Comprehensive List of Great Essay Writing Topics for Students

author By Mary Boies

Everybody who has tried writing an academic essay would agree that choosing the best topic to write about is probably the greatest hurdle that awaits every essay writer. This is especially true if you are to write an essay whose essay prompt gives you the freedom to select a topic that you find interesting, manageable, and achievable.

In most cases, rushing and writing about something you are genuinely interested in or passionate about is common. Any topic can make for a good one as long as it meets some criteria we will share in this article. If you spend quality time researching and brainstorming, you will likely yield the best topics. However, you should know that not all sentences and topics fit in one essay. Knowing the kind of essay you are to write, whether expository, argumentative, persuasive, reflective, or informative, can set you on a good course toward choosing the right topic.

This article lists some of the best essay topics and ideas you can consider or use as a starting point to brainstorm fresh topics and ideas.

List of Over 600 Topics and Ideas for Different Essays

If ever there is something that students struggle with or that turns down their writing morale, it is choosing a good topic for an essay. It is every essay’s challenge for every student at some point, just like it is hard to elect a suitable research paper topic.

 Instead of developing writer’s block, giving in to procrastination, or hurriedly choosing a topic for the sake of it, it is necessary first to read the instructions.

If your prompt has a list of topics to select from, you are safe but not out of the woods yet. You would need to select a good topic that is manageable, researchable, relatable, and enjoyable to share your thoughts and insights on a short or long essay. And if you are left at liberty to select a suitable essay topic for your college, high school, university, master’s, or Ph.D. essay, be our guest. Our list exhaustively covers some unique topics considering things that happen around us, the news, and the creative aspects of writing an essay. Let’s step up your essay writing process to the next level. Our list will undoubtedly interest you even if you don’t feel like writing an essay.

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Animals Essay Topics

Asked to write an essay about animals? Check out the topic ideas below to get inspiration for your animal essay topic.

  1. The impacts of military sonar on whales
  2. Ethics of seafood farms
  3. Effects of fish farming on lakes and seas
  4. How birds contribute to a stable marine ecosystem
  5. Impacts of bees on cross-pollination
  6. Animal testing for medical purposes is unethical
  7. Zoos are only harmful to endangered species
  8. Trophy hunting in Africa is discriminative
  9. Cats make better pets than dogs
  10. Human activities contribute to animal extinction
  11. People working 8-5 should not keep pets
  12. Animal shelters save animal life
  13. Animals help balance the ecosystem
  14. Animal instincts are better than that of humans
  15. Puppy mills should be abolished
  16. Factory farming is dangerous
  17. Keeping exotic animals as pets brings satisfaction
  18. Consequences of pet overpopulation
  19. Dog fighting should be abolished
  20. Consequences of animal cruelty

Arts Essay Topics

Humans have been making art for ages. Check out the arts essay topic examples below to get inspiration for your art essay.

  1. History of abstract expressionism
  2. Bauhaus movement
  3. Soviet versus Nazi art
  4. Analysis of the works of Vivian Maier
  5. Origins of Jazz music
  6. The most consequential artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci
  7. Is art therapy real, and how does it work?
  8. The evolution of animation in the United States
  9. Textile arts and their origins
  10. Cubism versus impressionism
  11. Sources and significance of political cartoons
  12. Art deco artistic styles
  13. Vincent Van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters
  14. Why Michelangelo’s carving of David is so unique?
  15. Edgar Degas and his dancing paintings
  16. The depiction of beauty standards in Victorian paintings
  17. Jackson Pollock’s art techniques
  18. Pablo Picasso’s most famous painting
  19. Futurism in sculpturing
  20. Judith and the Head of Holofernes by Gustav Klimt; discuss its significance

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Automotive Essay Topics

Cars are an important mode of transport. Discover the best car and automotive essay topic ideas below.

  1. What will cars look like in 2050?
  2. Will high-speed trains replace cars as a popular mode of transport in the USA?
  3. What are the leading causes of car accidents?
  4. Should cars be banned in favor of public transport?
  5. Are electric vehicles 100% eco-friendly?
  6. Are self-driving cars the future of the automotive industry?
  7. The car I dream about
  8. The pros and cons of self-driving cars
  9. The pros and cons of electric cars
  10. Will the working-from-home trend significantly affect car sales?
  11. The history of the automotive industry in the USA
  12. How Ford revolutionized transportation
  13. Are cars a symbol of success?
  14. Car pollution in New Delhi and how it can be addressed.
  15. Fossil fuel cars versus hybrid cars
  16. Are electric cars worth it?
  17. Are natural gas cars cheaper to run and maintain?
  18. Do car-free days significantly reduce air pollution?
  19. Types of cars and their uses
  20. The Japanese versus the American automotive industries

Aviation Essay Topics

The Wright brothers birthed the aviation industry in 1903 when they completed their first functional plane and took their first flight. Over the years, the industry has grown in leaps and bounds across the world. Discover aviation essay topic ideas below.

