Steps for Writing Great Eating Disorders Essays

author By Mary Boies

You might wonder where to begin when assigned to write an essay on eating disorders. You are not alone. In this article, we lay the groundwork for you so that you can write a perfect eating disorders essay no matter the type of eating disorder you select. We cover aspects such as formulating a good thesis statement, hook sentences, body paragraphs, and conclusion for your essay.

What is an Eating Disorders Essay?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, eating disorders refer to behavioral conditions that manifest through persistent and severe disturbance in eating behaviors and the resulting distressing thoughts and emotions. Eating disorders affect at least 9% of the global population, often women between ages 12 and 35.

There are several types of eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), Pica, Rumination Disorder, and other specified feeding and eating disorders (OSFED).

An essay on eating disorders will focus on a specific eating disorder. As per our experience (the editorial, support, and quality assurance teams at EssayManiacs) and that of our seasoned essay writers, we have noted that eating disorder essays mainly focus on:

In rare circumstances, can you write an essay focusing on more than one eating disorder?

Steps for Writing a Great Eating Disorders Essay

Depending on your major or minor, you might write essays about eating disorders in college and university. To write a great eating disorders essay, you must:

Choose a Perspective to Focus Your Essay

It is important to select a perspective to focus your essay. Having a frame of analysis can help you select a good topic for your disorder essay when you are not given a list. The extent to which you write the essay will depend on the aspects of eating disorders you select because, as we have said, eating disorders essays take many forms.

A nursing student will probably cover in-depth aspects of an eating disorder compared to a sociology, Social Work, Counselling, or English student.

When nursing students write a paper on eating disorders, they must look at epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and management plans, and follow-up patterns.

On the other hand, other students mostly have to focus on the impacts or consequences, causes, definition, or treatment/management strategies.

Of course, when choosing a perspective, you have to settle with one of the eating disorders, but this depends on the scope of your prompts.

As well as choosing the angle, you should focus your essay on a specific group or population.

Given that eating disorders affect women between 12-35 years, you can focus on adolescents/teenagers or women in their early adulthood. The former is the most impacted per various studies, data, and statistics.

Select a Great Topic

Given the chosen angle, you must brainstorm and narrow your topic to a specific one. You can begin with three topics and then evaluate if there are relevant scientific sources and evidence to support the claims. Select the topic that appears to have the greatest or strongest points.

When selecting the topic, remember to consider the psychological, social, and genetic variables as they play a critical role in eating disorders.

Just writing about eating disorders in general is nearly impossible, as there is too much to write about. In most cases, you have at least two pages and sometimes a maximum of 8-12 pages to explore your topic unless you are writing a report, thesis, or dissertation.

If your professor gives you a topic, proceed to the next step in this article. However, when you have a list, research and select the one you find interesting, and you can write an entire paper based on your preliminary research.  

When selecting the topic, consider the aspects such as media, family, society, social media, beauty standards, and their impacts on eating disorders. You also need to factor in the vital role of healthcare professionals in preventing, managing, and treating eating disorders.

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Write an Outstanding Introduction Paragraph

The introduction to an eating disorder essay is a window that invites your readers into your essay. Every essay that has scored the highest marks has a captivating introduction.

Your Essay must have a Great Hook Sentence.

To wow your readers, including your professor, ensure that your introduction features a hook sentence that can be:

Here are examples of hook sentences for eating disorder essays:

Write an outstanding Thesis Statement.

Besides providing the hook for an eating disorder essay, ensure you present a good thesis statement. The thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction paragraph. Here are examples of relevant thesis statements for eating disorders:

Develop a Well-Knit Body for Your Essay

After writing the introductory paragraph that sets the pace for the rest of your essay, it is important to develop your thesis in the body paragraphs.

The body paragraphs have arguments and counterarguments that you must support using facts and evidence from scholarly sources.

Doing this section is easier if you have an essay outline outlining how to develop each of the minimum of three paragraphs.

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You can only have a good essay body when each paragraph expands your thesis statement. There has to be a flow of ideas from the first body paragraph to the last one. If you have counterarguments, present them and give enough evidence to rebut them in your body paragraphs.

Write a comprehensive and brief Conclusion.

When writing a conclusion for an essay on eating disorders, you must be deliberate. Your approach will depend on the main points in the body. However, regardless of anything, the conclusion should feature a few items:

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Edit, Proofread, and Polish the Essay

When writing an essay, it is easy to get carried away thinking that you nailed every point into it. Most students make this mistake, leading to unexpected grades. However, to be on the safer side of grades, give yourself a break after writing the essay. You can do other things like watch a movie, go for a walk, or do any other pastime activity. The logic is to develop an objective mindset when you settle to revise the essay.

After the break, sit down and read your essay aloud to yourself. As you read, you will notice words, sentences, and patterns that do not make sense; correct them appropriately.

In addition, run the paper through a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and AI-content checker to ensure it is 100% original. Make the necessary changes, and have someone else (family, online essay editing professional, friend, or relative) read it and advise you on what changes to make. Again, make the changes and submit your essay for grading before the deadline.

Examples of a Good introduction to an Eating disorders Essay

Here are some good examples of introduction paragraphs from which you can get inspiration as you write your essay on eating disorders.

Example 1: The Role of Media in Eating Disorders

Social and mainstream media play a significant role in connecting populations worldwide. However, they have also influenced societal narratives on beauty standards and body image. In most cases, the media portrays unattainable beauty standards through influencers and celebrities, shaping the audiences' self-perception. Since the media shapes society's ideals, most of those consuming content online end up with unrealistic expectations of their shape, appearance, and body weight. The media paints a perfect body standard that is every girl’s dream. The models on the front pages of magazines, advertisements, and commercials set the standard. Consequently, most adolescent girls find themselves making radical choices as regards their lifestyles, including eating patterns, to have the appearance of their role models. There is a need to regulate content in the media (mainstream media and social media) to reduce the global burden of eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Essay Topics to Write About

Here are a few topics on which you can write an essay on eating disorders and get better grades.

  1. Impacts of social media on eating disorders.
  2. The prevalence of eating disorders
  3. How to prevent stigmatization of people with eating disorders
  4. Bulimia Nervosa vs. Anorexia Nervosa
  5. Health promotion strategies to prevent eating disorders
  6. The link between social media and Bulimia Nervosa
  7. The common eating disorders among teenagers
  8. The impacts of anorexia nervosa on American youths
  9. The link between eating disorders and autism spectrum disorders
  10. The link between eating disorders and suicide
  11. Role of family in eating disorders
  12. Treatment strategy for binge eating disorder
  13. The link between eating disorders and bullying
  14. Influence of celebrities and models on teenage eating disorders
  15. The impacts of eating disorders on the academic performance of teenagers
  16. The contribution of schools to eating disorders
  17. Social, physical, and mental effects of eating disorders
  18. Impacts of eating disorders on pregnant women
  19. Effectiveness of eating disorders campaigns at the community level
  20. The link between social class and eating disorders
  21. The link between eating disorders and falls among adolescents
  22. The link between religious practices and eating disorders
  23. The effectiveness of Minuchin Family Therapy on eating disorders
  24. Humanistic therapy to treat eating disorders
  25. The economic impacts of eating disorders
  26. Bulimia Nervosa and Antisocial Personality Disorder
  27. Anorexia Nervosa (AN) and LGBTQ Suicide Awareness
  28. Acculturation and Eating Disorders in Western Countries

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