Everything you need to master to write your Gun Control Essay

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You are reading this fantastic gun essay writing guide because you probably want to ace your essay on a gun control topic. Note that writing for or against gun control follows the typical basic steps of an argumentative or persuasive essay. In this piece, we highlight some critical aspects, like how to select a topic, begin, and conclude your writing like a pro. In short, we have the bells and whistles on how to write a gun control essay like a professional writer and score an A for it.

Gun Control Essay

How to Begin a Gun Control Essay and Make it Tick

Even before beginning your essay, you ought to select a gun control essay topic that is not too broad and not too shallow. It is a gesture that determines whether or not you will lure and keep your reader and meet your intended purpose.

Conventionally, a gun control essay begins with a clear, focused, concise introduction with a hook, background information, and a thesis statement or the controlling idea. It also encompasses a three-body paragraph dimension, like the typical five-paragraph essay.

In this arrangement, the second paragraph presents your first supporting reason, the third paragraph bears the essay's supporting argument, and the fourth paragraph gives your essay's against control arguments to show some opposing viewpoints.

When writing against gun control essay, you repeat the steps but present a pro-gun control argument in the fourth paragraph. Finally, your conclusion matters as well. Ensure that it highlights the major points, restates a reinvented thesis, and does not introduce new ideas.

Why the focus on Gun Control Essay

So, what is a gun control essay? You may ask. Think of it this way; guns in movies are used to neutralize, incapacitate, or kill people. Typically, this means that the people who bear guns can use them to kill or harm others. This aspect bears the fire behind the firearms debate, which has been ongoing over the years. The mass shootings, prompting movements like Black Lives Matter or topics like police body cameras as well as threats of terrorist attacks, make gun control a hot topic.

Contentious topics have a way of eliciting different arguments, for or against, which make them a perfect choice for argumentative essays. While you could also write an argumentative essay on gun control, this guide by EssayManiacs strictly focuses on creating a perfect essay on any controversial topic. This guide is handy in when making any type of essay because the process is more or less the same.

Pull the trigger on your work, and let's see what it fires!

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Facts to include in a Gun Control Essay

According to the PEW Research (DW), the second amendment of the United States of America Constitution enshrines the legal basis of possessing a firearm. Gun control is indeed among the most divisive issues and the most debated topic in the American political, public, spiritual, and academic arena.

Issues such as mass shootings, hate crimes, criminal gangs, gang violence, have given rise to antagonism on both divides of the gun control argument.

The statement above could make the best gun control essay thesis statement as it focuses on aspects that are drawing weight to the gun control debate.

Things to consider in your essay:

Remember, a professor or instructor will assign you a gun control essay so that you can research, learn, and write. In the process, you gain in-depth knowledge, make your philosophical stance on the gun, and assess information critically.

Pro- and Anti-Gun Control Views to feature in your Gun Control Essay

While proponents of stricter gun regulations base their arguments on safety, opponents claim it is a right to own one. The pro-gun control campaigners also believe that a constitutional amendment should take place to regulate how guns are stored and utilized. Such ideas are pegged on the surge in school shootings linked to the unsafe storage of firearms.

For the opponents of stricter gun laws, the main fear is losing the safety: guaranteed by owning a gun. These anti-gun control crusaders hold that restricting the right to bear arms could make citizens vulnerable if the government turned against the people, for instance. Gun control laws regulate civilians' possession, sale, manufacture, transfer, and use of firearms.

In the US, gun laws vary depending on the state, but the Gun Control Act of 1968 regulates firearm possession at the federal level.

The fact that anyone can sell guns from their backyard flea market or online makes the debate worthwhile. The gun show loophole further brings to question the role of government in the trade. A recent survey by North Eastern and Havard universities discovered that one in five transactions involving guns is done without a background check, which is trouble!

Statistics of Firearms to use in your Introduction and Body

Notably, around 114,994 people are shot in the USA annually. The Guardian revealed that close to 265 million guns are in the hands of citizens in the USA, which is shocking in a country of approximately 245 million adults. As well, an average of 88 out of 100 people possesses a gun in the US as per a small survey by the Brady Campaign to Prevent gun Violence. These are daunting statistics thinking of the homicides, police intervention, murders, assaults, suicide attempts, and suicide. An estimated 3% of the adult population owns guns, translating to an adult possessing between 8 and 140 guns.

Some more shocking news, a recent article by the guardian indicates that Americans have bought a record 17 million guns in 2020. This was amid the Coronavirus-19 pandemic.  And there is more in the news about gun control.

Hot Gun Control Essay Topics to Consider

Having a catchy title alone is inviting to your professor or instructor to mark or pass your paper for later. If you intrigue your audience off the bat, you are guaranteed to keep them. One other way of doing this is to have a carefully thought and written thesis statement.

For the topic, choose a gun control topic that is short, informative, and creative. It is important to brainstorm and come up with something new or fresh. An excellent place to begin would be from the course content then advance to the news. The more recent your topic idea is, the higher the chances your professor will read your essay with keen interest.

