Sentence Starters for Final/Conclusion Paragraphs

author By Mary Boies

A stronger final paragraph can determine and seal the fate of your essay, research paper, thesis, or any paper, for that matter. Therefore, knowing the best conclusion sentence starters in your final paragraph can distinguish whether you pass or fail your essay.

Conclusion paragraph sentence starters

A good conclusion paragraph should restate the thesis, summarize the key supporting ideas and explanatory details discussed, and offer closure or a final impression of the central idea to create a circular loop that links your last paragraph to the first one.

We have already looked at the best practices when writing an essay conclusion. First, however, it is good to state that a conclusion paragraph consists of a conclusion starter, restated thesis statement, a summary of the main points in the body, and a closing sentence.

This article focuses on good ways to start a conclusion sentence, but before diving right in, let’s consider some valuable aspects of concluding paragraphs.

Facts about Concluding Paragraphs

Concluding paragraphs are as important as your opening or introduction paragraphs. They each leave an impression on the readers before reading and just after reading the body paragraphs of your essay or research paper.

As a final paragraph, the conclusion of an essay or research paper summarizes the entire piece and offers closure to the readers. It presents an overview of the topic, helps the readers recall the main points or arguments, and motivates them to have a good last impression. It equally highlights the evidence used to support the arguments.

A conclusion section does not include new information or ideas in a paper. It also does not focus on the minor aspects of the paper. Instead, it focuses on the points you need the reader to understand in a snapshot. Mainly, this is why you restate the thesis statement but in a rephrased version compared to how you presented it in the introduction.

Conclusion starters refer to the phrases, terms, linking words, or transitions to open the concluding paragraph (the topic sentence of the conclusion). Next, they connect the body paragraphs to the conclusion to create a good flow. Finally, they signal the readers that the paper is coming to an end. These sentence starters achieve various functions when included in a concluding sentence paragraph structure. For example, when concluding an essay, they can signal comparison, contrast, agreement, opposition, or surrender.

Best Ways to Start Conclusion Sentences for Final Paragraphs

Using some of these sentence starters is inevitable if you want to write a top-notch conclusion. So, here are some good conclusion paragraph starters. We have categorized them to make it easier to read through, pick, and use any of these conclusion sentence starters, even when in a hurry. So, here are some of the conclusion paragraph openers, whether it is a college essay, research paper, speech, opinion writing piece, reflection writing, email, or presentation.

Closing Paragraph Starters for Essays

  1. Weighing up the facts, it is clear that…
  2. To briefly paraphrase
  3. For these reasons
  4. As is evident from the discussion above
  5. In lieu of this
  6. Given the findings
  7. In effect
  8. In lay terms
  9. As has been shown above
  10. Given the evidence above
  11. The weight of the evidence suggests
  12. In closing
  13. At the core of the issue
  14. The summative conclusion is that
  15. The weight of evidence presented above suggests
  16. To review
  17. At the end
  18. Wrapping it all up
  19. It is now clear that
  20. The broader conclusion is that
  21. Coming to a conclusion
  22. It is plausible to conclude that
  23. All things considered
  24. As a final point
  25. Ultimately
  26. In this way
  27. To sum it up
  28. You can see that
  29. Subsequently
  30. Lastly
  31. Hence
  32. For this reason
  33. To paraphrase
  34. What strikes out is that
  35. There is no doubt that
  36. As a final brief
  37. In brief
  38. Overall
  39. In general
  40. Evidently
  41. On the whole

Words, signals, and phrases to begin conclusions for Speeches

So, you have been assigned to write a speech, or you have written one, but you are missing words that you can use at the beginning or the end of your speech. Whether it is an informative speech or an argumentative speech, use the conclusion starting words below to get positive reactions from your audience. You need to leave a strong last impression on your audience and readers, and there is no other way to do it best other than integrating these words at the beginning of the conclusion of your speech. So, here are the best concluding sentence stems, sentence starters, and sentence frames for speeches.

  1. As a final point
  2. In my opinion
  3. As can be concluded
  4. So, I have come to a conclusion that
  5. All factors considered
  6. In the final analysis
  7. For these reasons
  8. In the parallel
  9. To this end
  10. Hitherto, it is clear that
  11. To wrap it all up
  12. After all that has been said
  13. I recommend that
  14. I have clearly shown
  15. I agree that
  16. I oppose
  17. I hope you
  18. In the future
  19. As a matter of urgency
  20. I hope you have learned that
  21. From now on
  22. The informative conclusion is that
  23. Now you understand why
  24. As a counterproposal
  25. I think that
  26. It is clear that
  27. I am convinced that
  28. I truly believe that
  29. The nexus between… and …
  30. My final thoughts are
  31. Please consider this…before…
  32. It strikes me that
  33. I will conclude by saying
  34. I would like to argue that now
  35. On balance
  36. The presented evidence… (supports/challenges/contends)
  37. My last point is
  38. My main arguments
  39. My final analysis
  40. I can weigh in on the findings
  41. One final thought
  42. One final idea
  43. I must reiterate
  44. In my final analysis
  45. I would like to be on the record that
  46. As you can see
  47. In short
  48. In drawing to a close
  49. As the time comes to wrap up
  50. As I have explained
  51. Finally
  52. In sum
  53. Looking back
  54. Last but not least
  55. With all these in mind
  56. To cut a long story short
  57. Considering all these perspectives

Conclusion Sentence Stems for Presentations

A presentation with a strong introduction and conclusion makes a lasting impact on the audience. When you use powerful conclusion words, you effectively summarize the presentation, bring a sense of closure, reiterate the major arguments or points, and present a call-to-action or leave room for the audience to ask you questions.

