Good Places to Study and Do Homework and Assignments

author By Mary Boies

In high school, college, and university, students must do two key things to graduate: attend class and do their assignments and homework. Most students find it easy to attend class. After all, they just need to get to the venue of their classes, sit, and listen. In contrast, most students have a challenge doing their assignments and homework. This is because most university dorm rooms or hostels are usually noisy and not ideal for studies or doing homework/assignments.

This post will share the most conducive places to do your assignments and homework. These are the places where students have, over the years, found peace and quiet to complete their assignments.

Apart from these places being the best for completing assignments, they are also perfect for studying. Therefore, you can improve your grades in these places and enhance your knowledge and understanding of various topics in your course. Given our suggestions in this comprehensive guide, it is up to you to find the best places near you.

Without further ado, here are the best places to do your assignments, study, or write essays without distraction.

1. Public Libraries

Public libraries are perfect for doing assignments. They are perfect because meeting someone you know at a public library is rare. So if you cannot do your assignments at your university’s library because you frequently get distracted or disturbed by friends and acquaintances, you should go to the nearest public library.

The best thing about doing your assignments in a public library is that public libraries are always quiet. Because of this, you can fully concentrate on your assignments and finish them much faster in a public library.

The second best thing about doing your assignments in a public library is that public libraries always have dozens of workstations/cubicles. This means there are many places where you can sit comfortably to write or type your assignments. In contrast, if you decide to do your assignments somewhere like a public park, it is unlikely that you will find somewhere to sit comfortably to write or type your assignments.

Another great thing about doing your assignments or homework in a public library is that you can quickly get information from books at the library. Some public libraries even have access to databases where you can get credible information.

2. University Libraries

University libraries are perfect for doing assignments because of three key reasons. First, they are usually reticent. If your university’s library is typical, it is almost always quiet. If this is the case, you should find it easy to do your assignments without distractions or disturbances at your university’s library.

Second, they usually have books and free Wi-Fi. This makes them the perfect place for doing assignments because you can find some research books or use the free Wi-Fi to find information online. 

Lastly, they often have private study rooms. If you want zero distractions when doing your assignments at your university’s library, you can book a private study room where nobody will see or disturb you. You will find this perfect if you hate getting distracted or disturbed when doing important work or calculations.

3. Bookstores

Bookstores are kind of like public libraries. The only significant difference is that they sell books. They are like public libraries because they provide a calm and conducive environment where you can relax and work on your assignments. Most bookstores have study cubicles or carrel desks where you can sit and do your work.

The only issue with working on your assignments at a bookstore is that you will have to ask for permission. You must ask for permission because the cubicles or study spaces are reserved for customers. You cannot just walk in and fire up your laptop to do your assignments without permission. The good news is that most bookstore owners do not mind at all. All you need to do to get permission is to ask.

4. Coffee shops

Nowadays, it is common to see people using their laptops in coffee shops. While most people using their laptops in coffee shops are working, many are students working on their assignments.

You can work on your assignments at your local coffee shop if the owner does not mind. However, remember that you will need to buy coffee to be allowed to sit for an extended period to do your assignments/homework. Therefore, if you don’t like coffee, you should not try doing your assignments in a coffee shop.

Nevertheless, if you are a coffee person, you should consider doing your assignments in a coffee shop. The hot coffee you buy will keep you going from start to finish.

It is important to note that some coffee shops are perfect for doing assignments, while some are not. The outstanding ones for completing your assignments should have Wi-Fi, power outlets, and minimal noise levels.

5. Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are widespread across the United States and elsewhere in the Western World. They are office spaces for temporary hire and are typically used by startups and entrepreneurs that are not yet established. Most co-working spaces have cubicles, offices, meeting rooms, and conference rooms that can be rented per hour or day.

You can rent a cubicle or an office for a couple of hours or days to do your assignments. The best thing about renting a cubicle or an office at a co-working space to do your assignments is that you will get a peaceful and conducive location to do your assignments.

The second best thing is that virtually all co-working spaces have high-speed internet. Therefore, if you choose to do your assignments at a co-working space, you should be able to do online research.

6. Your parents’ house

If your parents’ home is near your college campus, you should go there to do your assignments. If you let your parents know beforehand, they will probably make sure the house is as quiet and as conducive as possible for you to do your assignments. This is because many parents are usually thrilled when asked for assistance, especially when they can easily give whatever is asked.

Doing your assignments at your parents’ house is great for three reasons. First, it will allow you to see your parents. This will undoubtedly make you happy and also make them happy. Second, it will allow you to work without any distractions. If you tell your parents you want to do schoolwork at their place, they will most likely do everything possible to make their home as conducive as possible.