Here are some pro-gun control and anti-gun control argumentative topics to consider:

  1. The shooting holes in the Second Amendment
  2. Gun deaths and political interest
  3. Should we arm the teachers?
  4. Violence in America, the Guns have it
  5. Take a side, not the fence
  6. Gun control under control
  7. More guns, more violence
  8. Stop the wrong from getting the guns
  9. No gun kills, humans do
  10. Self-defense or deadly force, let gun control decide
  11. Revising the Second Amendments, Savior to the population
  12. Education beats gun control pants down
  13. Gun culture begins with cartoons and videos
  14. Mass media has escalated gun violence
  15. Banning guns is the answer
  16. Governments can protect citizens, end the safety argument
  17. Do criminals obey gun control laws?
  18. Guns and Gangs are intertwined
  19. Guns, drugs, and war, prosperity for the rich
  20. Teenagers should not carry guns to schools
  21. Stricter laws do not do a thing; emancipation will
  22. Relationship between civil liberties and gun control
  23. The role of gender, race, and geographic location on gun control
  24. Stricter laws for purchasing a gun should be enforced
  25. A psychiatric evaluation must precede the buying of a gun
  26. Gun control can reduce crime, but it leaves people vulnerable
  27. Gun control can reduce mass shootings

Persuasive Speech Gun-Control Topics

  1. Guns are actually good, but people
  2. Gun control is partly an answer to mass shootings
  3. Equipping schools with safety is necessary to prevent school shootings
  4. Hobbes, Locke, and Sandel's perception of gun control laws
  5. Either the Second Amendment of the Right to Life, decide
  6. Gun control war has been a long futile one
  7. Taya Kyle's is correct on how gun laws can protect us
  8. Gun control laws can curtail crime and gun culture
  9. Fewer guns on our screens could change our gun culture perspective
  10. The government should protect people, so people cannot bear guns
  11. Trump and Obama's agenda on gun control, which was better?

These topics can help you as you select the best one for your gun control essay, term paper, research paper, or dissertation. Remember, most of these topics are contextually based on the American concept of gun laws.

Arguments for or Against Gun Control Laws

This table features some common arguments for and against gun laws, which can be a basis for you to brainstorm as you develop ideas for your essay. Although there are more points, these can get you started.

Arguments for pro-gun control Arguments against gun control (perspectives of anti-gun control law advocates)
Guns increase youth and gang violence Limiting ownership and use will not change violence statistics
Guns are the source of school shootings and mass shootings in America Guns are not bad, people are
Owning a gun increases the chance that an individual would kill their friends, relative, or neighbor compared to an intruder Guns are used for hunting, self-defense, and collection, which are legitimate
People will still get guns from the black market if there are no stricter laws Criminals will hurt others even without legal gun ownership
Stricter gun laws protect the interest of the entire populace Stricter gun laws should ensure only mentally able people own guns
The prevalence of suicide is higher in homes with guns Strict gun laws will increase black market gun ownership and more crime
Carrying guns to work could increase the chances of gun violence : guns increase injustices. Stricter laws will not affect the level of violence
Stricter gun laws will redeem the image of the weapons in the media Amending the current legislation could solve the whole gun control quagmire
Stricter gun laws will reduce illicit arms trade Owning a gun is a right enshrined in the constitution
Stricter gun laws mean criminals can be tracked easily Not all that own guns do so to perpetrate violence or crime

On which side of the debate are you?

Having explored the possible sides when writing essays on gun control, it is important to begin by adopting a given side. Based on your research, interests, and knowledge, you can either take the pro or against sides.

With the stance developed, you are ready to ace your essay with the speed and enthusiasm it deserves.

Research, statistics, and facts from credible scholarly sources should also precede your angle on such an essay. A paper written on mere claims or personal points of view could lead to poor grades.

If you are still here, let's get to the next step, where we cover the anatomy of an argumentative essay on gun control.

The Anatomy of an Argumentative Gun Control Essay

We began by reiterating that a gun control essay conforms to the basic guidelines of writing any college, university, or masters-level essay. Mostly, the five-paragraph essay approach is preferred for easier reading and presentation of facts.

This means that your essay is split into an introduction, body, and conclusion. If you are writing an essay on any topic above, have a gun control outline to save your time, plan your research, and write your gun control essay paper.

Briefly, here a skeleton for your gun control essay.

Gun Control Essay Outline/Structure

Cover Page

  • Format your cover page in MLA, Harvard, APA, or Chicago/Turabian format
  • Your title also comes here : make it clear, short, and concise


  • The gun control essay introduction differs not from the other introductions
  • Begin with a good essay hook to lure your reader
  • Make sure you bring the background facts
  • Have a gun control essay thesis that is carefully written. We recommend writing the thesis then revising it as soon as you're done with the paper
  • A thesis statement bears the weight of your essay; it should come at the end of your introduction paragraph on the gun control essay


  • Has three well-balanced paragraphs
  • Reflects the formatting styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago in terms of the in-text citations
  • Contains major argument 1, major argument 2, and the counterarguments, respectively
  • Use statistics, facts, and opinions from different scholarly sources
  • Each paragraph must have a topic sentence, body sentences (facts supporting the topic sentence), and a concluding sentence
  • A paragraph is around 150 words at most


  • Wing up your paper by giving a summary.
  • Rephrase and present your thesis statement
  • Do not introduce new points

References and Citations

  • This depends on your chosen formatting style
  • Stick to one formatting style in a single paper
  • Do not mix in-text citation formats
  • Have a reference section for your gun control essay

Let us take the bullet for your Gun Control Essay!

This blog covers everything you need to know when writing an essay on gun control. If you were stuck before, we are very sure that as at now, you have a clear picture of how to write an essay on gun control. Is it a gun control case study essay? We've got you!

Whether your essay is written using the Toulmin argumentation model, Rogerian argumentative approach, or the classical argumentative approach, if it lacks the professional touch, there is any way you are carrying those good grades home, never!

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