How to write an Ethics Essay and Win the best Grades

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As a student, when you get an ethics essay assignment, you will always feel like it is a bit too much work. This is because such assignments are never easy, we don’t recall one that is either.

How to write an ethics paper or essay and score grades

If you’ve just gotten such an assignment and you don’t have the time to do it, let us help you. Order an ethics essay paper from us today to get that excellent grade you are hoping for. If you do have the time to write one, read this post to the end. Why? you may ask.  It is because it has all the knowledge you need to write an ethics essay like a pro.

What Is an Ethics Essay?

Ethics essay assignments are common at the high school level and at the college level. The typical ethics essay assignment is a short academic writing assignment. It is often between one and five pages long.

When many students hear ethics essay assignment, they panic thinking it is a difficult assignment to write. However, it is not a very difficult assignment to write because it is written in the same way as a regular assignment.

The only difference is that it focuses on ethical issues. So, by strict definition, an ethics essay is simply an essay that focuses on ethical issues. You might be requested to write an ethics paper if you are pursuing leadership, biosciences, nursing, medicine and health sciences, theology, philosophy, or business and management. When you are assigned this paper, it can be in the form of an ethics case study analysis, or as a standard academic essay/paper whose template we share below.

Ethics Essay Structure/Outline/Template

I. Introduction

II. Body Paragraph 1

III. Body Paragraph 2

IV. Body Paragraph 3

V. Conclusion

Steps to Write an Ethics Essay

You now know what an ethics essay means. You also know the structure to follow when writing an ethics essay. It is now time to learn how to write one.

Fortunately, writing an ethics essay is a straightforward business. All you need to do is to follow the five simple steps below.

1. Select an Interesting Topic related to ethics

Normally, when you are prompted to write an ethics essay assignment, you will be given a specific topic to focus your essay on. If this is the case for you, simply skip this step to STEP 2 below.

If you haven’t been given a specific topic to focus on, you have probably been given a list of topics and have been asked to choose one. If this is the case for you, simply pick the most interesting topic on the list. Writing an essay on a topic that is interesting to you will help you learn more about something you are interested in. It will also result in a much better essay.

If you haven’t been given a topic or a list of topics, you should simply think about topics related to morals or ethics and choose one that is very exciting to you. Of course, you should do a light Google search to see if there are plenty of results for the topic. You shouldn’t select a topic that has only a handful of accessible results online.

2. Research Widely and Deeply

After selecting a topic, the next thing you have to do is research. You should gather information about the topic you have chosen online, from books, and from the recommended databases.

Make sure you only gather information from credible books, journals, and other resources. The correct way to gather information is to take notes and indicate their sources. Take all the important information you can find. By this time, you should have developed a great title for your ethics essay to allow you to focus your paper as you jump to the next step. You can follow our essay titling guide to understand how to create better titles for your essay.

3. Create an Outline

After researching your topic, the next thing you need to do is to create an outline. Creating an outline is important because it will help you organize your research and, therefore, give your essay a nice and easily recognizable flow.

Your outline should at least have three major parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. And these major parts should include all the key parts we highlighted in the section before this one. By creating an outline based on the structure we shared before this one, you will have an easy time writing your essay.

Note that when writing the outline, you would have had a tentative thesis for your essay on ethics. The thesis statement should relate to the topic and must announce your main aim. As well, choose a great ethics essay hook that would grab the attention of your readers. Preferably, use statistics or shocking facts.  

4. Start Writing Your Ethics Essay

After creating your ethics essay outline, you simply need to start writing it. Write your essay following your outline as a guide. Make sure your essay has a good flow from point to point to point. Use transition words generously to make sure there is good flow throughout your essay.

If you created a good outline in the step before this one, you shouldn’t experience any difficulties writing the actual essay. In fact, it should take you less than three hours to write even a six-page ethics essay. After writing your essay, simply include all the in-text citations plus the references page with all the essays and your first draft will be complete.

5. Thoroughly edit your paper

After completing your first draft, you need to complete your ethics essay assignment by thoroughly editing your essay. So how do you go about this task? Well, first you rest for a few hours to refresh your mind, and then you read your essay for the first time.