Lastly, it will allow you to make your snack as much as you want. If you love working while snacking, your parent's house is the best place to do your assignments. Just tell your parents to buy or prepare snacks for you beforehand.

7. Public parks

If you love nature, you should consider doing your assignments at a nearby public park. Major cities across the US, including New York, Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco, and Chicago, have serene expensive parks where you can exercise or work.

While it is possible to do your assignments in a public park, there are two significant challenges you will have to overcome. First, most parks do not have areas to plug in your laptop and start working. The second challenge is that most parks do not have Wi-Fi.

You can resolve the first challenge by finding parks with benches and restaurants where you can work peacefully and comfortably. You can overcome the second challenge by tethering your phone for data.

Doing assignments outdoors is great because it allows you to enjoy nature while progressing academically.

8. A friend’s place

You can do your assignments at a friend’s place. However, doing your assignments at your friend’s place when they are around can be distracting. Nevertheless, if your friend is doing the same course and has the same assignments, you can work together to finish your assignments quickly. Moreover, you can feed off each other’s energy to push yourselves to the finish line.

Why It Is Important To Find Good Places To Do Your Assignments

Doing assignments in a college room is very challenging. This is because college rooms are never quiet; they are noisy and distracting. Thus, you need to find good places near your college where you can find some peace and quiet to do your assignments. This section discusses why finding good places to do your college assignments is crucial.

1. Fewer distractions

The number one reason you should find good places to do your assignments is to get fewer distractions. Doing assignments in your college dorm could result in distractions from your roommate, neighbors, friends, and so on. You could also be tempted to watch a movie, play a video game, or sleep. You will have fewer distractions by finding places to do your assignments away from your college room.

2. Enhanced productivity

Finding good places to do assignments will help you to enhance your productivity. This is because such places are quiet and distraction-less. Therefore, they will help you to write faster and complete your assignments quicker. Productivity is usually negatively affected by distractions and disturbances. Hence it is logical that the removal of these things will boost productivity.

3. Do your assignments faster

Finding good places to do your assignments will help you to do your assignments faster. This is because these places are away from your college room, so you will have no distractions preventing you from completing your assignments on time. Because of distractions, you can take about 6 hours or more to write a simple 500-word essay. Without distractions, writing the same essay can take 3 hours or less.

4. Keep your friends away

Finding good places to do your assignments away from your dorm room will help to keep your friends away. Friends are very distractive. The moment you start doing something in your college room, a friend can come in and take you away, ask you to walk them somewhere, or sit on your bed and start chatting with you. Finding places where you can do your assignments and going to one of them when you have an assignment to complete will keep your friends away and find the time and the peace to complete your assignment.

5. Breaks boredom

Sitting in your room to read or do assignments daily can get very dull, making it difficult to complete assignments on time. Finding multiple places to work on your assignments can help you break boredom and regain your writing or typing mojo. It can help you to complete assignments faster so that you can have time for other things.

How To Know a Great Place To Do Assignments

Below are the features to look for for a place to do your assignments.

1. Silence

The number one feature of a good place for doing assignments is silence. Silence is the absence of noise. It is what enables you to focus when doing an assignment. You need silence to read and analyze information from different sources. You also need it to write your assignment or essay. So make sure the places you choose to do your assignments are quiet. Good examples of quiet places include libraries, bookstores, and some parks.

2. Comfort

The place you choose for work should be comfortable. It should at least have a desk and a chair. If it has neither of these things, you will find it difficult to type your assignment on your laptop or to write it down on a book or a piece of paper. So make sure the place you choose has somewhere you can sit, and somewhere you type or write on.

3. Good lighting

Ensuring the place you want to work has good lighting is crucial. You will find it difficult to read, write, and type in a location that doesn’t have good lighting. So if a place is not well-lit, you should ignore it and look for another well-lit place.

4. Power source

If you are like most university students, you most likely want to type your assignment on your laptop. Therefore, you need to have a power source where you want to do your assignment(s). If you do not have a power source, you better have extra batteries or a power bank for your laptop. If you have neither, you should look for another place to do your assignments with a power source.

Bowing Out!

As a university student, you will most likely find it difficult to do your assignments in your dorm room. This is because most dorm rooms are usually noisy and have many distractions, including friends, music, games, etc. Therefore, you need to find a place near your campus where you do your assignments in peace.

The best place to do my homework or assignment is free from distractions, has proper lighting, enables comfort, and allows you to sink into what you are doing for the time you have slotted to accomplish the assignment. A hint, find the best places we have described near you. You can also do homework outside, for instance, in the park or in camping grounds, provided it meets the criteria we described.

In this post, we shared many places to find peace and quiet to complete assignments and study. It is up to you to find the ideal assignment and study places near you. Once you identify them, try them out to discover the best.

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