  1. Boeing Company and its role in the aviation industry
  2. How Airbus has grown to become the leading long-haul aircraft manufacturer
  3. Why do pilots need to be physically fit?
  4. What is jet lag, and how can it be best handled?
  5. What are the pros and cons of the aviation industry?
  6. Major aviation safety measures and operations
  7. Security management systems utilized in the aviation industry
  8. Aviation: The past and the present
  9. Effect of climate change on aviation
  10. External and internal issues facing the aviation industry
  11. British Airways: Human resource framework in the flight industry
  12. Enhancing aviation safety in America
  13. History of the British aviation industry
  14. Evaluation of China’s aviation model
  15. The impact of social media on the management of the aviation crisis
  16. Prominent inventions in the aviation industry
  17. Flight safety: Inspection and maintenance
  18. Significant organizational aspects of the aviation sector
  19. Aviation psychology
  20. Comparison of aviation regulations in the UAE and USA

Biology Essay Topics

Biology is often referred to as the science of life. Discover captivating Biology essay topic ideas below:

  1. Impacts of camouflage on sea animals
  2. Impacts of global warming on marine species.’
  3. How wildfires and deforestation affect biodiversity
  4. Impacts of human population explosion on flora and fauna
  5. The impacts of stress on the human immune system
  6. Effects of cell structure on antibiotic resistance
  7. How bacteria invade the body
  8. The process the body uses to fight infections
  9. Role of microbes in food contamination
  10. How kidneys filter blood
  11. The biological importance of sleep
  12. The functions of the sodium-potassium pump
  13. The process of bone formation and bone healing
  14. Role of microtubules in the nervous system
  15. The contraction of muscles in the body
  16. Impacts of microplastics on humans
  17. Causes and consequences of algal blooms
  18. Impacts of genetically modified organisms on human health
  19. Impacts of indoor pollution
  20. Impacts of heavy metals on humans

Blockchain Essay Topics
Under the realm of technology, the invention of web 3.0 has transformed how everything is done. If assigned to write an essay and you have a specific interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you can consider the topic ideas and suggestions below:

  1. The role of blockchain technology in cybersecurity
  2. The impacts of blockchain on businesses
  3. How blockchain can transform the supply chain industry
  4. Blockchain technology and banking
  5. Application of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector
  6. Why governments are against cryptocurrencies
  7. Impacts of denial-of-service attack on the cryptocurrency ecosystem
  8. The pros and cons of blockchain
  9. The link between cryptocurrencies and money laundering
  10. Effects of cryptocurrency regulations on organized crimes
  11. Who invented Bitcoin?
  12. Strategies for valuing crypto-assets
  13. Impacts of blockchains in cross border payments
  14. Impacts of blockchain on humanitarian assistance
  15. Application of blockchain-based crowdfunding for new startups
  16. How blockchain can solve drug counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry
  17. Application of blockchain technology in securing patient data
  18. Application of blockchain in the education sector
  19. The economic significance of cryptocurrencies
  20. Can blockchain technology improve the integrity of electoral systems?

Business Topics for Essays

The field of business is wide, with lots of theories and concepts. Some popular business areas include business management, organizational behavior, supply and demand, business law, and business ethics. Discover some of the best business essay topics below:

  1. Responsibilities of managers toward employees
  2. Use of specialized software in business prognosis
  3. Consumer loyalty in Britain versus America
  4. E-commerce during the pandemic
  5. Implications of sexual harassment at the workplace
  6. Significance of corporate social responsibility
  7. The role of the United States in global logistics
  8. Evaluation of intellectual property laws in the United Kingdom
  9. Pros and cons of cloud services in business
  10. Impact of outsourcing on legal responsibilities
  11. Relationship between supply and demand
  12. Patent law, trademark, and copyright explained
  13. Value of a license in business
  14. The Black Friday phenomenon
  15. How does copyright law protect a company?
  16. Conflict resolution at the workplace
  17. Public unions: Their policies and choices for employees
  18. How to achieve business diversity
  19. Impact of covid-19 on global partnerships
  20. What is the impact of nepotism on business?


