How to Write a CUEGIS Essay and Score an A

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Students pursuing business management degrees in the Western World often must write at least one CUEGIS essay before graduating. The essay prepares them for various careers in business management, such as business development managers, business analysts, and business advisors.

If you are pursuing a business management degree or any other related degree and have been asked to write a CUEGIS essay but do not know what steps to take, you are in the right place.

This comprehensive guide covers all the information you need to know to write a brilliant CUEGIS essay.

Let's begin.

What is a CUEGIS Essay?

CUEGIS is an abbreviation of the following business elements/concepts: Change, Culture, Ethics, Globalization, Innovation, and Strategy. When you are asked to write a CUEGIS essay on an organization, you must research the organization and focus on one of these business elements/concepts. In this regard, a CUEGIS essay is a business analysis essay.

To write a brilliant CUEGIS essay, you need to research the subject organization, think critically about the CUEGIS concepts, identify one significant CUEGIS business element, and focus your essay on this element. Of course, you must support your position with evidence, for without evidence, you will never get good marks in your college essays.

When you are asked to write a CUEGIS essay, you will either be given an organization to focus on or be asked to choose one in a specific industry. It is easier to write a CUEGIS essay on some organizations than on others simply because some organizations have more information out there than others. For this reason, many business students prefer being allowed to write a CUEGIS essay on an organization of their choice.

The typical CUEGIS essay is 4 pages long (about 1000 words). In virtually all cases, your professor will indicate the minimum word count for your CUEGIS essay in the instructions.

Understanding CUEGIS concepts

The CUEGIS concepts are change, culture, ethics, globalization, innovation, and strategy. You must select one of these business elements to base your work on when you are given a CUEGIS essay assignment.

1. Change

Change is part of any business; it is inevitable. It is something businesses must accept and embrace. This is because it is inevitable in business leadership, operations, competition, technology, laws, regulations, and the economy. Businesses that embrace change usually survive and thrive. While those that do not often end up collapsing or shutting down.

Suppose you are asked to write a CUEGIS essay on a business and decide to focus on change (after preliminary research). In that case, you will need to research widely and discuss how the business has embraced or responded to change or changes in the past. What strategies did it embrace? Were the strategies successful or not?

For example, suppose you are asked to write a CUEGIS essay on the Kodak Company and opt to focus on change (after preliminary research). In that case, you will need to investigate and discuss how the business has embraced or responded to change or changes in the past.

Do even a bit of research on Kodak. You will quickly discover it did not embrace the change in technology (from film cameras to digital cameras) that was occurring at the turn of the century. Discussing this failure to embrace technological change and how it led to the collapse of the business is precisely what your professor will expect you to do.

2. Culture

Every business has its shared beliefs and values. These shared beliefs and values make up its culture, and this is because they guide employee conduct and behavior. The culture of a business organization is critical because it guides not only the interactions between employees but also those between employees and clients. A good culture can improve job satisfaction and motivation, while bad culture can have the opposite effects.

Suppose you are asked to write a CUEGIS essay on a business and you decide to focus on culture after preliminary research. In that case, you will need to thoroughly research the culture of the business and discuss its effects on the employees and the customers.

For example, get an assignment to write a CUEGIS essay on the PEPSI Company, and you choose to focus on culture after some research. You will have to investigate and discuss Pepsi culture in your essay. The company's employee-first culture (including how it raised wages during peak COVID) and its effects will help you get a good grade on your essay.

3. Ethics

Ethics are the moral values that guide organizational and employee conduct and behavior. They are usually captured in a formal ethics code to ensure every employee has a copy to help them make difficult decisions. Businesses that have an ethics code often have better-behaved or more responsible employees.

If asked to write a CUEGIS essay on a business and you opt to focus on business ethics after some research, you will have to do more research to discover and discuss the business' ethical conduct.

For example, suppose you get an essay assignment to write a CUEGIS essay on Coca-Cola and decide to focus on the business's ethics aspect. In that case, you will need to research and discuss the company's ethical conduct. Talking about the company's ethical conduct and its overuse of underground water resources worldwide is exactly what your professor will expect to see.

 4. Globalization

Globalization is about how the world economy is becoming increasingly interconnected through more businesses embracing international trade and operating across national borders. Many big companies in the west have embraced globalization by forming partnerships with companies in the east or transferring a fraction of their manufacturing processes to other countries across the globe.

A typical CUEGIS essay focused on globalization will look at how the business/organization in question has embraced globalization, plus the effects of doing so. For example, a CUEGIS essay focused on globalization at the General Motors Company will look at how the company shifted manufacturing out of the US at the peak of globalization and the effects of this.

5. Innovation

Innovation is the tweaking or refining a business process for increased efficiency or a product for better results. Innovation helps companies to increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Innovations can also help to improve market share or to create a new market.

