riding bikes develop a child's mind, memory, and physical strength, enabling them to interact with others, overcome challenges, and endure while simultaneously enjoying the outdoors.
  15. Statistically, 75% of older Americans prefer to relocate to Florida to settle, making it a preferred destination for retirees because they can quickly improve their social lives.
  16. The digital divide leads to the loss of opportunity for growth and development at a personal, country, and international level since people cannot access the wide array of courses, educational materials, exchange of ideas, and available economic opportunities.
  17. Donating kidneys comes with lifelong anatomical, emotional, and physiologic changes coupled with invasive surgery, and kidney donors should be compensated financially for their heroic act of self-sacrifice.
  18. Drunk driving has detrimental effects such as accidents, incapacitation, destruction of property, harm to other road users, drivers, pedestrians, and other drivers, and should have punitive measures for the culprits.
  19. Governments should emancipate the masses about texting because texting while driving divides the driver's attention, limiting their alertness and response times in case anything goes on the road.
  20. Although most people would argue about life being sacred, the death penalty should be mandated for people who commit brutal crimes such as murder and have no benefit to society.
  21. The benefits of bilingual education, such as improving diversity, raising culturally competent generations, and improving interactions among people, should be implemented in schools.
  22. When a candidate for a job possesses the requisite experience, knowledge, skills, and competency, they should bypass the mandatory degree requirement and go directly to other aspects of recruitment.
  23. A college degree is expensive, important, and valuable but not mandatory because someone can build and earn from skills they can grow with compared to a degreed person.
  24. Students should find alternative ways to pay for college before graduation because they cannot put it off until after graduation.
  25. Given the rising living costs and increasing debt, students should consider alternative funding mechanisms such as savings, grants, scholarships, work-study aids, and fundraising to finance their college education.
  26. Volunteering should be mandatory for college students because it instills empathy and compassion and improves awareness of civic engagement's role, which benefits an individual's social and life skills.
  27. Although sometimes expensive, given a chance, students should embrace studying abroad because it inculcates different cultures, languages, and points of view of life as they interact with students from diverse backgrounds and countries.
  28. Given that the heavy cigarette tax looks good on paper and does not deter smokers from purchasing and smoking cigarettes, the focus should be educating smokers on the dangers of smoking and emancipating potential smokers from these effects.
  29. University athletes should be compensated for their service because they build the name of the universities and dedicate most of their time to training and studying, which makes them not pursue jobs outside their busy schedules, yet they have bills to pay.
  30. Diversity in the workplace means richer ideas, improved teamwork, a more engaged workforce, and productivity, steering companies to greater levels.
  31. Students should be introduced to digital literacy early enough to help them understand the content they interact with and consume, reducing the spread of fake news.
  32. There should be a level ground for women to participate in politics without being judged or bogged down because women's leadership appears transparent, effective, and successful.
  33. The fast-food industry is not to blame for the rising cases of obesity because consuming fast-food is about choice rather than availability.
  34. Corrupt leaders should be recalled, prosecuted, and jailed to act as good lessons for those who want to go that way, improving leadership performance and outcomes in developing nations.
  35. Intermittent fasting helps build an autonomous body and should be encouraged among people who want to lose weight without going to the gym or with moderate exercise.
  36. Online education is as valuable as traditional education because students can access online course content and share it with their instructors.
  37. Vaccinating children should be mandatory because failing to vaccinate children leads to vulnerable immune systems that eventually stress the healthcare system.
  38. Nurses should be compensated well, and their well-being addressed to reduce their intentions to leave and the increasing turnover rates.
  39. Pet stores should be allowed to sell rescued pets from animal shelters or animals from adoption centers to raise money to run the facilities and reduce overcrowding in animal shelters.
  40. Embryonic stem cell research should not only be permitted but should also be funded, given the immense potential benefits of saving lives and treating diseases.

Checklist for a Good Thesis Statement

Here is a list of questions to help determine the strength of your thesis statement. Then, after revising the working thesis into a more effective statement, ask yourself:

Final Take

Your opening paragraph for any essay or academic paper bears your thesis statement. You are expected to have already mastered essay writing when writing papers in high school or university.

Teachers love good thesis statements. Our discussion and inquiry from some of the best essay writing experts, who are themselves, teachers, reveals that when you get the thesis statement writing process right, there is no way your essay will derail. It is the glue that holds together the paragraphs in your essay. Majorly, the body paragraphs must relate to the thesis, and so do the topic sentences.

In this guide, you have learned what it takes to write a thesis statement that fits the context of your writing. You have access to some of the best examples to help you know what exactly to do when given a chance to write. We believe that you now own the art of writing, do it to your advantage.

Let the reader know you are in control. It will amaze you how you can write a first-class essay without struggling. Every assignment henceforth should be easy to accomplish, and writer's block should have nothing on you.

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