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Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Coming up with a topic for your cause-and-effect essay should not be difficult. Below are a few good ideas to choose from:

  1. The influence of Uber on taxi drivers
  2. How healthy relationships affect an individual
  3. Impacts of online dating
  4. What are the effects of homeschooling
  5. What makes an individual a good parent?
  6. What are the impacts of terrorism on the victims?
  7. The causes and effects of divorces
  8. Effects of bullying on school children
  9. Russian politics against the neighboring nations
  10. Effects of music on the human brain
  11. Potential dangers brought by earthquakes
  12. Impacts of the Syrian war on the United States
  13. Effects of stress on mental health
  14. Impact of social media on modern dating
  15. What effect does smoking have on pregnant women
  16. Effects of air pollution
  17. Alcoholism and the nervous system
  18. How does traveling the world affect an individual’s personality
  19. The causes and aftermaths of a tsunami
  20. Outcomes of growing up in extreme poverty

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Classification Essay Topics and Ideas

Classification essays are one of the most common academic essays.  In this type of essay, you’ll have to classify objects, characters, or ideas into particular groups, mainly based on their features. Discover some of the best classification essay topics and ideas below:

  1. Types of lectures
  2. Methods used to build personality at learning institutions
  3. Effective teaching techniques
  4. Aspects of traditional learning
  5. What are the different kinds of academic resources available online?
  6. Types of allergies
  7. Types of vegetables and their benefits
  8. How to gain weight
  9. Proven effective ways to stop smoking
  10. Types of skin acne
  11. Kinds of legal entities
  12. Best television shows for toddlers
  13. Effective money-saving techniques
  14. Genres of music
  15. Categories of abstract art
  16. Types of volleyball serve
  17. Climatic zones in Africa
  18. Types of computers
  19. The behavior of school children in the classroom
  20. Methods used to alleviate stress

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essays assess two or more subjects. When picking a topic for your compare and contrast essay, select a topic on which you can quickly build both sides. Below are some of the best compare-and-contrast essay topics to consider:

  1. Therapeutic versus operations cancer treatment
  2. Medication versus vaccination
  3. A comparison of American healthcare and the British healthcare
  4. Google Pixel or Apple? Which one is better?
  5. Windows versus Mac OS
  6. Online versus physical shopping experience
  7. Seasonal employment versus part-time employment
  8. Comparison between classroom learning and e-learning
  9. Economics versus economy
  10. GNP and GDP: Differences and similarities
  11. Management versus economics explained
  12. Communism versus socialism in Europe
  13. Islamic versus Christian religious thoughts
  14. Which one is better: certified of free trade?
  15. Comparison between an ancient and contemporary artwork
  16. Democracy versus autocracy
  17. Differences in political thoughts between Democrats and Republicans
  18. Are tornadoes deadlier than hurricanes?
  19. Disparities between Christianity and Judaism
  20. Differences in behavior between autistic and non-autistic toddlers

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Criminology Essay Topics and Ideas

Just as suggested by the name, criminology essays deal with criminal issues. Criminology essay topics are limited and flexible, given that they should provide hypotheses based on renowned case studies or legislative acts. Discover some of the best criminology essay topics below:

  1. Comparison between forensic and therapeutic assessment
  2. The impact of forensic psychology on the legal system
  3. Criminology: History and public policies
  4. Influence of socio-economic status on an individual’s criminal behavior
  5. Relationship between law violation and mental health
  6. Is there a connection between law violation and religious beliefs?
  7. The role played by media in criminology
  8. The restrictions of crime mapping
  9. Nature of criminal behavior
  10. What is the correlation between crime rate and social class?
  11. Is criminality a product of culture?
  12. Ways to prevent crime on college campuses
  13. Impact of systematic bias on criminal justice
  14. Cons and pros of racial profiling
  15. Discrimination in the American court system
  16. Discrimination in the British court system
  17. Ways to minimize wrongful conviction
  18. The benefits of community corrections
  19. Crime and substance abuse
  20. What laws protect the victims of domestic abuse?

