How to write three-page essays Quickly (Plus titles/topics and tips)

author By Mary Boies

There are many ways to kill a rat (as an adage goes), and so are many ways to write an essay fast. There is no single bullet when it comes to writing essays with different paragraphs and pages. It is not every time that we write essays without a challenge. Instead, we can overcome these challenges by understanding the essay writing process.

Writing a three-page essay faster

Are you assigned to write a three-page paper and need to do it fast but do not know where to begin? Well, you are not alone. Even though at face value, a 3-page essay might appear as though it is the longest task you will ever complete, sometimes in short deadlines, it necessarily does not have to be a struggle writing it.

We come bearing the good news because, in this article, we take you through how to write a three-page essay task faster, especially when you are strapped for time, the deadline is fast approaching, or when it is last-minute writing. We know that most students work better under the pressure of strict deadlines, and if that sounds like you, do not panic.

You can write your essay or research paper with three pages and beat the deadline to score the best mark. The only thing you need to do is to read this article and find out how to produce an excellent paper. And if you need help with writing urgent 3-page essays, you can hire a fast writer on our website. 

How long is a three-page essay or research paper?

Before we understand the practical ways to write a quick three-page paper in the least time possible, say an hour or two, we begin by looking at the bells and whistles.

A three-page essay is sometimes called a 750-word essay because it contains between 750 and 900 words. The rationale is that a typed page can be 250., 275, or 300 words. It is a formal essay for middle school and is also common in high school. We consider a 3-page double-spaced essay as having between 750 and 825 words given that most papers written in APA or MLA are double-spaced.

If you are to write a 3-page essay and the instructions direct that you come up with 3 full pages, ensure that each page with content is filled. It should take you around 300 words per page, meaning 3 full pages would be 900 words long.

In terms of length, three-page essays can have a minimum of three paragraphs. However, the maximum number of paragraphs depends on your ideas, the structure of your essay, and the word count specified in the instructions. However, since a paragraph is between 125 words and 160 words (words to paragraph conversion for essays), the body of a 3-page should have at least 4 or 5 paragraphs long.

When writing a 3-pages essay, your introduction and conclusion should have approximately 10-15% of the word count. This means that they should at least be between 100 and 125 words long. The body should carry 75-80% of the word count, which translates to between 620 and 660 words for a 3-page body paragraph.

The paragraph is longer because it is where you develop the thesis statement by supporting it. The body paragraphs comprise topic sentences, supporting sentences, and concluding sentences.

If you are wondering what a 3-page essay or research paper looks like, it contains at least five paragraphs. As long as it is 750-825 words, written in font size 12, Times New Roman or Arial, and has a 1-inch margin all around, it is a three-page paper.

The time it takes to write a three-page essay or paper

With the understanding of how long a three-page essay is, let us now look at how long it takes to write one. Assuming you have little time and want to complete a 3-page essay or research paper, submit it, and attend to other assignments or personal stuff, knowing the time it will take to complete your essay matters.

The accurate amount of time it takes depends on a hoard of factors such as:

Mostly, your experience and writing skills matter the most when it comes to writing any paper or essay fast. If you have top-notch planning, organization, typing, and writing skills, you rest assured to take the least time to complete your research paper or essay. As you will realize later, writing a 3-page essay is 50% planning and 50% organizing.

An experienced writer should complete a three-page essay in an hour or less if it is not complex and in 2 hours or less if it is on a complex topic. However, a student with entry-level writing skills will take more hours, say 5-6 hours, write the same paper and score a good grade. So, unless you are pressured by the deadline, it is always good to take your time. But that does not mean taking a whole week to write a 3-page essay.

How do you write a 3 Page Essay faster and more accurately? The 6 Steps

If you are assigned a three-page essay or research paper and are supposed to submit it between 2 hours and 12 hours (or before midnight or overnight) tops, follow the steps outlined below. We tested these steps, recommended them to busy students, and got feedback that they worked for successful students in college and university.