When reading, look out for grammar, punctuation, and style errors. Eliminate all the errors you find. Also, if you notice something difficult to understand, rewrite it to make it easy to understand.

After reading your essay for the first time to eliminate the errors, read it one more time to find the errors you might have missed. You can have a look at our self-editing checklist for academic essays and papers.

Only submit your essay when you are sure it has no errors and everything is very easy to understand.

Ethics Essay Topics and Ideas

Consider these grade ethics essay topics for inspiration on what to write about in your ethics essay.

  1. Is it natural for a person to be evil?
  2. Does religion make people good?
  3. Is it ethical for companies to continue testing drugs on animals?
  4. What is abortion and why is it a big issue in today’s world?
  5. Is it ethical for police to use guns against unarmed citizens?
  6. Can war ever be ethical?
  7. Are people inherently egoic?
  8. Are wars ethical?
  9. Are genetically engineered viruses ethical to use in wars?
  10. Is it ethical to use biological warfare?
  11. Should the society adopt a general moral code?
  12. The role of ethical codes in organizations
  13. Importance of communication in enforcing ethics
  14. Is it ethical to fund wars for geopolitical gains?
  15. Is it ethical for doctors to disclose patient information?
  16. Should corporations be responsible for local development?
  17. Is there ethical side of technology?
  18. Ethics in the use of drones for surveillance?
  19. Is it ethical for governments to use surveillance as a control tool?
  20. Is corruption within the government ethical?
  21. Should all corrupt leaders be killed?
  22. Do ethical values differ in different countries?
  23. Is technology changing the way we view ethics and morality?
  24. Can euthanasia be accepted morally?
  25. Should euthanasia be allowed for anyone who wants it?
  26. Did colonization change the ethics and rules of morality for colonized peoples?
  27. Is the death penalty justified for defendants found guilty of murder?
  28. Is it ethical for businesses to deny service to the unvaccinated?
  29. Are vaccines ethical?
  30. Is privacy the biggest ethical issue in the modern-day world?
  31. Ethics in the social media space
  32. Is it ethical to cheat on a terminally ill partner?
  33. Is it ethical to remarry after one loses a wife?
  34. Is human cloning ethical?
  35. Should animals be used for cosmetics research?
  36. Should we use animals for medical research?
  37. Is it ethical to eat swine?
  38. Is capital punishment ethical?
  39. Should governments artificially control birth rates?
  40. Is it ethical to sell drugs at higher prices?
  41. Is price gouging by Big Pharma ethical?
  42. Is greenwashing ethical in PR campaigns?
  43. Should companies invest in CSR?
  44. Do humans have the ethical right to colonize other planets?
  45. Should parents be allowed to give up kids for adoption if they are poor?

Tips for Writing an Excellent Ethics Essay

When all is said and done, there are tips that you should use if your target is to score the highest grade in the Rubric. Below are some hacks and tricks to help you complete your ethics essay within the deadline and score the best grade as other top students.

  1. Don’t pick a topic you cannot answer. If you are allowed to pick a topic, pick a topic that is covered widely in the literature. Don’t pick a topic that is not widely covered. It will be very difficult to research and to write a good essay on it.
  2. Keep your paper simple. You are an undergraduate. Your paper isn’t going to be published anywhere. So don’t try to use fancy words or sound sophisticated in your essay. Doing so will likely make your paper difficult to understand and this could result in a lower grade.
  3. Make sure you are very clear. A typical ethics paper is one to five pages long. So there is a need to make sure you are clear in every sentence and that you remove every word and sentence that doesn’t need to be in your essay to improve clarity. Doing this will make your essay stand out.
  4. Use only credible sources. This is quite obvious but many students often forget. You are only supposed to use credible information from credible sources. And the sources should be cited properly both in-text and in the references page for maximum points.
  5. Edit your paper thoroughly. The only difference between an ordinary paper and an extraordinary one is usually editing. Many people write nice essays but they don’t edit them resulting in average grades. For an excellent grade, you should always edit your ethics essay thoroughly.

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