A CUEGIS essay focused on innovation will examine how the company in question is innovating or using innovation and the effects of doing so. For example, Apple is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. A CUEGIS essay focused on innovation at the Apple Company will most likely focus on how the company releases a new iPhone every year with improved features and the effects of doing so.

6. Strategy

Strategy is planning. In business, strategy is all about carefully planning to achieve a specific goal (e.g., improving efficiency, and revenue, reducing costs, or improving market share). Companies need strategies to grow and become better.

If you decide to write a CUEGIS essay that focuses on strategy, you should ensure your work looks at the strategic planning of the company in question. For example, the Tesla plan for Q4 2022 was to produce just under 500K vehicles. A CUEGIS essay focused on strategic planning at Tesla in 2022 will then likely mention this, plus the reason and its effects.

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How to Write a Brilliant CUEGIS Essay and Score the Best Grade

Now that you know what CUEGIS stands for and how to write a CUEGIS essay focused on any CUEGIS concept, it is time to discover the practical details of writing a CUEGIS essay. If you closely follow the steps below, you should be able to write a brilliant CUEGIS essay.

1. Choose an Organization of Focus

A CUEGIS essay must be specific – it must focus on one organization. Therefore, to write a CUEGIS essay, you must choose an organization to focus the essay on. The organization can be a small business, a corporation, a government business, a nonprofit, or something similar.

Examples of organizations you can focus on in your essay include Walmart, Apple, Pepsi, General Motors, CVS, and the Samaritan's Purse.

2. Investigate the Organization

After choosing an organization, the next thing to do is to research it. Find out as much as you can about the organization to discover what it is and how it operates. Focus on its history, culture, structure, and ethics.

When researching the organization, consider both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources include interviews with employees and official company documents, while secondary sources include academic journals and news. You should use scholarly sources in your essay when supporting the main arguments.

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3. Choose A Suitable Topic

Once you have discovered the company as much as possible, you should choose a topic to focus your work on. The topic should be closely related to one of the CUEGIS concepts – change, culture, ethics, globalization, strategy, and innovation.

For example, if upon researching the Apple Company you discover that it is a very innovative company, you should choose a topic related to innovation to focus your work on. Doing this will make your essay very specific, which most college professors like seeing. It will also make your essay a true CUEGIS essay, as innovation is a CUEGIS concept.

4. Gather Information for Your Essay

Upon settling on a topic, gather information for the essay. This will involve identifying specific evidence to use in the essay through further research into both primary and secondary sources. It will also involve identifying fundamental business management theories, techniques, and concepts to discuss, support, or analyze your innovation topic and subtopics.

When gathering information for your essay, try as much as possible to envisage how you plan your work. Write down the plan plus potential subtopics for your essay.

5. Create A Thesis Statement and A Formal Outline

After gathering info for your essay, you should create a thesis statement. The statement should be firm, comprehensive, and very specific. This will make it easy to understand and will make proving it easy.

A thesis statement should be followed by a formal outline detailing what you will include in each paragraph, supporting evidence, and examples. An excellent essay outline is usually the difference between a brilliant CUEGIS essay and an ordinary CUEGIS essay. So, make sure your outline is excellent.

At the very least, the outline should indicate the thesis statement, the main argument of each paragraph plus evidence, and the closing statement.

6. Create the First Draft

When you finish the outline, go straight ahead, and create the first draft. Your goal should be to complete the essay and not create a perfect one. If you approach this step in this manner, you will find the essay easy to write.

While your goal is to complete the essay, remember to make sure you flesh out everything you included in your outline.

7. Revise and Proofread

With the first draft ready, you need to revise and proofread it for it to be ready. Read the first draft thrice to edit and polish everything. The first time you read it, make sure everything makes sense and is grammatically correct. The second time you read it, ensure you have followed all the formatting and style rules expected by your professor for the essay.

The last time you are reading it, do so to ensure it is flawless. Submit your essay only after making sure it is perfect.

CUEGIS Essay Outline

If you are assigned to write a CUEGIS essay, here is a breakdown of what to include to score the best grades effectively.


First Body Paragraph

Second Body Paragraph


As you Exit …

Writing a CUEGIS essay is not easy, yet it is a college task that helps you think critically, develop solutions, and address challenges in real-world settings. You should be certain to follow the fundamental writing conventions to write a memorable and digestible piece.

Despite the challenges that come with writing it, it is something that can be done. Following the above steps can help you create a brilliant CUEGIS essay methodically. You will need to research, synthesize, and present information logically as directed by the prompt. You need to have your insight, voice, and perspective reflected in your writing. It is not a descriptive essay but an analytical type where you give concrete reasons and support arguments with evidence from scholarly resources.

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