Because you already know the number of words and the length of your essay, it should not be a bother. Instead, writing it well should be your top priority. Note that the organizational structure of a 3-page essay is for a shorter essay. When you are used to longer essays, condensing points becomes a challenge. However, follow these steps to write it with ease and faster.

1. Plan out your essay or paper

Planning your time well helps you develop your focus and concentrate on the things that matter. Jumping right into writing could be detrimental, especially if you do not know the scope, direction, or points to lay out. You may end up abandoning the essay halfway and getting frustrated.

The essence of creating a schedule for your paper is to focus on writing, even when you are pressed for time. Besides, it helps you to beat procrastination and writer�s block. You are also guaranteed to get distraction-free environments and times to complete your essay.

If you have 6 hours to complete a three-page essay, spend 3 hours in the preparation stage, an hour on writing, and an hour on editing and polishing (post-writing rituals). If you have two hours, schedule 30 minutes for preparing or the prewriting stage, 45 minutes for writing, and the rest for editing and proofreading. And if you have two days to complete the same, spend 5 hours preparing the essay, an entire day on writing, and another 5 hours polishing, proofreading, and editing.

2. Brainstorm

After you have planned your time, begin by reading the essay prompt or the research paper question. You then need to unpack the question, understand what is required of you, and brainstorm some ideas, topics, and insights to include in your paper. This is also a chance to draw out the main points, anticipate challenges, and come up with solutions.

In most cases, you can use mind maps or concept maps to record your thoughts or take notes as you brainstorm. Develop a perspective, potential solutions, the significance of the topic, or likely research sources/evidence to use. Also, think of the best titles and thesis statements for your essay.

3. Draft an outline

There is no doubt that sketching an outline saves time taken to write. It helps you focus on your writing. For your 3-page essay, develop a point-to-point, topical, or complete sentence outline. You can always change the outline as you write.

Write the best title for your essay and construct a declarative and reasonable thesis statement. You should also map out the topic sentences and rope in some of the evidence to use in your essay.

4. Research

Research either makes or breaks your essay. The more and deeper you research, the more your instructor, professor, or teaching assistant can tell that your essay is loaded with facts, evidence, and a good flow.

To research well, check the insights you developed as you brainstormed. Next, browse through the internet and rove through the related websites, books, journal articles, and periodicals to get sources from where you can extract evidence to support facts and arguments in your essay. Preferably, look at scholarly databases such as EBSCOhost, JSTOR, Science Direct, Web of Science, or ProQuest for scholarly articles.

As you identify the potential sources, organize your bibliography and download and organize the sources. And as you research, stick to your outline. You can tweak the outline if the new information or approach supports the thesis statement better. You can use the librarians to get research materials if you have an extended deadline and little time.

Good research provides fodder for the next step, writing the first draft.

5. Write the First Draft

When writing, focus on writing first and editing later approach. You can easily bring your analytical, problem-solving, organizational, and creativity skills.

Begin by polishing the essay title from the list you developed when brainstorming. The topic should be concise, loaded with information, and related to the thesis and subject of the three-page essay.

Write the introduction beginning with the hook or attention grabber, which can be a fun or shocking fact, statistics, or valuable information. You should then write the background statement that covers the topic, related information, and significance of the paper. Finally, finalize the introduction by stating your focused thesis statement and transitioning to the body paragraphs.

Next, work on the body paragraphs because your essay must have several supporting or developing paragraphs. As mentioned, a three-page paper should have 4-5 body paragraphs. Each should have a topic sentence, supporting sentences (evidence, examples, and commentaries), and closing sentences. The paragraphs should have a balanced number of words, be cited, and be connected to the thesis statement. Again, use transition or linking words and phrases to create a good flow of ideas.

Finalize the essay writing process by concluding your essay. The conclusion should restate the thesis, summarize the body section, and give closure to the essay. You can have a call-to-action for the audience to ensure they remain challenged after being informed.