Culture Essay Topics and Ideas

Cultural essay topics are pretty easy to find. Discover some of the best essay culture topics below:

  1. The culture of Hip hop music
  2. Similarities and differences between Australian and British culture
  3. Islam’s religious and cultural beliefs
  4. Culture and lifestyle of Indian people
  5. Stereotypes and cultural diversity
  6. Cultural competence among medical experts
  7. Significance of cultural competence in criminology
  8. How to effectively overcome cultural differences
  9. Socio-cultural causes of crime
  10. Impact of cultural influence on personality
  11. Experiencing culture through language
  12. Implications of cross-cultural interactions
  13. Highlights of the Jewish culture
  14. Racial and cultural inequality in the justice system
  15. Cultural disparities from a global perspective
  16. Cultural and social development of the Red Indians
  17. The culture of jazz music
  18. How to enhance cultural relativism in the workplace
  19. Research testing and cultural bias
  20. The significance of cultural diversity in learning institutions

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Definition essay Topics and Ideas

Definition papers are among the most common essays written in colleges and schools. The main objective of such essays is to explain a chosen phrase or idea to the reader. Discover some of the best definition essay topics and ideas below:

  1. What is business ethics?
  2. Explain the phrase governance
  3. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?
  4. What are the various forms of governance?
  5. Explain the phrase endangered species
  6. Define nature
  7. What is mental health?
  8. Define deforestation
  9. How is gratitude expressed in different cultures?
  10. What is terrorism?
  11. What does the word freedom mean in today’s world?
  12. Explain the concept of free-will
  13. Marriage: Its definition and significance
  14. Why do people enjoy online shopping?
  15. How to become a good teacher
  16. What is the definition of success
  17. Male chauvinism: Meaning and key features
  18. Definition of global warming and its causes
  19. What is cyberbullying?
  20. What does it mean to have a stable marriage?

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Descriptive Essay Topics and Ideas

Many students enjoy writing descriptive essays as they allow unlimited freedom of expression. There are several types of descriptive essays, and below are some of the exciting topics to consider for your descriptive essay:

  1. The vacation I’ll never forget
  2. The most beautiful place in Africa
  3. Top ten movies to watch
  4. The wonders of New Zealand
  5. How to prepare tasty homemade pizza
  6. How I spent my summer holiday
  7. The real meaning of friendship
  8. My favorite poet
  9. The work of a doctor
  10. What it is like to be a professional hockey player
  11. A day in the life of the American president
  12. An unforgettable walk in the park
  13. How it feels to be a rock star
  14. A cold winter night
  15. Napoleon: The great king of Europe
  16. In the heart of the Amazon
  17. What does space look like?
  18. The most beautiful places in Thailand
  19. My lonely childhood
  20. A day with the Himba tribe of Namibia

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Education Essay Topics

Finding an ideal topic for an education essay is somewhat challenging. However, do not fuss! Below is a list of some excellent education essay topics for your consideration.

  1. Benefits of introducing sex education to learning institutions
  2. Enhancing diversity in schools
  3. The significance of changing the academic curriculum
  4. Impacts of the 21st-century education model on learning
  5. What is the importance of education for the young generation?
  6. Quality of university education in America versus Australia
  7. What is the future of higher learning?
  8. Roles played by parents in their children’s education
  9. Effect of poor political guidelines on education
  10. The impact of ICT on learning
  11. Gender inequality in African schools
  12. The influence of culture on higher learning
  13. How has technology impacted education
  14. Traditional knowledge versus online learning
  15. Significance of tablets in early education
  16. Education as a powerful tool for societal change
  17. Education and poverty: What is the connection?
  18. The American perception of education and gender equity
  19. Pros and cons of homeschooling your children
  20. Should the grading of students be abolished?

English Literature Essay Topics

There are many topics to choose from for that great novel piece or book you’ve been reading. Below are a few examples of English literature essay topics to get you started:

  1. Depiction of grief in The Chimney Sweeper
  2. Childhood trauma and stress in God Help the Child
  3. The historical setting of The Scarlet Letter
  4. The repercussions of Macbeth’s determination
  5. Thomas Paine biography
  6. The impact of Thomas Paine’s writing on the American revolution
  7. An introduction to Thomas Paine’s life
  8. Depiction of symbolism in Lord of the Flies
  9. Literary analysis of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies
  10. Emily Bronte’s life and works
  11. Literary analysis of the play, the Topic
  12. Presentation of violence and war in Stephen Crane’s poems
  13. Literary works in World War II
  14. Religion and spirituality in Lord of the Flies
  15. Male and female characters on The Godfather
  16. The theme of love in Romeo and Juliet
  17. Character analysis of Macbeth
  18. Gender roles in Macbeth
  19. Describe the character of lady Macbeth
  20. Analysis of literary devices utilized in The Catcher in the Rye

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Ethics Essay Topics and Ideas

Ethics is simply the study of moral issues. The list below contains a number of great ethics essay topics to consider when looking for a topic for your paper or assignment.