Here are some good words to start the conclusion of your presentation.

  1. As I come to the close of my presentation
  2. To close, I would like to ask
  3. To quickly recap what we have discussed
  4. Thank you for your time and patience
  5. To end, I would like to highlight
  6. What stands out this far
  7. I would like now to draw your attention to
  8. Let’s end this presentation by saying
  9. If there are any questions,
  10. If you would like further clarification or information
  11. I appreciate your audience to my presentation
  12. On a final note, …
  13. As I wind up
  14. You could read further on
  15. That’s it for today, but let’s recap the main points
  16. I want to leave it here, given that we have so far…
  17. I’d like to summarize by saying
  18. Finally
  19. Lastly
  20. In summary
  21. To sum up
  22. My personal take on
  23. It boils down to

Conclusion Starters for Emails

Maybe you are writing an email to a colleague or professor (asking for a deadline extension) or doing a formal email. You can powerfully conclude your email using these words in the first sentence of your conclusion. They create an impression, present your personality and thoughts, and open an entire world of new possibilities. Besides, you also maintain a professional tone and vigor when you end your essay using these words at the beginning.

  1. Speak with you soon
  2. I appreciate your time and consideration
  3. I am hoping for your response
  4. With appreciation
  5. Eager to work around your schedule
  6. Kindly revert as soon as
  7. I sincerely appreciate your time
  8. Looking forward to your response
  9. Thank you again for
  10. Let me know if you might have any questions
  11. I appreciate your time and consideration
  12. Thank you in advance for your…
  13. Please let me know your thoughts on…
  14. I hope that answers your questions
  15. If you have any questions or clarifications…
  16. Do not hesitate to…
  17. I hope to…

Conclusion Paragraph Starters for Opinion Writing

Personal opinion matters when it comes to opinion writing. And the only way to create a lasting impression is by concluding your opinion essay the best way. You can ask a question, suggest consequences of given actions, weigh in on some points, and present a warning to the readers. Here is how to start the end of an opinion essay.

  1. Beyond the shadow of a doubt
  2. My conclusions are
  3. As I wind up
  4. I look forward to
  5. To briefly review
  6. My final question is
  7. It is my sincere belief
  8. The data indicate that
  9. My verdict is that
  10. It is obvious that
  11. My reflections on
  12. Do you realize that
  13. My last point is
  14. The summative end is that
  15. I have to say that
  16. It seems
  17. To wrap it up
  18. In my opinion
  19. That is why I think that
  20. To summarize my argument
  21. As I already explained
  22. Lastly, my feelings on the issue
  23. All in all
  24. My main premise
  25. My final thoughts on this
  26. I conclude by reiterating
  27. It is worth knowing that
  28. I am convinced
  29. In a nutshell
  30. By and large
  31. To plainly state the facts
  32. So, the big idea here is that…
  33. It makes a difference to note that...
  34. A golden line for me is…
  35. This reminds me of…
  36. I experienced this one...
  37. I promise
  38. I find the argument proactive
  39. I reject the view of author X but embrace those of Y because…
  40. I am confident in myself that
  41. I am inclined to believe that
  42. I truly believe that
  43. I would like to say finally
  44. My final bow is that
  45. Since
  46. It is worth re-examining
  47. I am convinced that…

These are the same sentence starter examples for conclusions of less formal papers. You can use them in your college, narrative, first person, reflection, or informal essays. They are also applicable in creative writing compositions. They achieve a personal touch and have a laid-back, conversational tone.

Conclusion Sentence Starters for Research Papers

When writing research papers, including a firm conclusion reiterates your arguments' significance and impacts. It also helps to refocus the readers' attention on the evidence and other important points presented in your research paper to support these arguments and ideas. So, when you want to get the last paragraph of your research paper right, here are some excellent ways to start it.

  1. In the context of the concept
  2. Due to the result
  3. Drawing from the findings
  4. Based on the results
  5. It is now clear that
  6. It can be conclusively stated
  7. It is plausible to conclude that
  8. Upon analyzing the data
  9. What the study reveals is that
  10. While additional research is still needed, …
  11. Assuming the findings above…
  12. Through this research, it is clear that…
  13. The facts support the argument that…
  14. As the paper demonstrates
  15. The data clearly show
  16. The unexpected data reveals…
  17. As expected, the results signify
  18. The significant revelations made by this study
  19. In the final analysis
  20. In light of the presented findings
  21. Given the context of this research
  22. Drawing from theory X, this study
  23. The data sheds light
  24. As indicated by the data
  25. Based on what is known hitherto
  26. The data reveals
  27. While further research on…is warranted…
  28. With the direction and scope of the results, it seems…
  29. In the context of..., it seems that

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Final Take

The conclusion sentence frames we have listed above can be used in place of the cliché “In summary,” “in conclusion,” or “in sum.” They help create concrete, cogent, and complete conclusions that portray maturity in writing academic papers.

You now have a variety of words, phrases, strings, and sentences that you can use when writing a conclusion. Your concluding paragraph can only bring closure to your paper if it is focused, coherent, and flowing. The conclusion sentence starters are to a conclusion what hooks are to an introduction; they both grab the readers' attention.

Having a strong, lasting impression ensures that your paper's circuit of information flow is complete. When you write your subsequent assessments: capstone, projects, research papers, theses, proposals, lab reports, and term papers, consider expressing your concluding paragraph using these innovative words.

This list is as comprehensive as possible; you now have access to pure goodness and better ways to start your conclusion to share information, make memorable presentations and speeches, and let your readers ponder over the contents of your written piece. 

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