6. Improve and Polish the First Draft

After completing the first draft, you can take a small break from writing. The essence is developing an objective mind that can see through your writing mistakes.

This post-writing stage begins with editing and revising for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other writing errors, such as typos. Next, proceed to proofread your essay so you can further correct any mistakes, such as the wrong flow of ideas, misplaced ideas, uncited paragraphs, and missing subtitles if any are required. Finally, format your essay in APA, MLA, Harvard, ASA, AMA, or Chicago format.

Read our guide on writing a 3-to-4-page essay or research paper in case you are confused about what to include when there is the mention of upper and lower limits to the word count.

Best Titles, Topics, and Ideas for a 3-Page Research Paper or Essay

Assuming you have been assigned to write a 3-page essay and do not know what topics to write your essay on, you can pick one from the list below. The list also has prime ideas for your essay titles and topics.

  1. How social media prompts anorexia
  2. Should people attend college?
  3. Should gun ownership by American citizens be banned?
  4. Can someone develop skills on their own without college?
  5. Has urbanization led to increased pollution?
  6. Domestic violence and alcoholism
  7. Why can corruption not end in the public sector?
  8. People should develop empathy.
  9. The plastic ban helps conserve the environment
  10. Why drunk driving is dangerous
  11. Should children bring their phones and tablets to school?
  12. Are self-taught programmers the best at their job?
  13. YouTube is a great and accessible university
  14. Are there solutions to microplastics in oceans?
  15. Should rich countries pay more for pollution?
  16. Older people should be allowed to keep pets
  17. Benefits of continuing education for nurses
  18. Strategies to solve the nursing shortage
  19. Electroconvulsive therapy in treating mental health disorders
  20. Effectiveness of group therapy in treating mental health disorders
  21. How stigma affects the families of those with mental health issues
  22. Use of complementary and alternative medicine in mental health disorders
  23. Use of telepsychiatry in managing mental health patients remotely
  24. How pressure from work causes mental health problems
  25. Reasons for increased domestic violence during Covid-19
  26. Access to mental health facilities by the Indigenous people
  27. Impacts of community policing on prostitution
  28. Benefits of GMO plants and animals in food security
  29. Impacts of groupware on organizations
  30. The uneven criminal justice system in America
  31. Impacts of COVID-19 on the tourism industry
  32. How to solve conflicts in the workplace
  33. Consequences of incivility in the workplace
  34. The use of social media to promote physical activity
  35. Impacts of Stress on Physical and Mental wellbeing
  36. The use of the military in disaster management
  37. Impacts of PTSD on Veterans
  38. Taking care of autistic children
  39. The rich should pay more taxes
  40. How to address homelessness and poverty in America
  41. Causes and solutions to world hunger
  42. Impacts of student burnout
  43. Women should not procure abortions
  44. Gay couples should not (be allowed) to adopt kids
  45. America is not the ultimate superpower
  46. The insurrection of gangs and militia in America
  47. Impacts of gun violence
  48. Benefits of no-kill shelters
  49. The ethics of killing stray dogs and cats
  50. Euthanasia is a no-kill shelter
  51. Causes of teenage pregnancies
  52. Why teen suicide on live social media is on the rise
  53. Understanding domestic poverty
  54. Children should not be jailed
  55. Burnout among college athletes
  56. Does Going to the Beach Help Relieve Symptoms of Seasonal Depression?
  57. Impacts of divorce on children
  58. Challenges that single mothers face
  59. Benefits of counseling for school children
  60. Effects of e-cigarettes
  61. Which sport best prepares young people (under 15 years of age) for success in life as an adult and why?
  62. The impact of domestic violence on the academic performance of children

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Final Take

Unbelievably it is just as simple as that. Writing three pages of an essay or research paper can be quick if you plan well. No single formula can work best; all you must do is be prompt and thorough with every step in the writing process.

When assigned an essay that requires three pages of content, breath in, relax, unpack everything, plan, and smash it using the tips we have discussed. The more you practice these steps, the more you learn to write essays fast.

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