  1. Discretion or easy accessibility: Which one is more important?
  2. Are cyber crimes more detrimental than actual crimes against humankind?
  3. Ethical conflicts associated with the use of drones
  4. Measures to curb cyber-bullying
  5. Ethical issues associated with artificial intelligence
  6. Significance of ethics in the sporting industry
  7. Moral implications of doping
  8. Ethical obligations of athletes
  9. Significance of netiquette
  10. Moral issues surrounding abortion
  11. Euthanasia: To be legalized or banned
  12. What should we do about global warming?
  13. Sturdy plastic in the manufacture of cosmetics
  14. Is there any moral justification for hacking?
  15. Medical care versus religious beliefs
  16. Discrimination and ethics at the office
  17. Is consuming meat justifiable?
  18. How can we fight racism today?
  19. Should LGBTQ individuals be discriminated against?
  20. Significance of ethics boards to technological companies

Expository Essay Topics

An important thing to remember about expository essays is that they are solely based on facts and not the author’s feelings or beliefs. Discover some great expository essay topics below:

  1. Natural ways to alleviate chronic pain
  2. Role of vitamins in good health
  3. Basic strategies for the treatment of leukemia
  4. Is AI good or bad for society?
  5. The impact of the internet on our daily lives
  6. Should governments spend money on space exploration?
  7. Is morality dependent on religion?
  8. Why are teenagers prone to drug abuse?
  9. Implications of possessing alcohol on a school campus
  10. Consequences of dropping out of school
  11. Why do teens join gangs?
  12. Impact of school on future career
  13. Why is suicide common among drug addicts?
  14. What are the consequences of drug abuse?
  15. How does divorce impact child psychology?
  16. Why is video gaming addictive?
  17. Why dogs are humans’ best friend
  18. What can be done to reduce homelessness in the U.S.?
  19. How does obesity affect the quality of life?
  20. Ways to improve mental health

Family Essay Topics

Family is everything! Discover some of the best family essay topics below:

  1. Balancing family and career
  2. Challenges of raising a child as s single parent
  3. Psychological impacts of divorce of children
  4. Effects of poor parenting
  5. How to improve parent-child communication
  6. Why is child abuse prevalent in the United States?
  7. Violence in Mexican households
  8. Comparison of family values between Islam and Christianity
  9. Gay adoption
  10. Impact of drug abuse on households
  11. Treatment of domestic abuse trauma
  12. Problems experienced by women in the Middle East
  13. Influence of alcoholism on African households
  14. Family violence among aborigines
  15. The view of the Western world on Muslim women
  16. Are same-sex couples allowed to adopt?
  17. Child abuse and family violence
  18. Influence of culture on the British and American family structures
  19. Gender roles in ancient societies
  20. Role of parents in youth probation

Gambling Essay Topics

Gambling is a big issue affecting millions of people across the world. It is easy to get addicted to gambling, but not easy to come up with topics for gambling essays. Below are some topic ideas for you.

  1. How gambling addiction occurs
  2. Why do some jurisdictions ban gambling
  3. Should betting be banned nationally
  4. Is gambling helping Indian reservations
  5. Gambling in Nevada
  6. How gambling has changed Las Vegas
  7. Macau versus Las Vegas
  8. The pros and cons of gambling
  9. How can gambling addiction be cured
  10. Should gambling be restricted to physical casinos
  11. Gambling trends in the USA
  12. Should gambling companies be forced to publish profits to deter gamblers
  13. Gambling history in the United States
  14. Should gambling advertising be banned
  15. How internet gambling afflicts young people
  16. Where gambling is banned across the world
  17. Do bans on gambling work?
  18. How gambling is used for money laundering
  19. Can gambling companies detect addiction and ban it
  20. Effects of gambling addiction

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Geography Essay Topics

Geography is a vast subject. When asked to write a geography essay, this can make it a bit confusing. Check out the ideas below for inspiration for your next geography essay.

  1. Climate change effects in the global south
  2. Is global warming a myth
  3. Should wealthy nations pay developing nations for the adverse effects of global warming
  4. The Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity
  5. Loss of biodiversity in the Amazon
  6. Congo rainforest and its biodiversity
  7. The differences between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific
  8. Effects of dams on the environment
  9. The geography of the United States: Environment and people
  10. The geography of Brazil: Environment and Economy
  11. The geography of Southern Mexico
  12. The geography of urban transport in Great Britain
  13. The geography of France: People and environment
  14. Japan and earthquakes
  15. Environmental issues in Madagascar
  16. How offshore oil rigs affect the environment
  17. The advantages and disadvantages of offshore windmills on the environment
  18. Critique of population theories
  19. Environmental issues affecting Venice
  20. An analysis of the changes in flora and fauna on the Nigerian coast

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