How long? How many paragraphs? And how long to write a 3/4 pages Paper

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It is common to be assigned to write short research papers and essays in high school, college, or university. Such papers are limited to a few pages slightly below 5 pages, mostly three to four pages long. It is the most challenging assignment and an easy one if you understand its bells and whistles.

When assigned to write a 3-4-page paper and you don’t know what it means, how to begin and conclude it, and how many paragraphs to include, you came to the right place.

In this short guide, we take you through everything you need to know about planning and writing a 3-4-page paper. If you want assistance writing your paper, we have handpicked custom paper writers whom you can entrust with your essay or paper. Regardless of the topic, deadline, or whether it is a last-minute paper, you will get help.

What comprises a standard 3-4 Page Paper?

We can understand what makes 3 to 4 pages of an essay or paper by defining how many words, paragraphs, points, and the time it takes to write.

Taking into consideration that it is a common assignment in the college, you need to be sure what word count to meet when asked to write a 3-4-page paper. Some people think you are asked to write a 3.5-page paper, while others believe you have been asked to write either 3 or 4 pages.

A 3 to 4-page paper means that you must write either three pages or four pages of paper detailing your arguments or points on a specific topic, either assigned or chosen by yourself. It bears more than five paragraphs and allows you to write your arguments and counterarguments as necessary. In terms of word count, a 3-4-page paper is about 825 to 1100 words in length if we consider a standard page to be 275 words. 

However, if we use 300 words as the standard word count for a page, a 3-4-page paper is around 900 to 1200 words long. In terms of paragraphs, a 3-4-page paper or essay has between 7 and 9 paragraphs or up to10 paragraphs.

When asked to write a 3-4 page paper, write either three pages, 3.5 pages, or four pages but do not go beyond four pages. The spacing of your essay will depend upon the instructions.

 Use the correct number of words per the preferred or directed spacing if it is double or single-spaced. For example, that is 275 words for a double-spaced page written in font size 12 and font type Times New Roman or Arial or 550 words per page with the same font size and style.

Other factors that come to play when writing the paper include the margin size, character spacing, and spacing between paragraphs. Remember that the 3-4 pages cover the content and do not include the cover and reference pages. You can use subheadings within such a paper for clarity and an organized flow of ideas.

How long does it take to write a 3-4 pages paper?

The exact amount of time it takes to write a 3-4-page paper depends on factors such as the topic, availability of research materials, the scope of research, experience with writing papers, the actual deadline, typing speed, and organization skills.

Organizational skills influence the time you will take to finish a 3-4-page research paper because it determines how you break down and research the essay.

As standard practice, you should complete your paper or essay before the deadline set by your professor or instructor. Then, plan your prewriting, writing, and post-writing activities depending on the time you must write the paper or essay.

During the prewriting stage, you must select the topic, understand it, research it, brainstorm ideas and points, and develop an outline. And in the writing stage, you should focus on writing a good title, developing the introduction, working on the body paragraphs, and writing the conclusion. This stage calls for writing fast and editing later. Finally, in the post-writing phase, you should focus on editing, formatting, and proofreading your essay or research paper. These are the most effective tips you can use when writing your 3 to 4 pages paper or essay. When it is an urgent task, schedule your time effectively based on these three stages of writing.

Given these stages, let us now consider the time to write such a paper. Ideally, you will write a 3-4-page paper within 1-2 hours if you are an expert or have excellent typing, research, and organization skills. However, if you are slow, completing such a paper should take 3 to 4 hours. See our article on the time it takes to write 1000 words, a type of 3-4 page paper.

How to write a 3-4 pages long research paper fast

Remember, a typical 3-4-page paper double-spaced (12-point font and 1-inch margin) has approximately 825 words to 1100 words. So, if you are asked to write a 3-4-page paper discussing how feminist theories might be used to explain female delinquency, a reflection paper, or an analytical essay, and you want to do it fast, follow the tips below.

  1. Begin by choosing a good topic for your essay and doing some light research to familiarize yourself with the topic.
  2. Come up with a thesis statement that outlines the main agenda of your paper.
  3. Develop a good title for your essay or research paper. You can brainstorm and come up with good titles based on your research. If you are unsure about the title, consult with your instructor or professor.
  4. Research again and write an outline for your paper. The outline should determine what falls where. Limit your research to finding references that you can use to support the facts in your paper. Come up with compelling topic sentences and find journals and articles with ideas that can support your thesis.
  5. Write your paper beginning with the introduction paragraph, then the body paragraphs, and finally, conclude with the concluding paragraph. When developing the body paragraphs, stick to the paragraph writing rules and organize your facts well. Your conclusion should restate your thesis, reaffirm your position or perspective on the topic, and have a closing tone or some call-to-action. As for the introduction, you can use the funnel format for efficiency.
  6. Edit, proofread, and format your paper. As a final step, which is your post-writing stage, quickly edit and proofread your paper. Check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and correct them. Also, check and eliminate all the typos, run-on sentences, and ambiguous sentences, and reorganize the paper for a better flow. Next, read aloud the paper if you are in an environment that allows you to, or read it with a loud inner voice if you cannot shout to yourself. Finally, check the font size, margin size, line spacing, spaces between paragraphs, indentation, in-text citations, and the overall organization of the paper to ensure it aligns with the specific formatting style, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard referencing style.

Our experts have used the tips listed above, and we can confirm that you can use them to write a masterpiece of an essay or research paper three to four pages long within less than 3 hours.

What does a 3-8 Page Essay or Research Paper Look Like?

If you are wondering what goes into a 3-4 page research paper or essay, you should think of the structure of such a paper.

An essay or research paper has an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Each of these sections or paragraphs are building block of the paper.

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In your introduction, begin your 3-4 page paper using a hook or an attention grabber. For example, you can use a shocking fact, statistic, or fact to hook your readers into reading your paper. Immediately after the first sentence, follow it with a few sentences highlighting why the topic is essential or the background information. Then signpost your ideas by highlighting how you have organized the paper and finalize the paragraph by stating your thesis statement.

When writing the body paragraphs, fill in the supporting sentences to complete the topic sentences you wrote in the outline. Finally, finalize the paragraphs by writing a concluding sentence that transitions your readers to the next paragraph. You should align your paragraphs just like the typical format for writing a 5-paragraph essay.

To find a balance, ensure that your body paragraphs are at least 150-160 words long, and the introduction and conclusion paragraphs should be 10% of the word count.

This means the intro and conclusion paragraphs should each be between 90 and 120 words long. Finally, the last sentence of your essay should afford your readers some sense of closure and have a call to action.

 Final Take

It could be an essay or research paper on school uniforms, animal rights, gun control, technology, etc. When assigned to write a 3-4-page paper, follow the guidelines and tips prescribed above and score the best grades.

Notably, when writing such short papers, it is easy to be tempted to postpone or procrastinate writing until the last minute. Avoid such temptation by planning your time and writing the paper before the deadline.

Also, we have your back when push comes to shove, and you only need to pay someone to write your 3- or 4-page paper ASAP. EssayManiacs as paper writing experts to manage papers with any deadline. Check out our essay services page and select one that fits your context and requirements.

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